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  Week of 7/19/2012 - Featured Board Post

From a Spark to a Flame to a Burning Fire

I have been overweight since second grade. I am not young anymore. I am on the upper end of middle age. I am now fit beyond what I EVER thought was humanly possible for me.

I am not bragging. It is not my nature. But, I am a SparkEvangelist. I am a convert to exercise. Not excessive exercise, not ridiculous amounts of exercise, but rather, consistent cardio and strength training, five days a week.

I have logged over 1,000 fitness minutes for (2011) May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December, (2012) January, April, May, and June.

I am also a convert to healthy eating.

The combination of those two things...healthy eating and exercise have produced the results: Staggering, Unbelievable, Jaw-dropping, Head-turning.

Thank you, SparkPeople, for making the rest of my life such a hoot.

Spark On!

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