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  Week of 8/8/2013 - Featured Blog Post

Weight Doesn’t Really Matter

I am a 23 year old female, and recently had a conversation with two other 23 year old females. None of us is single- one friend is married, and my other friend and I are both in long term committed relationships.

I have known both of them for 10+ years. We were discussing people we went to high school with, specifically girls with eating disorders. We talked about how one girl ruined her beautiful voice from bulimia, and about how a friend has gained 30 pounds in the past two years and finally looks healthy and beautiful. One friend shared that she flirted with the idea of anorexia in high school, but it never stuck. She said, "Now, I realize that it doesn't really matter."

And when she said that, I looked at myself and realized that I finally believed it to be true.

My weight doesn't determine my worth.
My weight doesn't make me more important.
My weight doesn't have to ruin my confidence.
My weight doesn't determine what jobs I can do
My weight doesn't make me any less beautiful.

It's true.

We all agreed with that statement. I looked at us: Me, a size 12. The other, a size 6, and the third, size 0. We are quite evenly spaced. All of us are beautiful. All of us have men who love us exactly as we are. All of us are relatively healthy, and my weight being more definitely does not necessarily indicate that I am more unhealthy. We all can jog around the block a few times, but none of us could run a marathon. We are each excelling in our very different careers. We are all loving towards our families and doing things to contribute positively to our communities. We are all worthwhile. We are all beautiful. We are all important. We are all loved and accepted by our friends.

So, for the first time, I can say that this really is about being healthy for me. It really is about changing my body, but not about changing my body image. It's not about gaining more self-worth, more attention, or more acceptance.

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