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  Week of 12/3/2009 - Featured Board Post

Be The Spark!

If you had asked me last Valentine's Day if I thought I could lose 50 pounds by Halloween I would have said, "NO WAY!"

Well here it is, 3 days before Halloween, and indeed I have dropped 50 pounds! This has been an amazing journey with my husband, who has now lost 72 pounds.

Last Valentine's Day we promised each other that we would lose the excess weight and get fit and healthy for our retirement, which is now less than 2 years away. That promise has turned into a new way of life that we both love. We eat better, we exercise more and we've taken up a new hobby that keeps us moving together.

I can't believe the support and motivation I get here with all my SparkPeople friends. I read the blogs and teams posting daily for my motivational pep talk. I use the SP tools to record every thing we eat and all of our fitness activity. Throughout this process, I've become a better chef and a nutrition label reader for the first time in my life. I've created a number of low calorie, nutritious, recipes which I've now shared on SparkRecipes.com. Our family and friends are amazed at the changes they are seeing. So much so that two of them have also joined SparkPeople.

We still have many miles to walk and pounds to drop before we reach our goal weight. But, if you ask me now if I can lose 50 pounds by Independence Day, the answer is, "YES, I CAN!"

Be the Spark!

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