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"What is Holy Saturday?"
4/19/2014 2:58:46 PM,  1 COMMENTS

184 184 184 184 184 184 184 184 184 184 As always 229 and 304 for your show of interest in this blog. The following comes from...  Read more


My Brain Had to Scream : GO!
4/19/2014 1:16:34 PM,  1 COMMENTS

My report card for the week would not be an A+! After coming back from a 10 day break, I should feel rejuvenated and full of energy. I had a good 3 da...  Read more


A little quiet time
4/19/2014 12:29:00 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Nothing is going on today. Other than reading, writing, and quietly taking care of a few things that I care about. It is VERY nice to have this t...  Read more


When your happy and you know it CLAP your Hands
4/19/2014 12:22:35 PM,  9 COMMENTS

256 Yesterday I hiked down to the creek that runs behind our house in the greenbelt. I went in search of food to eat. I could just ima...  Read more


A Winner is Just a Loser Who Tried One More Time
4/19/2014 11:49:38 AM,  17 COMMENTS

That is so true! So many people have told me that they could never do what I have done, but I don't believe it. Why? Because I didn't believe I cou...  Read more


Back on Track!
4/19/2014 11:30:42 AM,  2 COMMENTS

After writing my blog I am going to hop on the bike and get my workout in. The past couple of weeks have been tough food wise but I finally feel like...  Read more


Consistently Inconsistent
4/19/2014 11:06:06 AM,  3 COMMENTS

I'm frustrated with myself. I wanted to get back on track this week but I seem to be in one of those ruts in which I am consistently inconsistent. I...  Read more


Like You Love Yourself
4/19/2014 10:31:49 AM,  5 COMMENTS

I'll add two more to this list: Think positively and look for the good. Work on my "inside" so it matches my outside. What kinds...  Read more


4/19/2014 9:04:20 AM,  4 COMMENTS

I finally feel like I am making head way in getting that credit card paid off!!!!...  Read more


Happy Easter
4/19/2014 8:20:22 AM,  4 COMMENTS

Happy Easter to all my Spark friends. I hope this new awakening brings you much in new beginnings or continued success. I'm so looking forward...  Read more


Dear scale,
4/19/2014 7:10:54 AM,  10 COMMENTS

Our relationship has been a rocky one. It has been full of ups and downs. For way too long you determined my mood, what clothes I would wear, and ho...  Read more


On This Day In History...
4/19/2014 7:03:56 AM,  4 COMMENTS

Apr 19, 1897: First Boston Marathon Held ~~"On April 19, 1897, John J. McDermott of New York won the first Boston Marathon with a time of 2:55...  Read more


Well!!! Will a Goal Help?
4/19/2014 6:32:18 AM,  3 COMMENTS

Here I am popping in again. There are so many people on the SparkPeople site here who are really achieving their weight change. 345 It really works f...  Read more


tossing it up: day 18
4/19/2014 3:55:02 AM,  3 COMMENTS

1. i am grateful for my babies, because they remind me how far i've come. (In progress)...  Read more


Good Friday
4/18/2014 10:45:35 PM,  5 COMMENTS

I can't seem to get it back together, still too tired in the evening, all I wan to do is go to bed. Did get out a little today, went to buy flowers, w...  Read more


Showers of Blessings and Easter treats - Week 3 Dancing Daffodils
4/18/2014 10:17:29 PM,  11 COMMENTS

Our BSG challenge assignment for this week has two parts. The first is Showers of Blessings...what are some things that bless you? I am blessed...  Read more


Food log #1608
4/18/2014 9:52:10 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Breakfast: Smoothie (spinach, frozen peaches, frozen mango, bananas, yogurt, grapes), and whole wheat toast, turkey sausage Lunch: Grilled chick...  Read more


Friday travels
4/18/2014 8:26:54 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Well, at the last minute, I had to drive to work. I had not planned on that - I had planned to work at home. However, a hearing was set late...  Read more


Challengers of HOGWARTS "In My Easter Bonnet" Shopping (A Competition!)
4/18/2014 7:59:59 PM,  7 COMMENTS

448 449 450 451 453 452 450 449 448 Hello Everyone! I've just spent all day shopping for my Easter bonnet. I took home a small se...  Read more


4/18/2014 6:04:59 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Reviewing photo CD's, importing the one's I love into Memory Manager for scrapbooking. Staying focused on clearing the clutter....  Read more


What, YOUR BUYING WEEDs??? Hubby says loudy.
4/18/2014 3:48:32 PM,  48 COMMENTS

532 Hubby and I are at Safeway in the self-checkout line. Hubby grabs the produce and starts scanning it. Everything is just peachy-f...  Read more


True 33 of blogville
4/18/2014 3:20:50 PM,  6 COMMENTS

What a relief! On Thursday, the transplant team pulled out the foley catheter. Rose, the nurse commented: "You'll probably wish you still had this...  Read more


When is a goal not a goal?
4/18/2014 10:18:13 AM,  4 COMMENTS

I know I said yesterday that getting more sleep was a goal. Truthfully, it was more of a wish. PLMitch commented that it was a good goal, and it mad...  Read more


Italian Lentil Soup
4/18/2014 9:10:49 AM,  10 COMMENTS

Hello Sparkfamily! Soups on! Take a peek! Ingredients~ 1 lb. package Italian style chicken sausage 1 onion, chopped 2-3 carrots, peeled...  Read more


taking it easy
4/18/2014 8:51:44 AM,  12 COMMENTS

my allergies are flaring up a bit today, so i am taking it easy. my daughter says hi. all of the birds also say hello. the last day of school went wel...  Read more


4/18/2014 8:28:58 AM,  6 COMMENTS

all detours on the way to work today...ugh...  Read more


On This Day In History...
4/18/2014 7:17:02 AM,  8 COMMENTS

Apr 18, 1906: The Great San Francisco Earthquake ~~"At 5:13 a.m., an earthquake estimated at close to 8.0 on the Richter scale strikes San Fra...  Read more


Mindfulness & Meditation: Be Where You Are
4/18/2014 6:54:35 AM,  14 COMMENTS

...  Read more


Good News!/ Buenas Noticias!
4/18/2014 5:39:52 AM,  30 COMMENTS

My grandson Dylan was diagnosed with pneumonia a week ago. He has been on a ventilator since last Saturday. Today he is once again breathing on his...  Read more


tossing it up: day 17
4/18/2014 4:37:16 AM,  2 COMMENTS

1. i am grateful for my babies, because they help me choose better. 2. i am grateful for Rebecca, because i don't want that expertise. 3. i am gra...  Read more


Getting ready........
4/18/2014 2:32:54 AM,  9 COMMENTS

We are going to my inlaws for Easter. I am happy to get to be with them but sad to not get to be with my family. But, I get to be with mine much more...  Read more


4/17/2014 10:08:22 PM,  11 COMMENTS

My cable and Internet were both dead last night (so long, Spark streak). I am SO relieved to be back online!...  Read more


Pretty day and 14 hearings
4/17/2014 9:21:45 PM,  4 COMMENTS

This was a pretty day. I am glad that I could enjoy it on walks between the prosecutor's office an the courthouse. It was a long and arduous...  Read more


Good Night
4/17/2014 8:40:06 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Still tired from the last week, I just figured out I filed a total of 28 taxes on Tuesday, some were complete & some were extensions, now I know why I...  Read more


Food log #1607
4/17/2014 7:31:11 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Breakfast: Smoothie (spinach, frozen peaches, frozen mango, bananas, yogurt, grapes), and whole wheat toast, turkey sausage Lunch: Mac and cheese...  Read more


Rested and ready?...Naw
4/17/2014 3:09:33 PM,  3 COMMENTS

I've been working on the whole sleep thing. Last night was not helpful. Lots of catch up stuff the last two nights, actually. Not terribly strenuou...  Read more


Thursday Thoughts
4/17/2014 3:03:28 PM,  4 COMMENTS

The work week is done! Woo-Hoo! Although a short one, it felt SO LOOOOONG! Had a few big stressful events this week and still one big one lurking th...  Read more


how to get back on track
4/17/2014 2:53:01 PM,  3 COMMENTS

i am having a REALLY hard time getting back on track. i can't seem to stop thinking about the fact that my baby girl has moved out and moved on, and...  Read more


Treading Thursday
4/17/2014 2:52:34 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Continuing CD uploads. It will be good to get rid of all of them! Less clutter = :) Onto more cabinet sorting. Had to laugh, I cleaned out 2 cabi...  Read more


There is no such thing as JUNK FOOD.
4/17/2014 2:23:35 PM,  92 COMMENTS

18 What do you think? I AGREE. 43 This is true too. It's a wort...  Read more


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