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  Week of 6/3/2010 - Featured Blog Post

100 Pound Loss Maintained For 4 Months!

This year has been really stressful I have gained and lost the same 10 pounds again and again, but 100+ pounds are still gone. My last derailment was only one meal. I ate 400 calories of ice cream for lunch, yep that is right but the rest of the day I was right on target and stayed in my calorie range. I didn't eat the whole thing! I am making so much progress I just want to pinch myself.

I pass by a mirror and catch a glimpse and smile. Yep that is me! I see my shadow as I walk and it is slimmer than it was a year ago. I am wearing my daughter's clothes! We are talking about combining a closet in the guest room then we can just go grab what we want to wear and not have to continually go to the others room (hers is upstairs).

Have I finished my journey? No way! I still have 30 or so pounds to go. Do I stay perfect everyday? That is a laugh and a half! What I have done, is realize I am not a perfect person.

I learn daily what doesn't work and keep working at it until I figure out what does work for me. My emotions still get out of control, but I am learning how to get back in control and find other ways to channel them, like exercising or finding something to do with my hands so they can't stuff my face! LOL

Choices are what it is all about. I can choose to go out and eat and go over my calories, or have something that it is higher calorie, but then I choose the next day to resume my healthy lifestyle I have embraced! My grandchildren will never remember an obese grandma!

I could never have achieved it without the loving support and encouragement of all the wonderful friends I have met along the way here on SparkPeople. I also made the time to learn what I could from this amazing website that is free to all.

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