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  Week of 10/21/2010 - Featured Board Post

This Time I Have the Spark

At the beginning of every fall, I run through a series of temptations that I have taken to calling the Fall Gauntlet. Here is how the Gauntlet breaks down:

-My son's birthday is on September 24.
-My daughter's birthday is on October 2.
-Thanksgiving (I'm Canadian) falls within one to two weeks after that.

Foodwise, birthdays in our family typically entail a large supper chosen by the birthday boy or girl (pizza is a popular choice), a cake, ice cream, and a variety of salty and sweet snacks. There are usually enough leftovers of each type of food to last for days. Thanksgiving is much the same, but with turkey being the main course and a variety of homemade pies serving as dessert; again, the food lasts for days. This Gauntlet has been the downfall of many of my past attempts at weight loss - with so much food floating so readily available, how could it not have been? I would slip up a few too many times, always thinking that I could get back on track once THIS batch of unhealthy food was gone - the problem was, after THIS batch was gone, it was quickly replaced by something else; before I knew what was happening, it was Halloween, then my own birthday in early December, then Christmas... and on and on it would go.

This time, things have been different. During the birthday parties, I still indulged in everything, but I did so much more intelligently than I used to. One piece of pizza still tasted great, and it also left a lot more room for a tasty salad. A small piece of cake still tasted just as good as a large piece. A handful of chips still provided the same satisfying crunch as a bowlful (especially if eaten and savored one at a time). And that doesn't even take into account the fact that I actually exercise now, looking for any opportunity I can find to add a little walking, biking, or running to my daily routine.

This time, instead of seeing my attempt at weight loss spiral out of control, I have actually maintained my weight through two thirds of the Fall Gauntlet - a weight that is now only 3 pounds above my goal, which is set for my birthday in December. Looking at the previous paragraph, I notice that I have been practicing portion control, taking my time and enjoying my food, and actively looking for opportunities to exercise; individually, these things are all quite small, but they are just a few of the many healthy habits that I have picked up from this site - habits that have become second nature to me, and that I know will continue to help me in the weeks, months, and even years to come.

This time, things are different indeed; this time, I have The Spark.

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