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Team announcements are posted by Team Leaders to share important information, keep the team organized, and more.

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Spread the Spark!

Spreading The Spark

SP Staff are asking for our help in Spreading The Spark. Here are 5 ways how to do it:

1. Share the SparkPeople Badge on Facebook, Pinterest and/or Twitter. Just click the link to easily tell your social media friends that you're reaching your goals with SparkPeople!

2. Follow SparkPeople on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and/or Tumblr. Every time you interact with SP (like, reply, comment, retweet or repin something they post) is another chance your friends will find out about SparkPeople!

SparkPeople on Facebook

SparkPeople on Twitter

SparkPeople on Pinterest

SparkPeople on Tumblr

3. Earn 10 SparkPoints for each friend you refer to join SparkPeople. Visit SP's Tell A Friend page to get a custom URL you can share with anyone. If they join the site from your URL, you get 10 SparkPoints per person!

4. Buy SP's new DVD at Target. The newly released 'Total Body Sculpting with Coach Nicole' is their highest-rated DVD to date: Nothing but 5 stars on amazon, plus endorsements from top fitness magazines calling it "one of the year's best."

"We are so excited that Target chose to stock our DVD on their shelves from among hundreds of available DVDs this year! This lets all kinds of new people discover SparkPeople by discovering it at Target! But they'll only keep it in the stores if it sells well, so if you're thinking about buying it, don't hesitate to run to your nearest Target store to purchase it. (Look for it in the sporting goods section, not with the movies.) As a bonus, you'll get 250 SparkPoints for your purchase—but only when you get it at a Target store." ( Note: Target starts opening stores in Canada early this year! See local areas for announcements.)

5. Just tell someone! Simply tell someone—anyone—about your goals this year and how you're using SparkPeople to reach them. Call a friend. Send an email. Tell your co-worker. Just spread the word. When you tell people about your goals and how you're doing, research shows that you're more likely to reach them. And when you have people join you, your odds of success are even greater. To make it easy, SP has email templates, printable flyers and even printable "business" cards that you can share!

For full details, see

Thank You!!!
11:11 AM

Blog Page Changes

Blog Page Changes
Blog Changes
From the Spark folks:

Hi everyone,

We launched some small tweaks to our SparkPage and member blogs pages this week. We changed the top of the page to:
- Move the SparkPeople menu items (My Trackers, Healthy Lifestyle, etc) to the top
- Added member profile pics to the top
- Add your SparkPoints count and trophy to the top

We made these changes to make the pages look cleaner and to make the page more about our members and less about SparkPeople. Our studies show that people who use the Community are MUCH more successful, so we love making continuous improvements to the Community whenever possible.

If you have any comments or questions please let us know!

Dave H.