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To remind myself ....
4/18/2014 4:15:31 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I liked that checklist of Seven Habits of Successful Dieters. I just put a note on my google calendar to reassess every 6 months using that sam...  Read more


What, YOUR BUYING WEEDs??? Hubby says loudy.
4/18/2014 3:48:32 PM,  18 COMMENTS

532 Hubby and I are at Safeway in the self-checkout line. Hubby grabs the produce and starts scanning it. Everything is just peachy-f...  Read more


This is Not a Sprint
4/18/2014 2:21:02 PM,  2 COMMENTS

A day after being off of my Atkins plan and I'm already .8 lbs heavier. A little disheartening, but I know that a lot of what I ate yesterday was hig...  Read more


Burst of Productivity
4/18/2014 2:08:22 PM,  0 COMMENTS

I've been pretty productive the last few days. During the lowest point of my depression, I had lost all motivation and had to rely on other people to...  Read more


4/18/2014 1:20:30 PM,  4 COMMENTS

This is a Jig with a difference. It refers to a job I had several years ago playing piano in a pub in Exbourne. A number of farmers from the neibour...  Read more


Back to what works . . .
4/18/2014 12:13:19 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Starting weight: 137 Last weigh-in: 128.2 End weight goal: 120 Funny how I seem to make more progress when I focus on my daily behaviors v...  Read more


Darn, a shoulder replacement is in my future
4/18/2014 11:27:33 AM,  14 COMMENTS

I had the second 'cortisone" shot over 3 weeks ago. Only a little improvement in pain. I went back and the doctor spent a long time with me. He took 4...  Read more


GOD's Friday
4/18/2014 11:08:32 AM,  1 COMMENTS

LORD, this day we are again amazed that You came to earth and chose to be our life by Your death! On Golgotha's hill...the place of the skull......  Read more


A bit AWOL
4/18/2014 11:01:20 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Things have been a bit busy here. My partner is up to visit for Easter, so I wouldn't expect much tracking from me. I am still eating healthy (minus t...  Read more


Getting Vitamin D through sunshine is part of my plan
4/18/2014 10:37:15 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Getting Vitamin D through sunshine is part of my plan. Except today is one of those days where it is gray, overcast, about 55 degrees. Not exactly l...  Read more


What I'm really good at
4/18/2014 9:51:19 AM,  7 COMMENTS

Today SparkCoach suggested that I blog about what I'm really good at. I don't know. I guess I will need to ponder on this one. I'm good at cooking whi...  Read more


4/18/2014 9:48:29 AM,  10 COMMENTS

Seven Habits Of Highly Successful Dieters and my own "grade" for each. To be honest, my average grade seems to be a C+ between 24 and 3...  Read more


4/18/2014 8:23:46 AM,  0 COMMENTS

have a good day...  Read more


In 6 months time May to October
4/18/2014 7:30:12 AM,  13 COMMENTS

Not too long from now really. I want: 1)My excess weight off! That's 51 lbs as of today. 2)For my program to be simply a part of my life...  Read more


On This Day In History...
4/18/2014 7:17:02 AM,  4 COMMENTS

Apr 18, 1906: The Great San Francisco Earthquake ~~"At 5:13 a.m., an earthquake estimated at close to 8.0 on the Richter scale strikes San Fra...  Read more


Video Blog #7 Depression and Obesity
4/18/2014 2:21:27 AM,  0 COMMENTS

I do a short talk about depression and weight issues. Hosted by Daily motion website because I find spark peoples video uploader very user unfriendly...  Read more


A little of this and that tonight~
4/18/2014 1:54:05 AM,  4 COMMENTS

I'm feeling so much better today and will continue to improve as time goes on. I did go to the Doctor this morning and he said no lasting after effect...  Read more


Accept what is...
4/18/2014 12:59:11 AM,  19 COMMENTS

...  Read more


Today's Inspiration
4/18/2014 12:41:59 AM,  8 COMMENTS

" This is my wish for you : Comfort on difficult days, Smiles when sadness intrudes, Rainbows to follow the clouds, Laughter to kiss your lips...  Read more


Winter blaaaaaaaah!
4/18/2014 12:08:40 AM,  0 COMMENTS

Yesterday and today were tough. I successfully have worked out all "winter" without letting the awfulness get me down. I have lost the other 20 pounds...  Read more


So close in...
4/17/2014 9:58:34 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I'm so close in calling the doctor in the morning and see what he can do for dad. Dad still isn't breathing right. He is pretty much feeling like he d...  Read more


Strangely Full
4/17/2014 9:57:51 PM,  0 COMMENTS

I vaguely remember during my last diet, I tended to have six small meals a day instead of 3 big ones. That way I stayed full throughout the day and wo...  Read more


3 Days in and Changing Course
4/17/2014 9:41:46 PM,  0 COMMENTS

As determined as I was on Monday to commit to Atkins, it is now Thursday and I just don't think this is going to be sustainable. One can only eat so...  Read more


I'm doing it!
4/17/2014 8:54:25 PM,  13 COMMENTS

What is the "it"? Staying on program, keeping my business at full speed, managing my money and doing my best not to kill incompetent people!!!!! ...  Read more


A Vitamin D Update: I take 6,000-8,000 units and have normal level
4/17/2014 8:38:24 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Earlier I posted about taking higher levels of Vitamin D and feeling a bit guilty about it. I found myself taking 6,000-8,000 units per day, occasion...  Read more


The Cherry Trees Get a Second Chance, And I Do, Too!
4/17/2014 6:03:32 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Near where I live, some gorgeous old cherry trees were slated for destruction because a corporate interest wished to buy the land but not the trees....  Read more


Quick Check In
4/17/2014 3:32:05 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Hi there Sparkers! I've been trying to detox from technology lately so I won't be as active as I was in the past. I'm hoping to log in everyday...  Read more


There is no such thing as JUNK FOOD.
4/17/2014 2:23:35 PM,  78 COMMENTS

18 What do you think? I AGREE. 43 This is true too. It's a wort...  Read more


4/17/2014 1:22:56 PM,  3 COMMENTS

"Most scholars agree that the English word Maundy in that name for the day is derived through Middle English and Old French mandé, from the Latin mand...  Read more


Daily Journal: April 16, 2014
4/17/2014 10:42:11 AM,  3 COMMENTS

Today's goals: did not meet my exercise or eating goals. Exercise: None. Today's food journal: Breakfast: Smoothie made with vega one,...  Read more


Page going PRIVATE!
4/17/2014 9:49:21 AM,  4 COMMENTS

To make a very long story short I will make this clear. Last night two people I will leave unnamed since they know who they are said something to set...  Read more


4/17/2014 9:49:07 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Yesterday I talked about stepping up my food game but that I wasn't really going all out and tracking everything. Then I tracked everything. Ha!...  Read more


Beck Day 6: Helping One Another
4/17/2014 8:44:49 AM,  2 COMMENTS

“Was it you or I who stumbled first? It does not matter. The one of us who finds the strength to get up first, must help the other.” (Vera Nazarian)...  Read more


4/17/2014 8:02:47 AM,  2 COMMENTS

it is a much better day so far I got up on time and I feel better I got to go walk this morning what a great way to start the day have a good...  Read more


I wanted to be a race car driver
4/17/2014 6:59:46 AM,  2 COMMENTS

At age 52 3/4, I am finally stepping into adulthood. This means that I leave behind childish behavior and embrace courageous, uncomfortable behavior....  Read more


Don't mix...
4/17/2014 6:18:02 AM,  30 COMMENTS

...  Read more


On This Day In History...
4/17/2014 6:11:19 AM,  4 COMMENTS

Apr 17, 1970: Apollo 13 Returns To Earth ~~"With the world anxiously watching, Apollo 13, a U.S. lunar spacecraft that suffered a severe malfu...  Read more


Today's Inspiration
4/17/2014 12:39:10 AM,  12 COMMENTS

" Forgive those who have injured you - not because they deserve your forgiveness, but because you can never be happy until you release your ange...  Read more


Visiting with family~
4/17/2014 12:01:44 AM,  6 COMMENTS

they arrived today staying at a hotel, hooray! Tomorrow getting hair done with my mom and will have dinner afterwards likely! Tonight we had sala...  Read more


Date Night
4/16/2014 9:55:25 PM,  1 COMMENTS

School was fun today. We took a field trip out to my co-worker's house. Her family lives on a hundred-acre farm that they've owned for a couple hundre...  Read more


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