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Skin Cancer

Team announcements are posted by Team Leaders to share important information, keep the team organized, and more.

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7:35 PM

New Team Leader!

As of this Thanksgiving 2010, I will start to become occupied with a new phase in life: I am pregnant. I expect to become more and more busy and then I will have my hands full. Thus, since I will be busy and won't be on here as often, I am welcoming Sadiemay as an additional Team Leader to join me in this forum. Welcome Sadiemay!
10:09 PM

A New Administrator Needed to Take Over!

Hi ladies,
I am resigning from my Administrator website here and need someone to take my place (because they allow you to do it). I am just pregnant this week and found out and looks like I will be getting busy and busier. Is there anyone interested in taking over this website?

PS: My Dad went to a dermatologist and the doctor found two moles that needed to be removed from him. The doc did confirm that my abnormal moles on my back and skin cancer is hereditary and Dad found out he has the genes for it to pass it onto me.