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Let's go Hiking

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7:30 PM

And now the Groom's blog

Thank you Victoria (HIKETOHEIGHTS) for sending me this link to I can pass it on to the rest of the team.

How about one for the groom too? Greg is an avid hiker who credits Spark for his healthy weight loss and bride. Here is his blog & remember to click "I LIKE THIS BLOG" and hopefully we can get Greg a most popular blog award.
7:14 PM

The Let's Go Hiking Team & Spaniel Lovers Team have been joined by marriage!

I got this link from one of our memebers, HIKETOHEIGHTS (Victoria), and wanted to pass it on. Stop by the blog and give the happy couple a big congrats AND click on the "I LIKE THIS BLOG", let's try to get them the best blog award.

Our dear Spark friends Jan from the Spaniel Lovers team and Greg from the Let's go Hiking team are married. Join me in congratulating them on her blog. I am hoping for a best blog award as a wedding gift from the Spaniels & Hiking teams along with the whole Spark Family!