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  Week of 12/6/2012 - Featured Blog Post

My 6-Month SparkVersary

Today is my 6th month anniversary on Spark People.
I have grown and learned so much in the past 6 month. I have healed and gotten stronger, I have learned about balance and commitment to myself. I have learned that exercise does help improve the symptoms of depression.
I have learned that losing weight isn't always the most important thing, but getting healthy is!
I have learned to let go of emotional baggage and to say no.
I have said good bye.
I have learned to "let go"... of the stresses that build daily, the problems that are ongoing.
I have learned to ask for help, to give support and to listen to the experiences and advice of others.
I have found a community of people that are so kind and gentle, who want nothing more than to see each other at their best. To help to see the greatness of reaching goals and setting priorities and goals.

SparkPeople has taught me that...
I have to stretch my muscles and pull them tight.
I have to build up my cardiac endurance in order to maintain a healthy heart and mind.
I know I can now do more than I could a year ago.
I know the scales don't always reflect the successes, but my pants do.
I know now that if I stay on track with my foods and don't give way to bad craving, the bad cravings will go away.
I know that when I am able to work out every day, I will sleep pretty well each night ( well, most of the time).
I know now that my confidence in myself is better than it has been in 10 years.
I know that I can accomplish whatever goal I set before me, it is just going to take a while and patience.
I know where to come when I need support, help, a gentle ear (eye), a kind heart, or a kick in the butt.
I know that I can find laughter in the humor of others as we all try together to make the best of what we are doing.

Life can be so difficult, but here on SparkPeople there is a freedom to be released from the stress that builds up. That someone will understand what I might be going through.

SparkPeople is a great organization with tremendous tools and a great support staff, both staff and volunteers.
So... on the evening of the end of the day, about the time I joined 6 months ago. I want to thank you for all the hard work you have done, to everyone who has contributed to the thousands of articles, the wealth of videos (thank you Coach Nicole for your gentle guidance through some of the hardest moves I have done in 30 years.) Thank you SparkPeople for all that you have put together -the tools, the boards, the lessons, the keys to success that you have made available to each of us. I may have only lost 7 pounds as of today, but I can walk up and down the steps without getting winded, I can walk up to 3 miles without feeling like a cripple, I can swim a mile or more (again).

I am committed, I am here and I am not going to leave.

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