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Crock Pot Cooking & Recipes

Team announcements are posted by Team Leaders to share important information, keep the team organized, and more.

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3:17 PM

On a Spark Break to Move

I will miss you all but am moving, and won't be checking in or responding until approximately June 8th. I'm also doing two other major life changes at the same time. So keep up the good work and the good spirit, and have a wonderful June!
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5:30 AM

Inspirational, Motivational, or Just Funny

Hi All,

If anyone has a short video, blog, You Tube, or inspirational slideshow to share, that is humourous, inspirational, or motivational, please post it on this thread. Examples are funny animals, inspirational SparkMember vlogs, Team Hoyt, etc (see more examples on the thread).

Thanks alot! Carol
7:59 PM

Vegetarian Crock Pot Recipes

There is a vegetarian thread located here:

Click on it and start at the bottom of the post, I think you'll like the content. Please add vegetarian crock pot recipes to it, for the benefit of all team members, whenever you find them.
1:36 PM

Pantry Challenge

We're having a Pantry Challenge. The purpose is to eat down our pantries, shop at home first, save lots of money, use up what we have, and be better managers of what we have and our stockpiles. In the process we'll Spring Clean our kitchen cabinets, shelves, freezers, pantry, cellars, canned goods, and any foodstuffs we've squirreled away regardless of location. We'll share goals, recipes, ideas of how to use up stuff, and bounce questions off of each other. You can join at any time, just drop in it's never too late. Here's the link: