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  Week of 5/5/2011 - Featured Blog Post

It's Official: I Enjoy Exercise!

Now, that is not anything I ever expected. When I started SparkPeople on January 1, I set a (seemingly unattainable) goal of 10 minutes of exercise per day. I told myself, "Come on, you can do SOME kind of fitness activity for 10 minutes a day!" And believe me, that was a chore!

Of course, that 10-minute-a day goal quickly changed to a 31-minute-a-day goal, but still: CHORE. From time-to-time I would do "extra" fitness above and beyond my daily goal. But those "extra" minutes have become more frequent.

Like today, after work I took off for the "Y" to ride the Expresso cycle, which I love! I used to hate riding a stationary bike, but the Expresso has the video screen and all of those picturesque routes. I love choosing a different virtual location each time.

This afternoon I chose the "Fruitdale" route, which is a 4.4 mile trail. Not far into it, I KNEW I was going to go around a second time (and I did). But then, near the end of the second lap, I decided to go around a THIRD time. I decided to do the trail again because the exercise felt really good. I was enjoying it and did not want it to end. Now how is that for a transformation, folks?

At the end of the day, I traveled 13.27 miles in 62 non-stop minutes. Not too shabby for a plump, middle-aged lady.

Spark on, my friends!

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