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  Week of 1/24/2013 - Featured Blog Post

If SparkPeople Is So Great, Why Am I Not Thin?

There was a post on a thread recently that asked "Does anyone have a success story?" and this intrigued me and I began to think about an answer. Even though when I start thinking a lot of things can go wrong, I will let you be the judge and jury after you read this blog.

What is it about SparkPeople that works so well for so many? Good question. I am sure that many have asked that question, especially those who have made an attempt to lose weight and improve their health with limited or no success. So why is SP successful for some and not others? Here are some of my thoughts.

SparkPeople is NOT a magic pill that will dissolve weight overnight. It is nothing more than a tool and any tool, not applied with diligence and commitment, is absolutely worthless. An expensive hammer makes not a carpenter.

You know it and I know it. We must work at it every hour of every day. That being said SP is one of those rare tools where one can consistently get more out of it that is put into it. That is synergism and it comes from the great support that each member gives to the others. That is what every other program/diet lacks as far as I know. I honestly believe that without these support systems that we have, maintenance is almost doomed to failure.

I have had incredible (at least for me) success with SparkPeople. I have been on every diet imaginable and have had success in a few but NONE gave me the support system that is the hallmark of SP.

To me, the answer to my original question of why does SP work so well is, in a word, commitment. Like in a breakfast of bacon and eggs, "The chicken makes a contribution, but the pig is all in with total commitment". I decided to let SP become an obsession, how about you? So it boils down to "If itís to be, itís up to me" doesn't it? That is what works for me.

And yes, I am proud to be an evangelist for SP.

Have a great 2013 Ė ONWARD AND UPWARD.

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