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Wii Fit Challenge

Team announcements are posted by Team Leaders to share important information, keep the team organized, and more.

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1:08 PM

Have You Got The Time For a February Challenge?

Hi! I have the February Have You Got The Time challenge posted. This one can be a good combination with other challenges you might be participating in or use this one alone to help you track your fitness this month. Come check it out:
12:21 PM

GADGETGEEK Reached 100+ Hours

Way to go, GADGETGEEK! She has accumulated over 100 hours in her Wii Fit Bank. That's a lot of good Wii'ing.

Too see all the members of our Turn of the Century Club - Fit Bank High Achievers, check out this thread. Be sure to let me know if you qualify to be added to this elite group.
7:37 PM

Do you know anyone with 700+ hours on their Wii Fit?

Yes, you do... it is our team member, GRAMMAMARY. She surpassed 700 hours of Wii Fit time on May 2nd. Way to go, GRAMMMARY!!!

If you want to see our list of members who have over 100 hours in their Wii Fit bank, check out this thread:

If you have reached 100+ hours on Wii Fit, and are not already in our Hall of Fame (at above link), just let me know and I'll gladly add you.
1:45 PM

Best Spark Team

Thought I'd test out this new announcement feature by announcing the winner of the Best SparkPeople Team award...And the winner is us!!! Wii Fit Challenge!! Okay, so maybe we had an unfair advantage since I didn't ask anyone's opinion and the only team in the running was us...but that's okay. I decided we could declare ourselves all winners.