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55+ Females

Team announcements are posted by Team Leaders to share important information, keep the team organized, and more.

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8:01 PM

September Streak Challenge

You are invited to join the 55+ Female Teamís September Streak Challenge.

For the September Streak Challenge this is what you do.

1. Respond to this thread and say what activity you will be tracking for the September Streak.
2. If you will be using Spark People to track your streak, then set up the activity on your streak tracker.
3. Report back every Monday and let us know how you are doing with your streak and also if you are experiencing a crisscross effect (unexpected positive outcomes from your streak).
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5:22 PM

member of the week

This week we have chosen Miss viv because she is always there to answer a question, help a member and make suggestions. Viv we salute you as member of the week.
5:05 PM

Track on iPod or iPhone!

Not near your computer?
Have a busy schedule?
We can track away from home with modern gizmos!
So ... check out this link and see if it can be useful to you.
Yes, it's a "link", but this is also an "Announcement" of a wonderful new tool to use (well, IF you have a guizmo, that is!)
9:44 PM

Copywrite reminder

Coach Jen wrote the following, which I pass on:

"Hi Everyone!

Recently we've had a number of issues with members posting copyrighted information- primarily in their blogs. The original authors have been contacting us, asking that their work be removed, or properly cited, or in some instances they want to be paid for the fact that someone else is using it.

As a reminder:

If you are going to post something on the boards or in your blog that someone else has written, you need to credit the source. Our policy is that you can post a few sentences and then you need to link to the source so that people can read the rest of it. You should not be posting an entire article, for instance, and if you are going to post something you always need to cite it."

Some people make their livelihood writing...creating. So we do need to remember to give them credit when allowed to use their words... or to note when they request people not use their material.
10:33 AM

challenge yourself

I think that you ladies know yourself better than I do so this challenge is all about you. Pick your own challenges...something that you really need to do. For now, I thought it would be a good challenge. Don't think I won't be back with another challenge later though. I just need to figure out what you all need. hugs, Pam