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  Week of 6/18/2009 - Featured Board Post

A Perma Grin

The other day I went shopping, and I don't think my feet were touching the ground when I left. I have a strange facial thing happening ...I think it's called perma grin.

I used to hate shopping. Dressing rooms were depressing and I used to wish they'd light them by candlelight so I couldn't really see what would depress me. Now I love shopping, I love trying on clothes and the fun of wondering what size I am now.

The thing that put the perma grin on my face was when I tried on a pair of (no way will these fit) size nine jeans. Low- and-behold, not only did they fit, but I looked amazing in them (if I do say so myself)! My family flipped out too when they saw me.

Ever since then I've been just ...I don't know quite how to express it. Befuddled, gobsmacked, standing in abject wonder. How did this happen? Why was I able to lose the weight this time, but was never very successful all those other years? I really don't know exactly. What I do know is that I owe a huge debt of gratitude to so many wonderful girls on SparkPeople who have encouraged me and motivated me, challenged me. Made me laugh some days when I felt like crying.

I had a friend ask me how could I stay motivated losing so slowly and the best answer I could give her was somehow my focus had gone from the scale to fitness goals, nutrition goals and really rocking the monthly challenges on my SparkTeam. Over time, I realized how I was losing weight over a months time not each week. So I just got comfortable with the ups and downs of the scale, knowing in another month it would show a 3-4 pound loss.

I'm doing so many more things now. I run, I swim, and the other day I was doing flips on a trampoline! I discovered that at 44 I can still do running cartwheels. Woo Hoo! I feel like a kid again! It just totally blows my mind. I'm so happy as I write this I feel tears threatening...but they are good tears that flow while I'm still wearing this perma grin.

If I can do this, anyone can- and you can enjoy the journey. It's so much more than weight loss or how you look. It is literally a life transformation.

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