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Evening Eating Sabotage Myself Frustration ..Help!

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1:28 PM

Remember: New Team Picture Nov. 1

The warning is so no one loses the team! Chris
8:45 AM

Beat another team! We can do this!

How do you control Late Night eating?

Another team has 54 of these listed!

We can beat that, can't we! Chris
1:13 PM

New! See .....Challenge Myself! in this team's Challenge Forum

This challenge is personally designed for and by YOU!
What ONE BEHAVIOR might you change to help yourself?

Not eating breakfast?
Not planning your day ahead of time?
Not drinking enough water?
Not having healthy food in the house?
Having unhealthy foods in the house? No one needs these!
Soda habit?
Sugar habit?
Salt habit?
Blaming yourself?
Ignoring your own needs?
Poor time management?
Physical limitations that need a different way to be successful? Example: legs hurt. Solution: Get a rolling kitchen stool.
Not making boundaries with others. Feeling guilty if you don't do what others demand?
Needing some fun in your life?


Be specific about the behavior you want to do.
NOT: Eat less. BETTER: Measure my portions.
NOT: No evening eating. BETTER: Lights off in the kitchen
after a certain time.
NOT: My husband won't support me. BETTER: I feel bad when you offer me doughnuts. Please offer me things like fruits, a ready-made salad from a local restaurant, a lo cal yogurt, etc.

Now please go post a doable challenge to be done in 3 days or 4 days or 7 days! Enjoy! Try it, you'll like it!

Don't forget your reward!

12:14 PM

A Contest! Beat Another Team! See "What Works?" in this team's forums

In our forum I have put up A Contest*.

By now, after having this Evening Eating Team in place for a full year,what have we learned? emoticon Your great ideas are scattered through the team posts. emoticon
I'd like to collect these tips in one forum. emoticon Please number the ideas consecutively--
even if you write more than one idea on a post. Add as many tips as you want. emoticon
emoticon But please number them.....THANKS!!!!

I have noticed another team has listed Ways to stop Midnight Cravings. Stopping Evening Eating is sort of like that--well evenings instead of Midnight! But the methods would be the same,

You guys have come up with great ways that you help yourselves manage your Evening Eating.

*This is , of course, a contest among ourselves. I just labeled it a CONTEST to spur you on! Are you hooked? I hope so! The other team does not know I set this up. Can we come up with over 60 ideas? Sure we can!

6:33 AM

Try the team forum games. Try it, you'll like it!

I am loving this forum. I go through the suggestions and it gives me good feelings and makes me feel positive!

A to Z positive, happy, energetic, 'up' words..

And there are other 'games' there, too.

You can Create a topic, too, to add your own fun game.