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  Week of 7/4/2013 - Featured Blog Post

A Letter to My Body

Dear Body,

First of all I want to thank you body thank you for sticking it out with me. I know I have done some pretty abusive things to you: break an arm at 8, and a leg at 13, baking you in the sun long hours in my 20s, not feeding you very well in my 20s as well as fad diets and crazy drugs to lose weight, but most of all thank for nurturing 2 babies so they could be healthy.

I also know I have not taken care of you as well as I should of in the past and it seems that I am making up for that now. I want to let you know I am committed to keeping you strong and healthy. I think now that I am older I will respect you more and care for you more. I know that there is a lot more at stake now that you’re aging and I know that we cannot reverse the past be we can make the future bright.

I have decided in order to keep you healthy I need to get rid of the rest of the pounds that I am asking you to carry. I asked you to carry more weight than anybody should be allowed and we have shed some of that weight, but there is more to go. WHY? Because I feel once it is gone, then we can have a bit more fun. I know we will be able to walk longer heck even jog a bit longer, and I know we will be able to ride the bike more and just be able to do more things. Yes I am going to sound selfish, but I want to wear some clothes that right now we cannot, so I feel that if we got the rest of the weight off we will be in a better place.

I will keep feeding you healthy and I will keep fitness at the top of my list. I might ask you to push a bit harder but I think you can handle it. So I am ready to let go of this last 60. Are you with me? I sure hope so, body. I know that we will be happy and proud and strong.

Hope you’re ready!

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