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3:30 PM


I previously had this same message as a FYI thread, but I want to make sure that if anyone missed it and didn't know what the "VISIT ME PLEASE" thread was about, I wanted to add it as a Team announcement as well so more of you have a chance to know what it's about and how to use it!

I was thinking that we share how we feel by emoticon and even through the huddle! about a new thread that will be added to the last section on our Team page titled "VISIT ME!"

If you would like a little EXTRA boost of motivation or support, a request for a prayer due to things that are going on in your life, you are not feeling well, or just feel like you could use a fun and friendly hi and hello to brighten your day, let us know through that thread and we can visit your page and leave a little hug, a smile, a "you can do it", or any sort of friendly show of care. Be it through a comment or the passing along of a goodie to you to show that we're here for you and each other every day and, especially, when we need it the most!

As to how to post your request for us to visit your page, you can do however feels most comfortable for you. An example could be, "I'm feeling super stressed", OR "I'm having surgery next week"; OR "I need extra motivation to stay on track!". I hope I'm explaining it okay, as the thoughts are going through my mind as to when we all could use a little extra help and support-- be it due to health, family, staying on track with your exercises and food choices, life -- you name it. We're here for ya!

So, please, everyone, when you see another friend's request for a visit to their page on the "VISIT ME" thread, let's keep our wonderful friendships going and try to visit your friend's page and share the care.

PLUS-- I want to remind everyone that I'm only an email away. There are days, due to my family life, work schedule, etc., that it may take me a day or so to reply --- BUT --- I'm here for you and you can lean on my shoulder any time and let me know if there is any way I can help you! Be it due to "stress", "family issues", "health", "support", etc., and you feel more comfortable keeping it on a one-to-one basis.

Also, another reminder---we have a "BUDDY REQUEST" thread in our General Discussion Section that is a few pages down, so you may need to scroll down through a few pages to find it (sorry 'bout that -- new threads push the older threads down the line of topics) but, if you need a Diet Buddy to help you stay on track, please feel free to post to that thread and ask if someone would like to be your Diet Buddy. When we originally started the thread, it was so great! Someone asked for a Diet Buddy, and it didn't take long and another friend replied that they would love to be a Diet Buddy with the other and it worked out great!

So, I think I've left my fingers ramble long enough emoticon
but, as some of you know, that's me! I just want to make sure that I've covered areas and ways that we can all keep going toward that goal--in weight, happiness and, most of all, overall great Health!

emoticon and emoticon for making this a fun and great group of friends! We couldn't do it without each other!
11:39 AM


Alot of new posts/games have been added, so don't forget to hit that "SEE OTHER TOPICS" -- and scroll down and see what else has been posted for you to have fun, learn from and enjoy!!!

Luv ya guys -- And, I want this to be the greatest Group of Friends!! And, I think WE HAVE IT!!
9:44 PM


I added a Team Index under the LAST SECTION ON OUR TEAM PAGE (SUPPORT,Q&A, MISC.) that lists the topics that our Group offers and I hope that it makes it easier for everyone to find a post that they are interested in and can be of great benefit to them. It can also be of super help in finding additional posts that you maybe didn't even know were there! I'm doing everything possible I can to help you find the info and have the fun on the games, etc., that we offer, all while going for that goal! So, check it out and see what you think. Also, as new posts are added dealing with the "biggees", I'll edit the Index and try to keep it up-to-date for you. Just look for *****TEAM INDEX*****! It's there for your use, help and reference, -- as I love to help my friends -- and each and every one of you are just that -- my super and wonderful friends! Luv ya all! And have a great week!!

The direct link to the TEAM INDEX is: