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Team Announcements

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Late In Life Mommies

Team announcements are posted by Team Leaders to share important information, keep the team organized, and more.

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8:41 PM

New Mini Challenge schedule

Sunday, 3/6:kathcurt (Kathryn)
Monday, 3/7:Julie (Juliemnnng)
Tuesday,3/8:Vicki (vickicookyoung)
Wednesday, 3/9: Myrtelboo
Thursday, 3/10: Ann (Spudprincess)
Friday, 3/11: Janet (DeterminedJanet)
Saturday, 3/12: Cooknkel (Kelly)

We will keep those days each week until we want a new challenge.
2:24 PM

Daily mini-challenge for Lose 10 challenge sign-ups

Hi Mom's!

Here is the list of Mom's who wanted to help out in our mini-challenge. I will repeat your name depending on how many Mom's sign up. I am not sure if I can edit this or not (then I will repost it) but check here for your name!

Monday, 2/21: Christie
Tuesday, 2/22: Vicki (vickicookyoung)
Wednesday, 2/23: Myrtelboo
Thursday, 2/24: Ann (Spudprincess)
Friday, 2/25: Janet (DeterminedJanet)
Saturday, 2/26:Cooknkel (Kelly)
Sunday, 2/27:kathcurt (Kathryn)
Monday, 2/28:Julie (Juliemnnng)
Tuesday,3/1:Vicki (vickicookyoung)
Wednesday, 3/2: Myrtelboo
Thursday, 3/3: Ann (Spudprincess)
Friday, 3/4: Janet (DeterminedJanet)

Now we will begin the rotations since so many Mom's want a try at it! If you are interested...let me know...we are going to do this together!

Saturday, 3/5/11 MommaBof7 (Christina)
Sunday, 3/6/11 ????????
12:43 PM

Sister Site to SP for Finances

New sister site to SparkPeople for finances!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Hi everyone

We've very excited to announce our newest site, . At SparkSavings we have modified the goal setting and achievement approach from SparkPeople to help members with personal finance and savings goals!

At SparkSavings you can:
- Create and maintain a monthly budget
- Track your daily expenses to measure against your budget
- Set savings goals and track your savings
- Get great personal finance articles and calculators
- Interact on message boards and Teams dedicated to personal finance

We launched SparkSavings for a few reasons. The first is that many members have identified money as a reason for causing emotional eating and other issues with their healthy lifestyle program. Another is that we know that when you set and achieve goals in one area of your life, like health, you are more likely to set and reach goals in other areas. This "criss-cross effect" can help in many ways, including saving so you can spend your money on what makes you happiest!

Since we feel SparkSavings can help all our members in one way or another we are giving 25 SparkPoints for checking the site out. Just visit SparkSavings and fill out your monthly budget to get your points. This new SparkPoints task is listed at the bottom of the "One Time Challenges" section of SparkPoints. As with our other sites such as dailySpark and SparkRecipes you can use your same login at SparkSavings.

Finally, if you have any questions or suggestions for SparkSavings we suggest you visit and post to the Site/Technical Help Forum
oard_topics.asp?imboard=171 at SparkSavings.

Dave H.
3:22 PM

New Friend Feed Features!

You can now scroll through more than 1 page on your friend feed. Down at the bottom there is a Next button where you can go back a few pages.

You can also subscribe to replies on your friend feed. If you leave a comment on someone's status, you can click to receive other replies to that same comment.
12:22 PM

Celebrations & Prayers

Two new threads have been added for our team on this first day of 2010.

1) Celebrations can be found under the New Members category but is for all members to enjoy. Add your birthdays, anniversaries and special events that you'd like to share. I will try to keep tabs on them through other threads!

2) Storm the Heavens is back, but this time it is located under "Fitness, Nutrition & Wellness." This is a place where we can hold each other up in prayer whether it is a request or a praise!