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Team announcements are posted by Team Leaders to share important information, keep the team organized, and more.

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6:25 PM

new co-leader!

I just wanted to introduce myself as a new co-leader of the Superfoods team! First a couple things about me. I am a Registered Nurse and Superfoods have always intriqued me as a health care provider and over the last couple of years have redefined my eating though weight loss was not the number#1 focus. I recently started going back to school for nutrition which my goal is to become a nutritional consultant for my cardiac and oncology patients. I know this team is based on a book and I have read it a couple years ago but I am really going to focus on Superfoods in general.
We also need to revive this team, Where is my defibillator???? Kiddding aside I would like to see what you would like to see in the team, challenges, information on superfoods ect. I am going to start a challenge to begin this monday to get us ready for thanksgiving and the holidays more news to follow.
9:49 AM

Superfood of the Week

I've started a feature to highlight a different superfood each week. The current food will be stickied to the top of the forum. I didn't want to give the threads a date because over time, we will be revisiting the foods. Please post recipes, nutrition, and other facts you want to share about the food in the thread.