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  Week of 1/7/2010 - Featured Board Post

I Lost Weight And Was Happy Doing It

I think the second part is a bigger accomplishment for me than the first. When I visited my doctor on November 15, I weighed 176. He said I was otherwise in excellent health, but suggested I try and lose some weight.

I have a long history of food issues and thus I was afraid to "diet" again. So, I decided to just start eating healthier--whole grains, lots of produce, no processed foods, cooking at home. And I made yoga and regular exercise a priority.

Also, I've been religiously using SparkPeople to help guide me - the nutrition and fitness trackers, my personal blog, the Message Boards, the articles . . . the whole site.

Today, December 22, I weighed in at 165.9! But, more importantly, I feel healthy and strong, full of energy and hope and extremely positive. I feel like I've broken the cycle of deprivation/overeating that I was stuck in for so many years. That means more to me than the ten pounds. We'll see what's next for me.

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