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  Week of 11/8/2012 - Featured Board Post

You Know You're a SparkPerson When....

* You walk up the stairs without grabbing at your knees or pushing off with your hands on top of your thighs ...

* You bend ALL the way down to pick things up and never consider whether you should just get down on all fours

* You remember to hold in your abs, even when you don't remember to hold in your abs

* You don't care WHO sees you working out

* You turn down foods that you know aren't in your plan for the day, or when you do take them, you consider how much of them to eat

* Instead of sitting in the Dr.'s office reading a magazine, you open up your mobile ap and earn some points for reading articles and answering questions on quizzes

* You take a double-take in the mirror as you pass by -- is that ME? Nice!

* You can't post a message without looking for a new emoticon

* That you will eat healthy foods the majority of the time is not a question, but a given

* That you will occasionally enjoy (REALLY enjoy) a less healthy treat is not a question, but a given

* People you've never met in person give you the most sincere praise and advice you've ever received

* You fall in love with your team leader/challenge leader for thinking of you when you really needed it

* You are excited to see your new friends reach their goals

* You start looking for your new friends' daily status updates

* You're excited to receive a virtual gift (I actually REALLY want some of those Goodies!!!)

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