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Day 3 of Elimination/Rotation Diet Plan (based on food insensitivities)
7/28/2014 1:18:44 PM,  6 COMMENTS

Breakfast: almond breeze and apricots in a blender. 30 Lunch: Kidney beans, corn, quinoa, cardamom (Tomatoes , rice, onions, not listed for t...  Read more


summer menu ideas
7/28/2014 10:45:35 AM,  0 COMMENTS

I'm using the grill daily. Grilled chicken breast, shrimp, baked potato, corn, mushrooms, beef steak, hamburgers, bacon, eggs (side burner), pork loi...  Read more


Inspirational Quote for Today
7/28/2014 10:41:45 AM,  3 COMMENTS

I had to grow to love my body. I did not have a good self-image at first. Finally it occurred to me, I’m either going to love me or hate me. And I cho...  Read more


Blessings, July 28, 2014
7/28/2014 8:58:33 AM,  5 COMMENTS

My goal is to list at least three blessings every day. Here are today's blessings: 1. I did it!! I walked 10,000 steps a day for 100 days. ...  Read more


Blood sugars
7/28/2014 8:02:34 AM,  3 COMMENTS

My blood sugar was 159 this morning they are getting better. I cannot wait til they run under 120. It is hard work but I can do it. I am on the rig...  Read more


7/28/2014 7:19:09 AM,  7 COMMENTS

I AM ON THE ROAD I have been dealing with so many challenges, I have to believe it is leading to something good. I just have to keep "LOOK...  Read more


No Hope diet to-day----Ya hear!!
7/28/2014 7:04:22 AM,  19 COMMENTS

But.......I'm not !------That ""Hope Diet""" is not good!! I am working at Sparking a good day----I even lost a pound--recycled of course, but it...  Read more


Take your TIME!!
7/28/2014 6:04:41 AM,  18 COMMENTS

Don't rush through the mountains~ Life is a journey, not a race! Notice the flowers and the fields, Trees and shrubs. Feel the soft bree...  Read more


working on my foundations.
7/28/2014 5:49:24 AM,  3 COMMENTS

I dream big. I have a vision. I now what I want to accomplish. I was up, manic, in the middle of the night, when Spark people ran this quote. ww...  Read more


7/27/2014 9:59:59 PM,  9 COMMENTS

I have my first mammogram since my cancer on Tuesday morning at 9 am. I am quite nervous about it. I worry that it is too soon since I'm only out of...  Read more


7/27/2014 9:12:53 PM,  1 COMMENTS

We went outside to water all the flowers and trees. I discovered that I was having problems with the irrigation system of which I was not aware. I g...  Read more


Planning Ahead
7/27/2014 9:07:01 PM,  10 COMMENTS

As I'm moving along with this success at a healthier lifestyle and weight loss, I'm finding that research and planning are vital to my success. I...  Read more


Much better day...
7/27/2014 9:04:52 PM,  6 COMMENTS

Today has been considerably better than yesterday. Health wise and mood wise. I'm not a ball of grump tonight, which is nice. I hate being grumpy l...  Read more


weekly plan. streaking,I hope.
7/27/2014 8:10:29 PM,  3 COMMENTS

My accountability partner inspired me to a fun way to document the streak-bright colored sticky notes. I bought a very large bright blue background,...  Read more


A very, very strange mixture for an evening snack. End of Day 2.
7/27/2014 7:21:26 PM,  14 COMMENTS

I am so tired of dealing with foods that for my evening snack, I took all the foods I had left (that I had planned for today) and threw them in one bo...  Read more


Hiking boots
7/27/2014 4:56:59 PM,  16 COMMENTS

I just got home from a 4 day vacation with lots of hiking in the White Mountains. I volunteered as the Information Volunteer at Mizpah Hut on the...  Read more


Well Day 2 is way harder than Day1 on my food sensitivity rotation diet.
7/27/2014 2:57:43 PM,  10 COMMENTS

At least I am only eating the things on my list. I am having an afternoon snack. Not what I would have picked for sure. I planned a snack of eggs (egg...  Read more


All-or-nothing, or something-is-better-than-

7/27/2014 2:49:13 PM,  1 COMMENTS

I have type 2 diabetes, also known as adult-onset, and have had it since about 2000. At first I was gung-ho about controlling it, but I always found i...  Read more


Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables --- I approve this idea!
7/27/2014 12:53:43 PM,  22 COMMENTS

550 265 291 372 369 474 373 367267 371 In the United States of America -- three hundred million tons of fresh produce is thrown away...  Read more


7/27/2014 12:25:32 PM,  2 COMMENTS

*Warning below I have pics of an injured cat. He is ok now! They are not too graphic but there is blood. Well I got a surprise pe...  Read more


Inspirational Quote for Today
7/27/2014 11:13:12 AM,  8 COMMENTS

If you think you can't, you won't. If you think you can, you will- So go for IT! ~ Heather Romiti And my dad drilled it in my head, you know, '...  Read more


Blessings, July 27, 2014
7/27/2014 10:06:18 AM,  4 COMMENTS

My goal is to list at least three blessings every day. Here are today's blessings: 1. I have a mostly cleaned house. 2. Time to relax....  Read more


Not a bad smoothie for breakfast.
7/27/2014 9:07:46 AM,  12 COMMENTS

With limited choices for what is scheduled for today's menus, here is the smoothie I came up with. No dairy and no almonds for today so the avocado ha...  Read more


Cowboys and Indians!
7/27/2014 8:35:51 AM,  15 COMMENTS

Sometimes I forget------ Last evening however, while crashing in front of the TV----as usual, I could not find too much to watch-- Now, when I...  Read more


7/27/2014 8:05:53 AM,  6 COMMENTS

Yesterday I spoke of things you can't control, and making a conscience decision . For me in September I will no longer be going to school part-time,...  Read more


More about why we can have cravings for dairy products. Comments are welcomed!
7/27/2014 7:07:16 AM,  4 COMMENTS

More quoting from the SP team Calling all Vegans and Vegetarians. These links were listed on that team. I am really trying to figure out this dairy...  Read more


7/27/2014 6:56:20 AM,  2 COMMENTS

I haven't been able to exercise lately because of heavy bleeding. Very long story short, my uterus hasn't been doing it's job and I had a d&c Friday...  Read more


I am falling asleep at the computer.
7/26/2014 11:31:56 PM,  28 COMMENTS

I took the grandkids to walk the rail trail. I asked they both said YES. We parked the car at the trail head and walked on the trail. My Granddaught...  Read more


week wrap up,
7/26/2014 10:21:41 PM,  3 COMMENTS

The mania ended with a drop, and I spent thursday hobbling in fibro pain. the week ended with a trip to college for Princess, and a day of fibro pain...  Read more


Family Food & Fitness Swap on Rachael Ray
7/26/2014 9:50:07 PM,  3 COMMENTS

I hope no one minds another blog post today...but after seeing this video I have a couple of things I want to say. Here is the first of 4 videos...  Read more


7/26/2014 9:28:23 PM,  5 COMMENTS

244 July 8, 2014 Hi Eveyone! :) :) I got my new dresses.. these are's (Lane Bryants more casual clothing) size medium, do...  Read more


Short and grumpy...
7/26/2014 8:47:45 PM,  9 COMMENTS

This one is gonna be a short one. I'm in a crappy mood tonight and if I write a long post it will all be complaining. I dunno what my deal is today....  Read more


New things
7/26/2014 8:11:53 PM,  6 COMMENTS

I love to use technology, but recently have more distractions and problems to resolve. Today I had no activities scheduled. I decided to play with t...  Read more


Apple Cider Honey Mustard Vinaigrette
7/26/2014 8:04:17 PM,  10 COMMENTS

Here is one of my favorite salad dressing recipes: Apple Cider Honey Mustard Vinaigrette 1/2 cup honey 1/4 cup unfiltered apple cider vine...  Read more


To Try is to Fail
7/26/2014 7:04:45 PM,  6 COMMENTS

When I was at my doctor appointment last Tuesday, my doctor was very pleased with the changes I've been making and with my progress. That's always a...  Read more


Day 11....Finally a good day!
7/26/2014 3:03:04 PM,  1 COMMENTS you can see there were a few days missing since I last blogged. I spent those with headaches more stomach problems and light headedness....  Read more


What an awful lunch
7/26/2014 1:36:16 PM,  14 COMMENTS

lima beans, codfish, flax seeds and cumin I won't do this again! I am not craving things. I guess that is a good sign. chris...  Read more


7/26/2014 1:08:49 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Well, I had my cardiac catheterization done Friday the 25th. The procedure went well, a breeze really. They did provide me sedation but I was still...  Read more


Inspirational Quote for Today
7/26/2014 12:56:30 PM,  6 COMMENTS

“There are only two options regarding commitment; you’re either in or you’re out. There’s no such thing as life in-between.” ~Pat Riley ...  Read more


7/26/2014 12:19:36 PM,  3 COMMENTS

wondering if I should attend a family reunion about a year ago me and my sister had a falling out and she hasn't spoken to me since. My other si...  Read more


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