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  Week of 4/10/2014 - Featured Blog Post

The Six Months That Changed My Life

It's 6 months now since I made the decision to change my life. Little changes to my life and mindset add up to dramatic change.

The main changes were:

1- Trying to drink 8 cups of water daily. I'm still trying to do it everyday.
2- Tracking my daily calorie intake. When I stop tracking daily I know that I will slip soon into a plateau.
3- Daily exercise at least 10 minutes. Usually it's 30 minutes or more. Now I enjoy exercise because it has positive effect on me emotionally and physically.
4- Trying to sleep early and wake up early. Going to bed late makes me feel hungry and overeat at night.

The dramatic difference in my life:

1- I'm midway of my happy weight.
2- I track what I eat most of the time even if I don't have the tools.
3- I'm much more active.
4- I love myself.
5- I'm confident enough to meet new people.
6- I'm proud of myself.

It's time to celebrate the feeling of "I crossed halfway". You know when you are on a long journey and feel like oh! now I'm closer to my destination than where I started. When this happens you start to feel more comfortable and find it easier to reach your destination than returning back to the start line.

My goal was to:

1- Life a healthy life for 1 year, so if I can keep it for 1 year I can keep it forever.
2- Reach my happy weight 64 kg. Now I'm 80.8 kg. I lost 17 kg.

Now I'm sure that I can do it. I'd like to thank all my SparkFriends for giving me their hands of support to stand up again and complete my way.

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