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  Week of 2/20/2014 - Featured Blog Post

The Big Secret of How I Lost Weight and Got Healthy

This month marks the one year anniversary of my return to SparkPeople and a commitment to do it right this time. I reached final goal this month and have transitioned to maintenance, so I wanted to recap the year’s progress. Anyone can do this, so I hope that maybe my story will encourage someone who is still thinking about doing it (as I was for 5 years previously).

Here’s what SP helped me do in 2013 (by the numbers):

Weight: 193 lbs to 120 lbs – shed 73 lbs (38%) !
BMI: 31.2 (obese) to 19.4 (healthy) !
Body Fat: 39.3% to 19.3% - cut in half !

But the best things aren’t really shown in the "numbers", and honestly I saw many of these well before I got to final goal. Seeing how just a bit of progress improved my life was so important to keeping me motivated and determined to stay on track throughout the year. Here are some of the simple things that last year were impossible for me and that I now rejoice in:

• I can run and play with my grandsons (they get tired before I do!)

• Last year, I couldn’t walk a mile without being tired, with my feet hurting and wanting to rest. This year, I ran a 5K race in April (after only 4 months) and a 10K in December. In training I have done a half marathon distance, and have a 10 miler race scheduled for March 2014. I’ve never run before in my life, and it was SP articles that gave me the idea and a dear SparkFriend, (thanks GWINNER1), who convinced me that yes, at 49 years old and 190 pounds, I could start!

• I can go up 5 flights of stairs in my office (without stopping twice or more to rest), and can actually breathe normally when I get to the top!

• I spend a lot less money on food, and actually eat a lot more than I did before I learned how to change my diet.

• I feel strong and confident in myself.

• I can do anything now!!

I’ve often been asked in the last 6 months by friends and co-workers "How did you do it?" The bottom line is that it is simple, but not easy. Here’s the big secret:

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