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  Week of 6/27/2013 - Featured Blog Post

Look at What a Difference a Year Has Made

These pictures were taken at the same event one year apart. The first picture was a shock to me. I knew I was large , but I didn't realize I was this large! No wonder I had no energy or hope of losing weight. I started walking in June and developed a blood clot. It was a real scare for me and a wake-up call that I had to take my health seriously.

From consistently tracking what I ate and doing moderate exercise and a lot of reading uplifting and encouraging stories on SparkPeople, I have lost 130 pounds since last June. A total of 137! I have been struggling letting my head catch up with my body. I work 2 jobs, but have the summer off from both jobs and I plan to focus more on fitness and enjoying the summer with my two teenagers. I am so thankful that SparkPeople is a FREE website with SO much wonderful, valuable information and inspiring everyday people who have accomplished amazing things!

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