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  Week of 2/3/2011 - Featured Board Post

What the Spark Means to Me

I got a call today from a place very far away from where I am. It was a call from Germany, from a SparkFriend I have never met in person. I picked up the phone and felt like I was talking to one of my sisters. I KNEW her. I knew her kids names, I knew her struggles, I knew her time constraints, her fears, her joys...I knew them because we are the same in so many ways.

Karen and I are from 2 different parts of the world, 2 different backgrounds, 2 different religions. We are so far apart geographically that the likelihood of us meeting is next to impossible. But we know each other. We have the same heart, the same passions and the same struggles. We both have weight we need to lose, kids we need to raise, exercise we need to do, bills we need to pay, husbands we need to take care of. Even though we have so many differences it is our similarities that draw us together. She is a NEAT lady. She has a wonderful heart and a passion for her children like you wouldn't believe.

Without SparkPeople my life would be so different. Even if I am not on here for a few days or even a few weeks I KNOW it is here. I know that when I sign back on there will be people on here like ME. We have the same struggles whether we are men or women, whether we have 100 pounds or 10 pounds to lose.

SparkPeople is amazing. It is so much MORE than a website. Without it I wouldn't know JOHNHARNEY who has lost SO much weight and kept it off and is a cheerleader like no other. I wouldn't know SP_COACH_NANCY who is SO inspiring and makes me WANT to exercise and start to run. I wouldn't know ORCHIDLADY whose husband, like mine, had renal failure and was on dialysis. And last but not least I wouldn't know my friend Karen, EVERHOPEFUL. Her name kinda says it all...

Thanks SparkPeople for giving me so many friends and so much hope....

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