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Team Announcements

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Managing Your Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure

Team announcements are posted by Team Leaders to share important information, keep the team organized, and more.

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6:29 AM

We would like to hear from you

Introduce yourself to the Managing Your Cholesterol & HBP
7:43 PM

We would like to hear from you

Introduce yourself to the Managing Your Cholesterol & HBP
3:13 PM

Welcome all new members

We are pleased to announce we have several new members that have joined our team. Thank you all and I hope you enjoy your stay.

4:09 AM

Exercise your mind with Mind Tease – a new game!

We all could use a little mind tease here and there. Join the new game on the forum and lets see what great minds can come up with.
3:31 PM

SPARK Help Needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to help…I want to work with you…I want to engage in conversation, but I can only do that if you allow me to. If you do not take part it leaves me little to do. You joined a team to be part of it. You joined a team to share information and find out information. How do we get this out there and how do we communicate if you do not take part? Please give me suggestions. Do you just want to have articles posted? Are you looking in on any of the input or are you just joining and ignoring it all together?

Please help us to make this a successful team by joining and taking part in the conversations. If you have a more interesting topic let us know I will be happy to take part in any topic you want to discuss. Come on team lets spark up this membership and work on it together to make it a worthy team to belong to.

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