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  Week of 7/1/2010 - Featured Board Post

The Light Bulb Just Went On

After 4 weeks (and 15 lbs. lost), I've begun to recognize all the little decisions I make during the day, and how I let my bad habits dictate my decisions before. I now freely choose to "eat this and not that", and when and how to exercise (instead of watching TV). These new ways are not quite yet (good) habits -- it takes a true decision still to do the right thing -- but the fact that I am choosing to make these decisions is pretty cool. And, now I've decided, that while it's too hot outside to go walk the dog, I will go to the gym and work on the treadmill. Thanks SparkPeople.

PS: My son just graduated from high school yesterday. I am so proud of him. I was asked if that made me feel old. I don't. I feel younger every time I tie on my running shoes and with every pound of fat I take off of my back (or belly).

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