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gratitude, inspiration and being our own super hero!
4/15/2014 10:20:00 PM,  0 COMMENTS

252 it has been so helpful to hear 244 's and 243 's. especially when i feel down about a back slide. 304 304 304 304 304 304 to...  Read more


Not yet edited blurb
4/15/2014 9:24:26 PM,  1 COMMENTS

She wept at the tomb Can you feel her heartache Know her tears A Son gone to soon yet at the appointed time The depths of sadness despair,...  Read more


I ate a new exotic superfood today. Streak Day 40.
4/15/2014 8:46:19 PM,  15 COMMENTS

Lately I have been on a kick trying out new foods. Today we went to Safeway. Hubby picked out a meat sandwich and I picked up a box of P...  Read more


So aggitating!
4/15/2014 7:48:32 PM,  3 COMMENTS

I've been kind of trolling around the site lately. Haven't been feeling my best with everything I've been going through medically. This week has been...  Read more


Thought provoking
4/15/2014 7:33:39 PM,  5 COMMENTS

“Take someone who doesn't keep score, who's not looking to be richer, or afraid of losing, who has not the slightest interest even in his own pe...  Read more


dew experiment failed
4/15/2014 6:07:11 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I did a blood test for biometric tests. back in late january. my blood pressure, blood sugar, and HDL were good and my ldl/hdl ratio was good. but...  Read more


Testing Only-Checks and Balances' attached
4/15/2014 2:59:50 PM,  6 COMMENTS

.......... only a test to see if it pops up on team stream .........Blog I did this morning did not show up on team stream ........ "Checks and Balanc...  Read more


25.8 pounds gone!
4/15/2014 2:34:08 PM,  5 COMMENTS

I stepped on the scale this morning and saw numbers I haven't seen in quite a long time! I was so flustered by it that I couldn't think of how much I...  Read more


Where its at........
4/15/2014 11:19:03 AM,  3 COMMENTS

April is half gone - and I am not halfway towards reaching my goal - in fact I think I am further from it than when April started. April has been a h...  Read more


I'm Not Dieting!!! LOL
4/15/2014 10:37:04 AM,  2 COMMENTS

We call it eating sensibly, eating everyday foods, and not depriving ourselves, etc. So why am I eating celery stalks and drinking chicken broth for m...  Read more


4/15/2014 8:56:47 AM,  0 COMMENTS

So we did it yesterday. Sam and I conquered six miles! Tomorrow we're aiming for seven. Not sure if that's going to happen yet (six was a bit of...  Read more


Whatta you know...this works!
4/15/2014 8:52:20 AM,  1 COMMENTS

So I committed myself 100% for one week to Sparkpeople and the plan. I stayed within the prescribed calorie limits and increased my exercise, and I s...  Read more


Thought and Prayer for Tuesday, April 15, 2014
4/15/2014 7:01:32 AM,  8 COMMENTS

GOD’S INTENTIONS In this crazy world we live in, we have many issues where we lose focus. Life gets in the way and we lose track of time and mone...  Read more


Holy Week Garden thoughts
4/14/2014 11:49:58 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Just an interesting thought occurred to me. Comparison and contrast of Adam and Eve in Eden, with Christ's prayer and betrayal at Gethsemane. Vindic...  Read more


Spring Cleaning
4/14/2014 10:48:28 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Doing some serious spring cleaning the past couple of days 311...  Read more


1 temptation
4/14/2014 10:37:34 PM,  4 COMMENTS

i beat 4 temptations tody. i will have to face a couple fo them again tomorrow but i had success today. and now i can build on it tomorrow...  Read more


on babysitting bruised egos- and when would YOU make phone calls???
4/14/2014 10:09:08 PM,  1 COMMENTS

DH is home from the hospital. Thank Goodness. Stress tests tomorrow. It will be good to get test results. To know what the heck happened. ...  Read more


4/14/2014 8:19:53 PM,  9 COMMENTS

I read this today, and thought I'd share.... FROM: Being healthy in the 21st century
...  Read more


4/14/2014 5:03:24 PM,  5 COMMENTS

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” ~ Benjamin Franklin...  Read more


Warrior Woman, our wounds are sources of GROWTH. Streak day 39.
4/14/2014 11:30:46 AM,  35 COMMENTS

Hello There, I have had so many request to re-post the green juice recipe that I have been drinking on my streak. Most people will think i...  Read more


Great Party!
4/14/2014 11:24:00 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Well, my daughter's party was a great success! Many friends and family attended. Unfortunately, I did not stay on my plan! How could I? There was wi...  Read more


Here We Go!
4/14/2014 9:09:38 AM,  3 COMMENTS

So, it's like a real thing now, this half marathon ... Sam bought us CamelBaks ... And it's not the name brand, but one off Amazon that got reall...  Read more


Thought and Prayer for Monday, April 14, 2014
4/14/2014 7:16:38 AM,  12 COMMENTS

TURN AWAY Many of us struggle with focus. In order to focus well, we sometimes have to turn away. We sometimes need a break. Working at the compu...  Read more


Life Changing
4/14/2014 2:24:08 AM,  72 COMMENTS

I went to a conference this weekend where they were talking about changing lives by being a "Spa-Girl." Yes, I'm a spa girl, I pamper women as one of...  Read more


Exercise is exercise
4/13/2014 11:49:31 PM,  8 COMMENTS

My usual workout is a walk/jog and strength training but on the recommendation of my chiropractor, I found a low impact aerobic work out that stayed w...  Read more


did well for the majority of a very very stressful day— proud of myself
4/13/2014 11:39:13 PM,  2 COMMENTS

DH went by ambulance to the hospital today with chest pains. he will be there overnight. for tests and observation. while all of this was happe...  Read more


April 13, 2014 - Shame
4/13/2014 10:34:17 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Day one. Well, not really day one. More like day 12000 or so if I really count days on my weight loss journey. But day one for today. And hopefull...  Read more


A good one
4/13/2014 10:01:02 PM,  10 COMMENTS

Whatever you are, be a good one....  Read more


Welcome Spring
4/13/2014 9:15:55 PM,  3 COMMENTS

I am so happy to have good weather for a change. This has been one hard winter for everyone. 67 126 311 376...  Read more


finally getting there
4/13/2014 8:00:58 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Hi I haven't been on for quite a while I had pneumonia and been so sick cant stop coughing still, but I followed the program I am now dancing...  Read more


How to feel Good
4/13/2014 5:45:37 PM,  9 COMMENTS

Okay, you probably know how to feel good, eat right, exercise, spend time with your family, have reflective time (or faith), give a little back now an...  Read more


4/13/2014 3:32:48 PM,  3 COMMENTS

i did not sleep the best but i woke up and did a 3 mile walk. i had several excuse to stay in bed, but i got up started exercising instead....  Read more


OMG, I can't believe it. . .Streak day 38.
4/13/2014 10:21:00 AM,  82 COMMENTS

311 Something major happened yesterday. It's streak day 38 and something very positive happen. It's so exciting that I just had to s...  Read more


Mowing to get Moving
4/13/2014 9:50:31 AM,  1 COMMENTS

This is probably the most boring anyone has heard--who cares about mowing and yard work, but considering what obstacles I had to do to get this far, e...  Read more


2 weeks in- feeling good and seeing results.
4/13/2014 9:46:54 AM,  0 COMMENTS

So I started off trying the Dr Oz 2 week rapid weight loss plan. I got to day 3 and wondered how on earth anyone can not eat dairy or bread. I actua...  Read more


Thought and Prayer for Sunday, April 13, 2014
4/13/2014 8:11:02 AM,  10 COMMENTS

GROWING ROOTS In order to grow roots, we have to start from a seed. Springtime is usually when we plant seeds to make things grow. The activity b...  Read more


beat the clock
4/12/2014 11:59:28 PM,  1 COMMENTS

midnight...  Read more


day #3 of totally honest tracking
4/12/2014 11:37:55 PM,  3 COMMENTS

this is the first time i have had 3 consecutive days of tracking ALL of my food. i consider this a 244 thing! i feel like a 531 53...  Read more


4/12/2014 10:54:39 PM,  13 COMMENTS

today is my birthday. my inlaws visited and we went to a cajun style restuarant and i had alligator with hush puppies. it was really good. it made me...  Read more


Mirrors: Friend or Foe?
4/12/2014 4:11:25 PM,  28 COMMENTS

126126126126126126126126126126 304 for checking this "revisit" blog out. By reposting it I am fulfilling a promise to a SP friend, who finds...  Read more


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