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  • Better than NOthing

    10/30/2014 2:34:23 PM, by DEDICATED2HIM

    today is day 4 of my return to the Eat to Live program. I made the mistake of weighing myself...gained two pounds since i began....I have some r... Read more

  • I'm 30 pounds up and am running a 5k Sunday

    10/29/2014 9:39:20 PM, by SHES5150

    Not sure why I chose to participate in my first 5k when I am at my heaviest weight in 15 years. This seems like a poor life choice at this point... Read more

  • Fall - eh

    10/29/2014 4:26:59 PM, by TAISIAKAT

    I had a real hard night, worked myself up into such a tizzy about these upcoming faires I am selling at. Then had nightmares about previous compa... Read more

  • Golfing in PA on Oct 28

    10/28/2014 11:29:19 PM, by SBECKER526

    This is alledgedly Fall. Yes, the leaves are colorful and falling. Yet, I played golf today. It was 81 degrees in my car on the way home. I l... Read more

  • Do Over

    10/28/2014 11:02:41 AM, by ELLIPSISDREAM

    I have been gone for quite some time. I have tried some other fitness apps, and then I just gave up. On fitness. On myself. I think I have really... Read more

  • Do Over

    10/28/2014 11:02:40 AM, by ELLIPSISDREAM

    I have been gone for quite some time. I have tried some other fitness apps, and then I just gave up. On fitness. On myself. I think I have really... Read more

  • Day three

    10/28/2014 4:33:09 AM, by DEDICATED2HIM

    Today I go to see a new pain MD. I am hoping that he will agree to take me as a patient and that he will be willing to help me meet my pain mana... Read more

  • Incredible Bryce Canyon Falls.

    10/27/2014 8:37:46 PM, by _LINDA

    This was the most breath taking vista we saw. The bridge entrance over the falls: Read more

  • Life moves forward....

    10/27/2014 6:05:46 PM, by ECHOJULIET

    A coupla weeks ago, I went to water aerobics on a day when a strong front was passing the area. I hurt for 3 days. Grrrr..... I am always amazed ... Read more

  • Friend's ordination

    10/26/2014 6:16:49 PM, by SBECKER526

    Today was a wonderful day. My friend, Linda, was ordained. She was called to a church in Barto, PA. She is really called and prepared diligent... Read more

  • Sorry For My Absence

    10/26/2014 4:53:05 PM, by LADYJEZEBEL

    I have been going through a lot lately. I have been having troubles with my heart racing for a few years now, and it keeps progressing as time go... Read more

  • BC Trip Into The Clouds

    10/26/2014 9:16:32 AM, by _LINDA

    It was still overcast and foggy when we went to see the 2nd longest falls in Canada: Read more

  • Back to Dr Fuhrman

    10/26/2014 5:46:35 AM, by DEDICATED2HIM

    When I took a good look at the photo on the previous page, I realized how much weight I've gained and how it has badly affected my appearance. I... Read more

  • Today's Hike w/Photos

    10/25/2014 6:48:27 PM, by BKWERM

    My MIL and I hiked for an hour on the Bruce Trail and here are photos from the hike: Read more

  • My Memoir

    10/25/2014 8:44:13 AM, by DEDICATED2HIM

    Well, my goal for four years has been to complete my memoir. And a couple of weeks ago my dream was realized. Treasures from Darkness is availa... Read more

  • 2 Weeks on the Fast Diet

    10/24/2014 9:03:04 PM, by JKANT88

    I've been following the Fast Diet for two weeks now. On Mondays and Thursdays, I restrict my calories to 500 for 36 hours (I eat a normally on S... Read more

  • Under the weather.

    10/24/2014 6:59:18 PM, by KIMMYWIZZIE1

    Bummer day. Feeling a little under the weather. RA fatigue is getting me today for some reason. I did manage to get in a 10 minute walk today, bu... Read more

  • I can't get my mojo back again!

    10/23/2014 10:16:54 PM, by SEATTLE58

    I've gained around 20-25# now and it's like I can't get my mojo back and it's like I don't care, but I know that deep down I do! I've been tryin... Read more

  • Fun Experience with Snaggles

    10/23/2014 9:51:30 PM, by SBECKER526

    My cat, Snaggles, is a truly satisfied cat. We got him 15 months ago from the Animal Rescue League of Berks County. His foster caregiver was th... Read more

  • I shoulda stayed in bed today

    10/23/2014 1:58:07 PM, by FUZZYBEEZ

    After having to go in early this morning I should of known I needed to stay home in bed. I got home from my route and found the flooring by my fu... Read more

  • It's not about the start, it's about the finish.

    10/23/2014 3:43:22 AM, by LOLLYLOOP

    How many times have you started a diet? Have you went to the gym? How many times have you started WW or some other program? I've done them al... Read more

  • Tough Hike Photos

    10/22/2014 2:42:04 PM, by _LINDA

    We started out on a gorgeous well above average temperature fall morning: S... Read more

  • I Have Extra Bones!

    10/22/2014 11:38:39 AM, by KIMMYWIZZIE1

    Have you ever heard of having extra bones? I went to the podiatrist yesterday for some extreme foot pain that was different than RA pain. I'm gla... Read more

  • Still trying

    10/22/2014 4:06:15 AM, by FUZZYBEEZ

    I'm still trying, every day I keep trying. I did take 2 days without exercising. My body was aching something terrible. It happens like this s... Read more

  • So I started P90X3 yesterday...

    10/20/2014 9:40:35 AM, by FITMAMA_

    So I started P90X3 yesterday... I have been in a little funk since summer on my exercising. I started working a part time night job and I h... Read more

  • New Beginnings

    10/20/2014 12:35:00 AM, by HOT_MAMA_13

    It was with some regret that I left my post at Elements Therapeutic Massage in Woodridge after having been there for a year and a half. But sadly... Read more

  • BC Trip

    10/19/2014 4:14:38 PM, by _LINDA

    We went from: and this: ... Read more

  • Happy news!

    10/19/2014 12:44:32 PM, by ROCKPORT9

    Our daughter and SIL moved back to their home in DC area in August after three years of living in West Africa. Read more

  • Tired, but happy

    10/18/2014 6:45:04 PM, by SBECKER526

    I am so glad that the home repairs are almost done. The house looks great. I still have much to put away, but it is a great time to purge many ... Read more

  • Maintenance is Tough, But Its Even Tougher When..

    10/18/2014 10:11:26 AM, by _LINDA

    You have chronic health conditions that constantly challenge you, you are recovering from surgery that limits your exercise and you do not have t... Read more

  • Try, Try, Try Again

    10/18/2014 9:09:39 AM, by FUZZYBEEZ

    That's what it's like sometimes ya know. Sometimes you just have to remind ... Read more

  • Turning Point

    10/18/2014 12:13:25 AM, by _LINDA

    Yesterday I could not even open a scissors. Today I was able to cut open two bags of new rubber gloves for washing dishes. I was able to write ... Read more

  • Kitchen - done

    10/17/2014 11:02:18 PM, by SBECKER526

    My kitchen has a modern look to it. My restorer-painter is absolutely awesome in his work. He notes things and replaces them so no damage is do... Read more

  • Spark Activity Tracker is Cool!

    10/17/2014 7:41:40 PM, by KIMMYWIZZIE1

    Got my Spark Activity tracker in the mail today. Did an extra 20 minutes on the bike to see if its working properly. It is! What a cool little ga... Read more

  • Let's give a hand for....

    10/17/2014 5:37:07 PM, by DEDICATED2HIM

    after two of the worst days in recent history, I looked at my hand that was throbbing....I'd rubbed some pain cream on it and then LOOK AT THIS!!... Read more

  • 9.9lbs Gone In 3 Weeks!

    10/16/2014 1:08:54 PM, by JENDAN36

    The first time I started Sparkpeople was in 2009, I have started so many accounts and deleted them because I kept giving up. I would give it abou... Read more

  • Hopefully recovery is over

    10/16/2014 8:52:46 AM, by JANNY316

    I have had two surgeries in the last month, and the kidney stone is now gone, but I am scared to death about getting another one. I am drinking ... Read more

  • Self Pity?

    10/14/2014 5:56:16 PM, by DEDICATED2HIM

    The following is a paragraph from John MacArthur's study Bible. I found it to be captivating and pertinent to the questions I'm asking today. ... Read more

  • A Word from my "Other" blog

    10/14/2014 4:17:32 PM, by DEDICATED2HIM

    As I have mentioned in the past Sparkpeople.com has been a big part of my life in my attempts to lose weight and regain strength. IN the past se... Read more

  • Major Decision Made

    10/13/2014 10:26:57 PM, by SBECKER526

    Bob got the doctor's verdict on his tests. He has both thyroid and lung cancer. This week he has an MRI on his pancreas. We will know about pa... Read more

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