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  Week of 10/30/2008 - Featured Board Post

Each step leads to a BIG change

I figure myself as being down 87 lbs now. My doctor though told me he has my highest weight at 396 and therefore, he is showing 111 lbs lost. I like his numbers better of course.

The changes I have made include:

Adding exercise. 95% of it is water aerobics. At almost 400 lbs, there was NO WAY I could do a traditional workout.

I have modified my eating to decrease beef and add chicken breast in its place. I have cut a lot of fat, and sugars. I am doing my best to have LOTS of veggies. I still allow chocolate, but ONE Hershey's miniature, or one Dove square a day is the max. I don't say "No, I cannot have it." I tell myself "one bite".

The changes these little steps have made are amazing. I can run and play with my boys, and really live again. My TOPS group calls me the energizer bunny. I often am sitting doing leg lifts or crunches during down times. I just dance my way through life lately, always having a spring in my step and a beat to dance to. I am a substitute teacher and I have been in a special ed classroom. I have been able to help lift a student. I am able to stand, walk and run laps around the track with the autistic boy who needs a partner. I have the strength and ability to do SO MUCH.

I can sit in a chair without fear of breaking it, or the bigger fear of not fitting into the chair. I am willing to get into someone else's car for the first time in 8 yrs. Before, I would not ride in someone else's car because I required a seatbelt extender. I can buckle without one in pretty much any vehicle now.

I have reclaimed my life. I still have 130 lbs to lose, but I have come a LONG way. Each little step adds up to BIG changes. Choosing the pretzels over the chips. Choosing sugar free pudding, over regular. Choosing fat free dairy. Choosing brown rice, or wheat pasta. Choosing ONE 50 calorie fudgesicle, rather than a bowl of ice cream. Choosing to get up and go to the pool at 5:30 am instead of sleeping. Each of these are little steps. They add up to LIFE.

I am glad to be able to LIVE LIFE again.

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