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  Week of 5/14/2009 - Featured Blog Post

What a Difference 18 Months Makes!

18 months ago, in search of the next wonder weight loss product, I found SparkPeople. I jumped on board since after all, I had tried just about everything there was on the market. Not giving it much thought at first, I started to read the emails that were sent out. After about a mouth of that I decided I needed to take a better look at this and maybe it would be different.

In the mean time I had developed a roll of film from a friendís party and there it was the picture of my backside that dropped me to me knees. It was the eye opener that I needed to find a way and take control of my life. I can say I did not know I had gotten that big because my scale could not weigh past 300 pounds. To see it there in my face was a feeling to this day that I canít explain. How had I let my life get that out of control that I had done this to myself? But none of that mattered anymore. What did matter was how I was going to change it.

The road that I have walked in the past 18 months has not always been an easy one. I have fallen on my face and picked myself back up and when I could not do it on my own, my friends here on SparkPeople lent me a helping hand. I fell off the wagon and the wagon ran my butt over. It took me a few months after that one to get back on track again but I did it.

More than anything my soul and heart has been healed for the first time in my life. I no longer feel numb to society and the world around me. I look at my family and friends with a new found love and inspiration. I will always put my heart on my sleeve and take things to heart, but the anger that I once felt has melted away.

On my journey I have been asked if I would have been as successful without SparkPeople. I would have made it the first few months, but never would I have pushed forward and made it over all the bumps and potholes to find myself in the position that I am in today. SparkPeople has given me the tools, support and most of all the friends to push myself and do what I thought would always be impossible.

As I continue my journey, I embrace the challenges that I may face and the friends that I will meet along the way.

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