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  • Got through a little "time of trouble"

    5/27/2016 8:18:53 AM, by CHERYLHURT

    Mum is delighted with the Assisted Living facility, said yesterday "it's so much better than I ever could have imagined!" The last few weeks hav... Read more

  • 5-27-16 (Day 208)

    5/27/2016 7:47:02 AM, by MAMABEAR372

    OH WOW I need to consistently revisit what it is like to be 20. Although I am a female and my son is not I need to remember patience and underst... Read more

  • A teacher's advice to parents

    5/27/2016 5:19:58 AM, by JSTETSER

    The question every parent should ask the teacher Every early June, as the school year comes to a close, I made it my habit to take the time to... Read more

  • Unmotivated

    5/27/2016 4:02:38 AM, by GORDISS22

    Didn't do to good today... Read more

  • I'm up to 2 miles now

    5/26/2016 10:13:46 PM, by SCHATZISMOM

    For all of you who have commented on my being in the miler club, thank you! I've worked my way up and I'm currently doing 2 miles per day. I ha... Read more

  • Introduction!

    5/26/2016 10:07:40 PM, by KATIEBUG4JC

    I am a 44 year old stay at home wife and mom. I homeschool our two sons, ages 11 and 7. Our seven year old was diagnosed with PDD-NOS (on the aut... Read more

  • Do you know the difference......Memorial Day or Veterans Day?

    5/26/2016 8:08:02 PM, by LIVINGLOVINLIFE

    There is some confusion between Memorial Day and Veterans Day. Memorial day is not a day of celebration it is a day of remembrance of fallen hero... Read more

  • All we need are kindness and courage

    5/26/2016 8:06:21 PM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    " Life is mainly froth and bubble Two things stand like stone - Kindness in another's trouble, Courage in your own." Adam Gordon ... Read more

  • Putting fork down between bites

    5/26/2016 6:42:49 PM, by --MAY--

    Hey everyone, I have not written in awhile, I am still on this journey, slow and steady! Am gonna put my fork down between bites and count t... Read more

  • Accidental Excercise

    5/26/2016 6:09:51 PM, by GOATBOY_SNR

    So, I went out for a wee walk tonight and ended up walking over 7 miles due to a silly whim. I thought it would be funny to walk down the road I ... Read more

  • Attempt #18?

    5/26/2016 5:38:24 PM, by ANDIENICKS91

    If at first you don't succeed... Hm. Nope. If after the second attempt you don't... If after the THIRD attempt...!!! Let's just say I've tried...... Read more

  • SPOILER...Obedience

    5/26/2016 4:59:16 PM, by JLAMING263

    Thomas S. Monson A knowledge of truth and the answers to our greatest questions come to us as we are obedient to the commandments of God.... Read more

  • Cats ;-) 5/26

    5/26/2016 3:31:37 PM, by PDSLIM

    Maru's 9th Birthday video = he is a character cheezburger.com/80302081
    e... Read more

  • 5-26-16

    5/26/2016 10:51:17 AM, by PTREINER

    Did a great deal of reading about GERD, how to prevent, what to eat, what not to eat, when to eat, etc. Think I may be able to get it figured out... Read more

  • Things I love About my body

    5/26/2016 10:08:44 AM, by QU33N_KAY

    1. I love my smile 2. I love my butt area 3. I like my stomach even though I'm not at the weight I want to be at this point... Read more

  • Scary

    5/26/2016 9:54:21 AM, by NEPTUNE1939

    ... Read more

  • Thursday..

    5/26/2016 7:52:15 AM, by TWEDEE777

    Very windy and raining out. One of those days where I could just stay in bed all day. Have a lot to do and zero ambition. Didn't eat so well yest... Read more

  • 5-26-16 (day 207)

    5/26/2016 7:18:04 AM, by MAMABEAR372

    Fasting bsl 307. Most likely the english muffin I had after dinner. Or waking in a panic noticing my 20 year old son wasn't home at 3 a.m. We ... Read more

  • Woke up terrified...!

    5/26/2016 7:06:28 AM, by CHERYLHURT

    I'd be all alone if beloved died first, almost wants me to have bad health so I DONT live a long time...alone. We couldnt have children. I have... Read more

  • Making today AWESOME

    5/26/2016 5:28:33 AM, by JSTETSER

    I am making today a great day with a positive attitude! I am going to love myself, and all those around me. I will embrace my mistakes as lea... Read more

  • Animals ;-) 5/25

    5/25/2016 10:29:38 PM, by PDSLIM

    Spring brings lots of baby animals trying their 1st steps... www.viralnova.com/learni
    urce=Sailthru&ut... Read more

  • Sunday's other surprise...

    5/25/2016 10:09:14 PM, by NELLIEH1

    When we left for the airport at 4AM on Sunday, I had ... Read more

  • Celebrated today

    5/25/2016 10:04:17 PM, by SCHATZISMOM

    So I had a happy day today. I decided that I wanted to try a new restaurant far from our home. I knew it was going to be difficult not wanting ... Read more

  • Get it under control

    5/25/2016 8:07:25 PM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    " if everything is under control, you are just not going fast enough." Mario Andretti Happy Wild Wednesday . Life is one big roller coas... Read more

  • Help

    5/25/2016 7:36:39 PM, by JTIDWELL43

    I have had a rough patch this month starting with being a ID theft victim. 3rd degree burns on my right hand. Tore tendons in my right foot to th... Read more

  • Back home

    5/25/2016 5:57:00 PM, by GOATBOY_SNR

    Hi, Back home after a few days away. Different temptations here as my loved ones suggest little treats... need to stay strong! GB... Read more

  • I'm Back!

    5/25/2016 5:40:49 PM, by FATAUTHOR

    I've created an entirely new profile because I'm so embarrased about all the weight I've gained. I'd lost close to 80lbs, kept it off for over th... Read more


    5/25/2016 11:53:23 AM, by GREATMARTIN

    (Though one can follow a diet here it is more for a... Read more

  • 5-25-16

    5/25/2016 11:37:42 AM, by PTREINER

    Odd to be here in the middle of the week, but I think I will like this new schedule. The home office setup is terrific, love being able to look o... Read more

  • Light Workout

    5/25/2016 11:19:03 AM, by NEPTUNE1939

    Yesterday's Deltoid routine netted 12 Sets, 100 Reps for 2,670 Lbs. Quads; 6 Sets, 49 Reps for 4,620 Lbs. Pecs; 6 Sets, 49 Reps for 2830 Lbs. Tot... Read more

  • SPOILER...Faith

    5/25/2016 9:25:50 AM, by JLAMING263

    Rosemary M. Wixom Every one of us can strengthen our faith in Jesus Christ on our individual journey and find joy.... Read more

  • it's wednesday

    5/25/2016 8:43:52 AM, by MOMMY445

    a mostly cloudy and warm day here today. there is a chance of a thunderstorm in the afternoon. my daughter had a great practice and soccer game y... Read more

  • 5-25-16 (day 206)

    5/25/2016 8:10:43 AM, by MAMABEAR372

    Been waking up with pounding headaches. Blood sugar is over 200 fasting again. I think I am getting a cold. Today is a repeat of yesterday... Read more

  • Hump Day..

    5/25/2016 8:10:43 AM, by TWEDEE777

    Yay!! Another hump day and I have so much to do for the weekend. Packing clothes, food, bedding and such. Looking forward to a couple of days of ... Read more

  • Route66

    5/25/2016 7:45:03 AM, by LSCHEIBER2

    I just keep on trying. I finally finished planting my vegetable garden. Come on summer!! I'm trying to add daily exertions/activities into my e... Read more

  • Settling in

    5/25/2016 7:41:07 AM, by CHERYLHURT

    Mum seems to be settling in. She is worried about "when the money runs out" but the CPA said that wont be for 5 years. Nothing we can do but sta... Read more

  • Your mind is a terrible thing to waste

    5/25/2016 7:03:35 AM, by AJENNINGS822

    I really should be getting ready for work but I'm blogging instead. I've heard it a hundred times about your mind being the most powerful tool i... Read more

  • No Ticks on ME!

    5/25/2016 5:27:16 AM, by JSTETSER

    Are you hiking down the trail or walking in the woods with kids or a dog? Consider putting oil on your skin first. I have found that a lightly sc... Read more

  • The Hard Part

    5/25/2016 1:32:50 AM, by GIMMESPARK

    Log in Spin the wheel These are the easy parts. Keep moving. Make more lights on the tracker green. Also not really hard. I am ... Read more

  • Dogs ;-) 5/24

    5/24/2016 11:23:34 PM, by PDSLIM

    They know www.viralnova.com/death-
    0Daily%... Read more

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