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  Week of 1/2/2014 - Featured Blog Post

Shooting for the Moon in 2014

Even if I miss, I'll land among the stars. I just love that quote.

I have been in a place in my weight loss journey, where I have just kind of adopted the "I'll get there when I get there motto". I know if I do what I need to do, I will eventually get to my goal weight. I also know that life can be unpredictable and that the scale can be just as fickle! I know that sometimes, you can do everything right and the scale refuses to budge. I know that sometimes life throws you these curve balls and they knock you off your game. But at the same time I think having goals and something to work towards and look forward to is a great thing.

So I'm going to talk about my HUGE goals for 2014. I will have smaller, monthly goals throughout the year, but my hopes, dreams and goals for 2014 are as follows:

To get to my goal weight of 160 pounds! It is beyond doable to get to my goal weight this year. With the proper dedication and consistency, I can very realistically reach this goal before the end of the year, and shift into maintenance.

To learn from my mistakes. We all make mistakes, that is no secret... but it's what we do after those mistakes that count. I have made mistakes in all areas, not just weight loss. I have learned that some people don't have a place in your life, and as sad and hard as it might be, you have to let them go. I have learned the important people will fight to stay in your life, and won't walk away easily. I have learned that for me, weight loss takes a lot of focus. I have learned that if I take my eye off the prize for even a minute, my old habits creep right back in! I have learned how easily 1 "off day" can turn into 1 month off track, and I am determined to keep bad days to a minimum in 2014. I am also aware that holiday time is a rough time for many, and a very rough time for me specifically. I will have a better plan and stick to it during the holidays in 2014! I won't regain anymore than my "5 pound cushion" for the holidays. This year I gained 10 and I went into it with no planning... I learned the hard way on that one!

Other things I've learned in 2013 is that I deserve to be happy now, not later. I don't deserve to be happy once I get to my goal weight. I deserve to be happy now. I deserved to be happy 70+ pounds ago but I didn't see that at the time. I thought life would begin once I "finally lost the weight" and that's not true at all. We all deserve to be happy and enjoying life now. I also learned that my self worth and self esteem are in no way linked to my weight... and that is a very powerful feeling. :)

I have learned the support and people on SparkPeople are priceless and play a huge role in me getting to my goal weight. Even when I finally get to maintenance, I will always want to be on SparkPeople to keep up with tracking my food and my fitness... and for the wonderful people.

I may not have lost the weight I wanted to in 2013, but the things I've learned will stick with me for a lifetime. I am ready to push forward and make my dreams come true in 2014!

What did you learn in 2013 and what are your dreams and goals for 2014?

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