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Team Announcements

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Low Carbing with Atkins (All LC Plans Welcome!)

Team announcements are posted by Team Leaders to share important information, keep the team organized, and more.

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7:02 AM

October Challenge! Its Tricks and Treats...

Let's have some fun ... share a recipe or a tip!
8:14 AM

Recipe Enhancements

Spark has great new recipe enhancements. SparkRecipes Enhancements: Better Search, Serving Sizes, Photos and More
5:59 AM

Join our Super Foods or the Green and Tasty discussions!

What a Super foods? These are foods that go beyond meeting basic nutritional needs, provide multiple disease-fighting nutrients, and will help you maintain your weight, fight disease, and live longer.
Or join the "Q: What's low-carb, green, tasty and in-season?" discussion!
8:13 AM

A new You....

A new YOU ....
What direction would the team members like to see our team go? Would you like some challenges? games? more recipes? Its your team ...

5:36 AM

SparkTeam design changes coming this week!

The main changes are:
- Moving a number of features to the right of the page, to bring the Forums higher up the page. We moved the Huddle plus Announcements/Photos/Links/Blogs to the right, plus moved the team leader listing and team fitness minute and SparkPoint totals.
- On the right we have a new "Team Stream" pulling in blogs announcements, photos, and links together. By default people will see all of these together, but have the option to filter to see one at a time (like just see all Huddles). This Team Stream will scroll down the page.
- We also put all the leader action links (Send SparkMail to Team, Edit team, etc) into one place at the top of the page.
- This new right side of the page will also be on all the team Forum pages, making the Forums and Threads feel more part of the team experience.