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  Week of 10/31/2013 - Featured Board Post

Success! And I've Only Just Begun!

I just had to share this, really not meaning to brag. It's foremost in my life right now (besides a recent severe leg injury in a bicycle accident). It was emotional for me today and a testament to regaining control of my LIFE. Saw my doctor today...

I am on a quest to rid myself of diabetes medication therapy (over 15 years) and return to better health and fitness. In June, my PCP doc decided that mealtime insulin was necessary to control high blood sugar levels. Whoa. I said: NO. He gave me 3 months to show progress and gain control. July 1 to Oct.1. 3 months. Joined Sparkpeople.com. Set some goals and stuck with them. Daily, sometimes hourly. Online and via smartphone.

I've lost 44 pounds in 3 months. A1C from 7.9 to 5.6. Fasting morning glucose: from130 to 60 this morning. Liver panel: back to normal. BP: ideal (or even low). Cholesterol: all within the ideal ranges. 3 of 5 meds dropped. A 4th, halved. Lantus insulin at night: now 50% less. And I've only just begun.

Thank you, Sparkpeople.com. I believe in you. After years of trying and failing ... You're the only support that works.

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