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Busy Bees in College

Team announcements are posted by Team Leaders to share important information, keep the team organized, and more.

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11:58 AM

Challenges of July have been decided!!!

July's Big and Little Challenges have been decided,pleace check out the official challenge message boards so that you know what they are! Please give feedback, does it work or not? What steps are you taking to participate in the challenge? Remember that we start thinking of new challenges during the third week of every month, and decide on the next months challenge during the last week of the previous month.
Let's keep up the good work!!!
11:54 AM

New Members!!!

We have 5 new members! Go team! New members please introduce yourselves on our New Members message board, and check out the challenges and goals! Old members welcome our new teamates and keep on inviting people to join!
12:26 PM

#2 on Spark America Student Groups Leader Board!!!!

Hey guys we in 2nd place on the Spark America Student groups Leader Board , 1st place is College Girls, let's keep up the good work earning those spark points!!!! A good place to earn some is to check out the articles, and polls on College Living under Healthy Living Resources, on spark people of course.

Let's go team!!! emoticon
11:43 AM

New Team Leader!

Curlyfrynati is the new team leader!