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  Week of 9/30/2010 - Featured Board Post

I Beat Back Temptation

I bought these big delicious sugar and chocolate chip cookies at the store today for my kids. The ones from the bakery, and they are SOOOO good.

After a fairly nutritionally negative day, I measured out my cup of chili (which is more than I thought!) and skipped the cheese and chips.

I bought myself a parfait of fresh blueberries and strawberries with whipped cream to replace the cookie. I was still tempted to have one, especially since my husband, kids and mother asked me if I wanted one. But I PASSED IT UP!

My son said "Mommy, it's okay to have sweets sometimes." I said "I know, but Mommy eats them more than 'sometimes' and that is why I'm in the state I'm in!"

It was really really hard to pass up that cookie, but I did!

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