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  Week of 10/14/2010 - Featured Board Post

My Independence Day from Poor Health

Since July 4th (Independence Day from poor health) I have:

- Lost 15 lbs
- Lost 2 whole pants sizes
- Gone from 3 mile run time of about 45 minutes, to 34:33
- Lost my taste for simple carbs and no longer add sugar to tea, eat pastries, etc. (but a cheeseburger will always be delicious!)
- Gone from sporadic exercise to consistent exercise every day
- Gone from no fitness classes to three a week
- Brought my RHR from around 70 to below 60
- Have an honest assessment of my body and fitness level, from whence I've come and what I have to do to get where I want to go

I now feel more than prepared for the next 25 pounds, and a lifetime of maintenance!

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