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  Week of 9/10/2009 - Featured Board Post

50 Pounds!

4 months ago I decided I was tired of being the "big guy". 4 months ago I hated going to the beach. I hated the pool. Hated summer all together because it was hot and I hated to sweat. My kids were lazy, my wife was lazy, and I was an absolute sloth.

Fast forward to yesterday. The family got up at 8:00. We made an awesome breakfast of hard boiled eggs, turkey bacon, chopped up fruit and a tomato-n-celery juice. We then swam for three hours at the pool. I played tug a war with 15 kids (I won.) Then me and the boys went for a 10 mile bike ride. We walked to the grocery store for some small items (about a mile away). I ended my Sunday with a 40 minute jog.

If you asked me 4 months ago what I would be doing on 8/23/2009, I would have said I would be watching ESPN, playing video games and resting up for my work week. In 4 months my life has changed, my family's life has changed. We are eating healthier, we are living our lives!!!

SparkPeople has been such an amazing boost to me changing my life around. These amazing people have boosted me in ways I never thought strangers could do. I look forward to logging in every day. I look forward to my bi-weekly weigh-ins and my monthly measurement session.

I am 50 lbs lighter!!! I am 1/2 way to my ideal weight (220/230.) To all my friends here and all those that have supported me, THANKS!!!! THANKS!!!! THANKS!!!!!!

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