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   Being around other positive people that are in great shape

Getting into a personal zone where I feel strong and productive

  Getting to know more about my body and how I can mentally push myself
   Going outside for some fresh air and fun
   Fearless Adventurer

High Achiever

  Social Butterfly
   Crusader for Causes

   I’ve gained more understanding about my body’s ability to change the way I feel

I had a good sweat but mostly just enjoyed the time I spent working out

  I can disappear from the hectic pace of my day and get away for a while by exercising
   I beat a personal record and my muscles are so fatigued I look forward to sitting down for a while
   Put a team together to get it completed

Jump in and start working on it right away by myself

  Get away from my desk and think about it for a while till the thoughts gel into a plan
   Begin thinking about ways to do it differently than anyone has done it before
   Make a change by doing something totally different and stop thinking about it

Find somebody I can vent with and get their perspective

  Put in some extra time and try to straighten it out

Write in my journal or take a walk by myself to sort out what’s bothering me


Hang Gliding



   Weight Lifting

   Spend the days exploring and looking at the beautiful surroundings

Take advantage of the situation to test my survival skills

  Hope I find that someone else is stranded with me
   Try to stay busy and productive
   Challenge myself physically to reach a high or peak fitness level

Play some fun sports and meet new people

  Burn the fat and calories off in as many different ways as I can
   Feel better and lower my stress

   Passion and energy

Sharing with others


Having a plan so you know where you’re going

   Balance and peacefulness
   Clothes that complement my style and make me look good

Your basic shorts, t-shirt and athletic shoes

  Sweats and loose fitting comfortable clothes
   The latest cool stuff (i.e., shoes, gear, waterproof shell) for people really into fitness