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  Week of 1/14/2010 - Featured Board Post


You are here - there is a reason. You are here - you want something better.
You are here - you have a chance.
Take it - grasp it and hold on with all your might.
There will be reasons why you can't - but for every one there is a reason why you will.

Move forward. Be better today. More active, eat smarter, be proud of yourself. One hour at a time adds up to a day, days at a time will equal a week - the weeks will blend - good habits take hold - results will show - it is hard to see 12 weeks from now - but I am here to tell you it's worth it - so are many others.

There are ups and downs, plateaus and set backs - these come with change. But a formerly obese 50 year old spent 75 minutes on the treadmill today and then did his strength training. He had a well proportioned healthy breakfast, half a turkey sandwich and a salad for lunch, fruit for a snack (not a fruit snack) and is planning a dinner of grilled fish, a vegetable, a salad and an English muffin. Friends - that is evolutionary - it took 3 months to take hold - but 23 months later it still works.

Why post this here? Hope.

You are facing a tough challenge - but tough is very different than impossible. You will face difficulties, uncooperative family members, time issues, self doubt, years of bad habits - but look to those here who are winning the battle - they faced down those difficulties and often use them as motivation.

Need help -ask for it. Want to succeed - find your motivation - write it down - think of it every time you are tempted. This is about a better lifestyle not a diet. Diets don't work - but a better approach to eating combined with more and sustained activity can change your life. The resources are here, the support is here.

Lastly don't be afraid - anything you do is likely better than what you have been doing - be a little better every day - fear will defeat the process.

You can do this - and no one can do it for you.

Grab the hope - hold on tight. Start your improvements and then reach out and help someone else.

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