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  • 1/15/17 - Happy National Strawberry Ice Cream Day!

    1/15/2017 9:08:53 AM, by MUSIKAT62

    This was always one of my favorites. I always preferred the fruit flavored ice creams over chocolate. I know, how could I? Now I eat fruit flavored yogurt instead. There are some good frozen yogurt flavors out there that can fill the craving. what's your favorite? ... Read more

  • 1/14/2017 - Happy National Dress Up Your Pet Day!

    1/14/2017 10:19:54 AM, by MUSIKAT62

    I can't say I'm an advocate of dressing up pets. I can see the use if it is really cold to let them wear a sweater or something. That being said, some of them are so darn cute dressed up it is hard to hate it. The farthest I've ever gone is my cat has a bell collar for Christmastime. This one in ... Read more

  • 1/13/2017 - National Blame Someone Else Day!

    1/14/2017 10:15:40 AM, by MUSIKAT62

    I missed posting this yesterday cause I was blaming myself for so many things and my depression got the best of me. I find I blame myself for my faults and everyone elses. I always feel like I can fix what's wrong with them. It is one of the things I need to work on.... Read more

  • 1/12/2017 - Happy Kiss a Ginger Day!

    1/12/2017 10:08:44 AM, by MUSIKAT62

    I have to say this has special meaning to me. I am a natural redhead so hopefully this should be a good day for me. I also have 2 ginger colored cats who are spoiled alllll the time. If you have a redhead in your circle, show them some love today.... Read more


    1/11/2017 9:24:50 PM, by WWREFUGEE1942

    My sad story. I wanted to upgrade all of my software. I thought it would be a fine Christmas present to myself. I've used most of my software for years. Microsoft's Movie Maker is going obsolete this money and Microsoft Web Expressions has been obsolete for years. So I thought I would lik... Read more

  • 1/11/2017 - Happy National Secret Pal Day!

    1/11/2017 9:52:13 AM, by MUSIKAT62

    As the old song said, "thank you for being a friend". We all need friends to survive. Not necessarily physically, although it does play a part, but psychologically they are invaluable. I work from home but have many on line friends for support. Then I have my church friends for support in person. ... Read more

  • 1/10/17 - Happy National Peculiar People Day!

    1/10/2017 10:10:24 AM, by MUSIKAT62

    I can say this day fits me and I'm sure a lot of other people. I believe we are all peculiar in our own way and those people who think they are normal, just haven't found their "nerdy" side yet. Being a lifetime musician, all the way through school the other kids always thought those of us in the ... Read more

  • 1/9/2017 - Happy National Clean Off Your Desk Day!

    1/9/2017 9:58:27 AM, by MUSIKAT62

    Whew, that was a mouthful! I'm sure most of us are guilty of this. I am a very organized person but when you're working, it's the "oh, I'll put that away later" and move onto the next task you have to do. I don't think my husband ever found that habit. His office is piles upon piles. He claims he ... Read more

  • 1/8/2017 - Happy National Bubble Bath Day!

    1/8/2017 4:38:27 PM, by MUSIKAT62

    It is still cold here in Utah, and looking it is everywhere here in the states. Watching the football playoffs they look extremely cold. I bet what they would really like is a nice, warm bubble bath. I know I would but no tub in our house. Bubble bath with a nice glass of wine and a book. Sound... Read more

  • 1/7/2017 - Happy Bobblehead Day!

    1/7/2017 10:08:11 AM, by MUSIKAT62

    I don't know about you, but I wonder how a bobblehead could get its own day?!!? I remember as a kid having a bobblehead of my favorite baseball team (at the time), an Oakland A. I thought it was fun at the time but now bobbleheads just make my head hurt. Can you imagine having to move your head up a... Read more

  • 1/6/2017 - Happy National Cuddle Up Day

    1/6/2017 9:47:51 AM, by MUSIKAT62

    I'm not sure where you live but I know where I am (Utah) it is really, really cold. Our actual temperature this morning is 5 degrees with a wind chill at -7! Sounds like cuddling up today, whether it be with your significant other or your favorite furry family member would be a good day. Stay Warm ... Read more

  • 1/5/2017 - Happy National Bird Day!

    1/5/2017 10:14:22 AM, by MUSIKAT62

    For those who know me, you know I am a cat person. My friends call me the "crazy cat lady". So why would a person who loves cats write about birds? Well, cats and birds are not friends but they do like to tease each other. We usually have this mama bird show up in the spring and sit right outside m... Read more


    1/4/2017 1:06:51 PM, by SIMPLY_JUDY

    There has been a lot of people writing here about goals and resolutions at SPARKSPEOPLE lately with it being a New Year and all. Some people said that do not make resolutions, some preferring to call them goals, which happens to be my choice.. It got me to thinking.."A rose by any other name woul... Read more

  • 1/4/2017 - Happy National Trivia Day!

    1/4/2017 9:52:41 AM, by MUSIKAT62

    We think we know a lot of information, we are pelted with it all day long on media and just going through life. Some of it just makes a pass through your brain and you don't even remember hearing it. But, if it is important enough to you, you might have a chance of remembering it. Today, go and a... Read more

  • 1/3/2017 - Happy National Drinking Straw Day!

    1/3/2017 10:02:08 AM, by MUSIKAT62

    I don't know about you, but when I drink with a straw I drink more. I have found if I put a straw in my glass of water I finish the glass faster to go get another one. It really helps to get in your water for the draw. So drink it up today! 274... Read more

  • 1/2/17 - Happy National Cream Puff Day!

    1/2/2017 9:34:47 AM, by MUSIKAT62

    Welcome to the new year and I can say with some certainty there are some of us out there that feel like a cream puff. Especially after all those holiday parties and celebrations. Starting the new year right means we can throw those cream puffs away and start to feel healthier!... Read more

  • Oooooh! Goal Weight #1

    12/22/2016 4:44:04 AM, by SPARKCASSANDRA

    So, well, I, um... Reached Goal Weight Number 1! AAAAAAHHHHHHH! (Ok Cassandra, calm down. Breathe). So this is the weight that I had reached and maintained (never going under) back in July. At the time, it was the first time I had been that low in 5 years- since I developed Bulimia basically. And if... Read more