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  • Thanksgiving - Eat, drink, and be thankful.

    11/27/2014 5:37:00 AM, by ADKISTLER

    A Bountiful Thanksgiving Tradition Tucked between the two monster sized holidays of Halloween and Christmas, Thanksgiving receives far less attention. But Thanksgiving is a very important holiday, especially in the busy lives ... Read more

  • plate envy - restraint not deprivation

    11/27/2014 2:40:40 AM, by DANERUBY

    Today is "t" day. I'd love to say it is a day filled with thanksgiving and gratitude but... Well, this year my focus seems to be on the turkey. White or dark, skin or no skin, sides of mashed potatoes or salad? Endless possibilities. I suffer from plate envy. I have no gratitude about this. I ... Read more

  • The Robe and Progress for 2015

    11/27/2014 1:56:38 AM, by ~INDYGIRL

    Well, I always wanted something from Victoria's Secret (although I truly believe her secret is anorexia with some of the sizing in there!)... I found a robe in size large and it was close to fitting but not quite, very motivating. ... Read more

  • Ouch

    11/27/2014 1:18:04 AM, by KEZICAT

    Today is a more challenging day. I'm doing okay so far as food, still on track despite the "but it's almost Thanksgiving!" temptations, but it doesn't look like exercise is gonna happen for me. It's taking me 15 grueling minutes to get from my bed to the bathroom. It's so frustrating. I hate breakin... Read more

  • Happy Thanksgiving

    11/27/2014 12:35:05 AM, by CZESTES

    Happy Thanksgiving Americans! Enjoy the feasting!... Read more

  • 15 Immune Boosting Foods - # 7 - Almonds

    11/27/2014 12:24:51 AM, by EDWARDS1411

    Cold and flu season is upon us. Let's be proactive and build ourselves up by eating these immune boosting foods suggested at
    wnl-lbt-092612_ld-stry . #7 - Almonds A handful of almonds m... Read more

  • Thanksgiving Weather

    11/26/2014 10:24:19 PM, by JAMER123

    I this funny and thought it worth sharing. Thank you for taking time to read on such a busy day! Happy Thanksgiving to you!! And now for a treat~~~~~~~Enjoy. Thanksgiving Weather Turkeys will thaw in the morning, then warm in the oven to an afternoon high near 165F. The kitche... Read more

  • Feeling somewhat better but still fighting the sinuses

    11/26/2014 9:54:18 PM, by AUNTRENEE

    I'm feeling better tonight but my sinuses are still bugging me. I had a headache off and on all day long. There were a few times that I almost got dark chocolate but couldn't find what I wanted. Got a pair of new boots. They're black with a gold like chain across the front. They have about a 2"... Read more

  • Thanksgiving

    11/26/2014 7:02:02 PM, by ALICIA214

    Wishing all my SP friends to the south a Very Happy Healthy Thanksgiving... Blessings to you all.. ... Read more

  • For My Spark Friends

    11/26/2014 5:14:02 PM, by HICKOK-HALEY

    Just wanted to wish you all a lovely Thanksgiving. For those of you who drive, be careful!! Say Grace before your meal. ... Read more

  • Tuesday's Post - a little late

    11/26/2014 3:34:59 PM, by KEZICAT

    I'm finding that taking the time to journal about this process keeps me much more mindful and engaged, so I'm trying to write something every day. Fell asleep before I posted yesterday, so here it is now! Kind of a mixed day. I was, for the first time, spot on in my food goals... until I reali... Read more

  • Talking Turkey

    11/26/2014 2:50:10 PM, by MARGOH12

    Today we went to order our Christmas turkey. While we were there we picked up a few bits. Fruit and nuts for the Christmas cake. Foil trays. Dani's Christmas present and general groceries. It wasn't until we got home that I realised we ordered the wrong turkey! ... Read more

  • Good work day

    11/26/2014 1:37:05 PM, by PICKIE98

    Wish I did not have to work the next two days, but not retired yet. On my way to the dentist.. I am so tired, it will be nice to take a nap in their comfy chairs. I always fall asleep when they are cleaning, filling, drilling, whatever. Next week is the eye doc, diabetes class and mammogram.... Read more

  • Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

    11/26/2014 1:27:05 PM, by BLUEJEDIBUBBLES

    I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving and a blessed weekend. 133 laps swam 3167 to go.... Read more

  • Happy Thanksgiving Sparkfam!!

    11/26/2014 12:50:21 PM, by BABY_GIRL69

    Hoping & praying you all have a blessed & wonderful Thanksgiving! Didn't feel like cooking until just now so I will be running here & there to get my items.... What are you doing that is special this year? Me just me & my fam... Read more

  • Lost in Translation

    11/26/2014 12:19:17 PM, by TUBLADY

    Wong Chow calls into work and says" I can't come in, sick, got headache,stomach ache, legs hurt, I no work." The boss says," You know Wong, I really need you today. When I feel sick like you do, I go to my wife and tell her to give me sex. That makes everything better and I go to work. You try ... Read more

  • Short note.

    11/26/2014 11:54:38 AM, by IMUSTLOSEIT1

    Just a short note today. We had snow over night and the ground is white again. Merlin is not happy and wanted in right away this morning, so he is taking up the majority of the kitchen. Of course had to scoop out bunks this morning, back handled it well, so maybe that is getting better. Even sco... Read more

  • How to Be the Perfect Doggie House Guest

    11/26/2014 11:15:56 AM, by LOSER05
    n=2014-11-21%20%281%29& ... Read more


    11/26/2014 11:10:45 AM, by CORGIMOM10

    Yesterday I started blogging about this challenge. I determined that my goals were: 1. 30 minutes of exercise daily 2. Track food and eat withing calorie range daily 3. Blog about the Challenge. 4. Spark Daily I felt really good about yesterday up until dinner time. I came home from work r... Read more

  • Resistance is futile

    11/26/2014 11:02:22 AM, by SHYETHYME

    A month away from the shortest day of the year. I get SAD. I have a light book and I take vitamin D but this time of year is so depressing. My first suicide attempt I was sixteen years old. It was on December 5th. We weren't Christian & lived overseas so I'd see most of my peers get gifts on Christm... Read more

  • San Antonio Texas day 2 and 3

    11/26/2014 10:49:42 AM, by HOLLYM48

    On our first day in SA Texas, I think I had 6.5 miles of walking by the time I was done for the day. Day 2 was 10 miles and day 3 was 8.5 miles so as you can see, I decided that I would make the most of my time outdoors. The weather there was kind of fickle, the sun would come out and shine for ... Read more

  • Going to be a very busy day...

    11/26/2014 8:50:58 AM, by ROX525

    Preparing to feed between 20 & 25 people tomorrow....I am off....... Read more

  • Always At the Top of Your Game

    11/26/2014 7:18:41 AM, by FEEDTHEHUNGER

    I have some startling news for people who love to beat themselves up with what they could have done: you are always, at every moment, without exception, at the top of your game. You may not like that the top of your game is off the radar at the bottom of someone else's game, but it's true. (And, by ... Read more

  • Shopping Reminder Day

    11/26/2014 6:08:32 AM, by ADKISTLER

    Shopping Reminder Day When : Always November 26th Shopping Reminder Day is today. On your mark. Get Set. Go Shop! If we all heed this reminder, there is no doubt the malls and stores will be mobbed. But, wait a minute!? I... Read more

  • Trying to stay positive

    11/25/2014 11:15:28 PM, by CZESTES

    Too much crap piling up makes everything smell bad. So I am searching for my positives while wading in poo. Hmmmmm... Thankful for my gorgeous & wonderful husband! I have an amazing & beautiful daughter! They both support and help me out. The rescue Bassett is insane, but so cute, he keep... Read more

  • Can you divorce your sinuses?

    11/25/2014 9:45:03 PM, by AUNTRENEE

    I'm wishing that I could divorce my sinuses. They are killing me today. This morning around 4am they made me take the last of my sinus medicine and wouldn't let me go back to sleep. I wanted to sleep until around 5 or 6 am but not my sinuses. So I've been up since then. I didn't get any sinus medici... Read more

  • Just so funny!

    11/25/2014 9:33:52 PM, by GAYLLYNNE

    A friend sent me this and I thought it was hilarious!... Read more

  • November 25, 2014****Giving Thanks****

    11/25/2014 6:46:19 PM, by TERRY011360

    It is the time of year in which we reflect back on the year and give Thanks (as we should do everyday). I have been in some valley's this year BUT I have been on many peaks. I have rekindled a relationship with my brother after many years of no contact. I have overcome many hurtles at my job, I am l... Read more

  • It's Tuesday Nov 25th almost Thanksgiving..

    11/25/2014 6:31:05 PM, by SUISHO23

    Hey all, How is everyone doing? Good I hope.. I haven't been on track lately and have not been on SP in awhile... I can only hope to get back on track..I went and stayed with my sister for a few days and was thinking to myself... Why I am not back on track... Especially since, I was ... Read more

  • Is the fact that I'm still in Halloween mode bad?

    11/25/2014 4:59:24 PM, by LAURIE9404

    I've been reading and seeing all this stuff about Christmas decorations. People are beautifying their homes with Christmas bulbs and trees and festive sparkly items. Well, I'm not there. Zero interest in Christmas. It's never been a super exciting day for me except when I was a little kid. It's... Read more

  • From 2010: #415: From Unhappy to Happy Land

    11/25/2014 4:47:45 PM, by IUHRYTR

    Monday, November 01, 2010 This is a story about people who lived in Unhappy Land and were very unhappy. Their unhappiness dominated their lives and kept them from being able to walk or bend over to put on their socks and shoes. They were unhappy because they couldn't climb stairs... Read more


    11/25/2014 4:36:57 PM, by READYRUBBIES



    11/25/2014 2:49:14 PM, by CORGIMOM10

    Due to having a back injury this summer, then a bad round of bronchitis - also general laziness... I have put on a few pounds this fall. OK... more than a few. I have decided to start what I am calling the TURKEY DAY TO NEW YEARS DAY SPARK STREAK CHALLENGE for myself. My goal is to do 30 minutes of ... Read more

  • Better today

    11/25/2014 1:46:14 PM, by PICKIE98

    Now that I have the horrible family situation out of my system for today, I am concentrating on ME. I had my doc appointment yesterday. It took me one hour to drive four miles. It seems that the city closed one of our bridges without warning. NOw, to most, this would be no big deal but Bay City ... Read more

  • I'm not very consistent...

    11/25/2014 1:11:47 PM, by DIANAJEAN53

    My "blogging" is sporatic at best! Oh well, here it is November 25, 2 days before Thanksgiving. Just yesterday, I finally broke the "hovering weight" & got down to 142.2 (yes I always count the tenths of each pound!!!). This last month has been very enjoyable in many ways: good food & t... Read more

  • Feeling for Ferguson.

    11/25/2014 11:53:26 AM, by IMUSTLOSEIT1

    Good Morning, sunny and cold here this morning and suppose to get freezing rain and snow tonight. UCK, was getting used to snow all being gone. I dislike it when we get a period of snow then it warms up and melts its, and the horse yard get rough and then it freezes and is hard to walk on and then... Read more

  • Don't Tell Me What I Can't Do!

    11/25/2014 11:50:32 AM, by ~INDYGIRL

    My mother said to me that I shouldn't wear red because I would look like a fire truck... that I shouldn't have a wedding ceremony because I would look like the Pillsbury Doughboy going down the aisle, that nobody would ever want to ... Read more

  • Just had a girlie day!

    11/25/2014 11:34:23 AM, by EOWYN2424

    In honor of the church Christmas party this Saturday, I had a pedi with nail art on all my toes as well as a facial today. This is my long awaited treat. I haven't had a facial in years and the extraction hurt a bit! I now have Christmassy nails! Check it out! Read more

  • High winds....

    11/25/2014 11:10:04 AM, by ROX525

    Just picked up twigs and limbs for 45 minutes ... winds got up to 60 mph yesterday. The wind was just whistling through our breezeway. Calm today...before the storm tomorrow I hear. Have a lovely Tuesday.... Read more

  • anxiously waiting

    11/25/2014 10:31:05 AM, by MARGOH12

    Zelda is at the vets, she is still limping a bit and not weight bearing on her back left leg. We had to leave her there this morning, for xrays. We were upset naturally, then Bill asked me is it worse for you leaving Zelda at the vets or when you had to leave me in hospital? A good question, I tol... Read more

  • San Antonio Texas

    11/25/2014 10:22:17 AM, by HOLLYM48

    We were lucky enough to be able to get away for a few days to a warmer climate since I am from Minnesota and we have had an early winter visiting us. Here are a few pics of the fun that I had. Some of the time I was alone because my husband went for a conference and so while he went to different s... Read more

  • My Open Door Experience

    11/25/2014 10:04:47 AM, by CEIL46

    My open door experience. This came when I realized my husband had a drinking problem. I recall being terrified that he might be an alcoholic, when I made my first call to al anon. I was very fortnatate that the person on the other end of that call became my best friend and sponsor. She and t... Read more

  • tuesday

    11/25/2014 9:54:27 AM, by CLUMBOY

    good morning! it's COLD here--about 25 degrees with a strong wind, but I got my clothes on and went to the park and RAN. really felt good to break through the week of inertia. I had been doing indoor exercise every day, but if I don't go outside and run, it just doesn't feel right. I have to giv... Read more

  • Apparitions Occurring Soon After Death

    11/25/2014 9:49:59 AM, by LOSER05
    ter-death ... Read more

  • No Workout's Yesterday!

    11/25/2014 8:49:26 AM, by SSTEPH85

    AND I ate 4 (YES! 4!) slices of pizza! ugh! Oh well - it's done and over with - I just need to continue on my journey and really tighten up on the nutrition as I have been! I am determined to shed that's a marathon of consistency and control - the absolute toughest ra... Read more

  • Of weight-loss frustrations and other things

    11/25/2014 7:23:42 AM, by MUSIC2HISEARS

    I've been doing great these past two weeks, except that I had been sick during most of that time. I've lost very little weight this past week and with official weigh-in looming ahead before the big holiday, my scale has stopped moving. Sure, losing 10 lbs in a two week period of time is a huge... Read more

  • National Parfait Day

    11/25/2014 6:10:29 AM, by ADKISTLER

    National Parfait Day When : Always November 25th Today is National Parfait Day. A parfait consists of layers of ice cream, whipped cream, and any combination of syrups and fruits. Yes, it's basically a fancy word for a... Read more

  • Food Tracking is Kicking My Butt

    11/25/2014 3:25:39 AM, by KEZICAT

    My first dietary change is to abstain from sugar and artificial sweeteners. (Day 5! Woohoo!) I'm prone to trying to change ALL THE THINGS in one mad rush and then crashing and burning in overwhelmed frustration. So all I'm doing now is the sugar thing, or rather the no sugar thing. Sugar is my hero... Read more

  • I still have 3 days

    11/24/2014 11:45:58 PM, by THINISTHENEWFAT

    Still hanging in there. Doing well with the eating. Staying around 1200 calories or less a day. My weight loss has halted for the last 3 or 4 days but I suppose that's normal. I know I'm doing everything right. Eating enough, exercising, drinking tons of water. I'm not worried about it. I was HOPING... Read more

  • Monday

    11/24/2014 10:05:06 PM, by KRISTA987

    Another crazy day today. It's the start of a new bill period at work, so things are super busy. And our Christmas party is quickly coming up, we have our finalization meeting tomorrow with the banquet hall so I've been trying to get all the paperwork and everything ready for that. This Christmas par... Read more

  • Still fighting sinuses

    11/24/2014 9:45:47 PM, by AUNTRENEE

    I'm still fighting my sinuses but I'm not tired like I was yesterday. I was hoping that my headache would be gone by today but it comes and goes. I'm hoping that I can get rid of it tonight when I'm asleep. I just wish that I could pop my neck so I can get rid of the headache. Its the only way that ... Read more

  • Riding today. Yay!

    11/24/2014 3:47:48 PM, by MILLIE-MILOU

    What a busy old day I have had. I got 20 minutes of guitar practice in before work. I worked from 9am to 10.45am, building a database for Norwich Guitar Academy. Then walked my dogs, then I got on my lovely Giant Defy and rode to the Norfolk & Norwich Hospital to meet Ken from dialysis. I had be... Read more

  • Thanksgiving Week

    11/24/2014 2:44:30 PM, by KLONG8

    For us in the U.S. it's Thanksgiving week. I think a lot of us probably feel thankful that we are on this journey, and that SP is such a wonderful tool. So much information, help, and community support. So a BIG thank you to my friends here at SparkPeople. And that calls for anoth... Read more

  • Weigh in #7-6 countdown and Weekend Food Blogs

    11/24/2014 2:13:17 PM, by MARYONAMISSION

    Two, two, two weeks in oneÖblog. Trying to eat well and be healthy in November has always eluded me. First of all itís my birthday month, it also hosts Thanksgiving which promotes the National pastime of gorging and binging. And finally itís cold and snowing and freezing and all I want to do is... Read more

  • Monday

    11/24/2014 1:49:27 PM, by PICKIE98

    Had a very stressful conversation with my older sister just now. Actually, I talked, she listened. She lives a two hour drive away, so i called her, gave her a lecture, told her if she thought she would forget, to write it down, because I have had it with certain things down there... I have never ... Read more

  • Humor in the midst of stress

    11/24/2014 1:15:31 PM, by CZESTES

    Don't you wish we could this week? For all of the haters out there, watch out, I'm in a mood. Not allowing anyone to derail me with the nasty jealous comments. ... Read more

  • Mile 3 done!!

    11/24/2014 1:08:52 PM, by BLUEJEDIBUBBLES

    Today I finished mile 3 of my 100 mile swim. So happy!! I did 15 I'm so proud. 113 laps and 3 miles done. 3187 laps to go.... Read more

  • Busy...busy...busy

    11/24/2014 1:07:08 PM, by ROX525

    145 Minutes on treadmill while watching TV and doing a schedule. Cleaned a lot today. Watching my granddaughter right now. Going to babysit tonight while the parents go to a CAVs game. 60 Mile per hour winds outside right now. Hope you are having a nice day.... Read more

  • Dogs, Cats and Horses

    11/24/2014 12:31:44 PM, by IMUSTLOSEIT1

    Gooood moorning, everyone. Not to great here this morning. Only 22, windy and overcast. Yesterday morning it started out at 50*, and nice and it went down hill from there, the temp. started to fall and continued all day. Even Sassy and Merlin's kitty didn't want to come to house to eat, they e... Read more

  • How do you know it's love??

    11/24/2014 12:31:02 PM, by BAREFITNESS
    nt-my-husband#.VHNpmfnF_g9 Out of all the mush articles on love and marriage, how to make it work, and the key to success......these simple text between a husband and wife are perfect exampl... Read more

  • Great Weekend! Back to the grind...

    11/24/2014 12:07:06 PM, by SSTEPH85

    This weekend was a lot of walking! Which I was grateful for because I wasn't able to get much working out done - but today will CERTAINLY make up for it! I' ready for what the day brings - I have my workout's scheduled today for a 5:30 AM Spin class and I'm ready to go! Don't have my HR Mo... Read more

  • What's a treat?

    11/24/2014 11:44:22 AM, by MARGOH12

    We often hear of people who want to treat themselves, or someone they love. Often they want to treat them with something that's very bad for them. So I wondered how we can treat ourselves or someone we love without giving them something that's bad for them. So If I want to treat me what ten things... Read more

  • One pd. at a all I'm asking from me....but two would be great!!!

    11/24/2014 11:14:41 AM, by PHILLIPS661

    Hey I'm in it to win it....I don't care how long it takes..I'm sticking with this me is the best free program out there....maybe better than the one's you pay for too....I feel more connected to ppl. that care about ... Read more

  • 7 Animal Superheroes We Know Youíll Love..Awwwwwww.

    11/24/2014 10:36:31 AM, by LOSER05
    lthPetHealth_20141120 ... Read more

  • Believe in Yourself!!

    11/24/2014 8:18:35 AM, by CYBERCITYSHELL

    ... Read more

  • monday--FINALLY got a real run in!!!

    11/24/2014 7:27:26 AM, by CLUMBOY

    good morning! well I finally got an outside run in--first one of the week on sunday. only did two miles but it was a major goal of the day achieved. I have been doing inside workouts all week because of the sudden cold (just not used to it yet and couldn't handle the idea of going outside). but ... Read more

  • Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

    11/24/2014 6:30:20 AM, by FEEDTHEHUNGER

    For some people, another hidden landmine in the weight loss war is the way in which weight affects their relationships, most especially, their intimate relationships. Fears on both partnersí parts regarding the changes brought about by the slimming one's increasing physical attractiveness can provid... Read more

  • Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day

    11/24/2014 5:59:59 AM, by ADKISTLER

    Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day When: Always November 24th Itís Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day! Everyone has a unique talent or skill at which they truly excel. Today is the day to embrace those quirky abilities and show ... Read more

  • A mantra fit for me

    11/24/2014 5:34:05 AM, by JANET552

    Kelly, the SparkPeople office manager says: When life feels like it's out of control remember that you are the only one in control of your healthy habits! ... Read more

  • Baby Steps

    11/24/2014 4:44:50 AM, by KEZICAT

    A bit after my 45th(!) birthday, I realized that I was ready to finally start dealing with my challenges regarding weight and mindful embodiment. As an abuse survivor, I struggle with complex PTSD, compounded by a slew of neurological and physical/mobility issues caused by past violence. I have a lo... Read more

  • Doors that were Opened

    11/24/2014 12:41:21 AM, by EMSSBEARS

    This Weekend we were challenged to talk about a time when a door was opened up to us like so many others there have been many doors opened but I will choose to talk about the one that brought me here to Sparks. In July of 2009 a door was opened for me, I was doing the Biggest Loser a paid online v... Read more

  • Sweet Cards

    11/23/2014 10:34:29 PM, by TEALHAWK1

    from my 3 grands with the help of their Aunt Debi for my birthday Hope you all have a... Read more

  • mixed emotions...maybe...idk

    11/23/2014 10:18:14 PM, by JENNYD97

    I don't know if it's really mixed emotions, laziness, stress, frustration or boredom? or maybe all of the above? I know if I don't go to the gym and/or workout I am not going to lose weight. I know if I don't put the right things in my mouth on a regular basis I'm not going to lose weight. Lately ... Read more

  • Fighting sinuses

    11/23/2014 9:27:17 PM, by AUNTRENEE

    My sinuses are being a pain today. I've been fighting them off and on all day long. 3 doses of Excedrin and 2 doses of sinuses medicine and I'm hoping that I don't have to put up with them tomorrow. But I am tired. I walked to church today. But I didn't walk home because my dad picked me up. It... Read more

  • November to Remember

    11/23/2014 9:25:01 PM, by KAMCCLARY

    As I approach the last week in November, I celebrate five years here in Kansas City area. I found out last week I was accepted to a Woman's Veteran entrepreneur conference to be held in New Orleans in January. I reapplied for a per diem position with my employer again and I feel like I have to lib... Read more

  • Just wondering

    11/23/2014 4:56:22 PM, by MARGOH12

    I took a bus ride yesterday. A woman got on with a double buggy, no problem on modern buses. However another woman was told you can't get on we are only allowed one pushchair if there is a double on on. I wonder how they would react to a triplet pushchair? Links to images below. https://www.twin... Read more

  • Sparky and I are fighting

    11/23/2014 4:35:05 PM, by ILOVEMALI

    Sparky and I have been fighting. He doesn't want to upload data and has been grumbling about that for a few weeks now. Changed the battery and it didn't make any difference (note to self -- don't buy batteries from Amazon -- they were old and I had to change it again -- losing the data because Spa... Read more

  • Where are you?

    11/23/2014 4:24:13 PM, by LIEDORA

    not sure what has happened these past few days, but it certainly feels like my 'spark' has decided to take a vacation. I'm not sure if it's the weather, but even the dog has lost his get up and go. I have a feeling that this Monday will be a gain for me, and funnily enough I feel OK with this.... Read more

  • Honey's Dedication

    11/23/2014 11:36:20 AM, by BAREFITNESS
    watch?v=KUn-XOQoN3U It's kind of funny, because posted the lyrics to this song almost a year ago! I grabbed the cd song was on for the car.......sometimes, skip over because such a sappy song. Yesterday, let it pay before the Staff Meeting and got ... Read more

  • Ditches and Dogs

    11/23/2014 11:12:08 AM, by IMUSTLOSEIT1

    Well, here it is Sunday again, another week closer to the new year. Hopefully it will be a good one. We will just have to wait and see. It was 50* this morning when I did chores, but it is pretty dreary out there. Muddy, and damp. Snow is all gone except in the ditches. Talking about ditc... Read more

  • Ask the Dog Walker: Dog Lies Down on Walks

    11/23/2014 10:44:14 AM, by LOSER05
    &utm_campaign=2014-11-17%20%281%29& ... Read more

  • Not feeling good today

    11/23/2014 10:22:26 AM, by BLUEJEDIBUBBLES

    Not sure if I'm trying to fight off something. From about 4:30 am last night (last 3-4 hours?) I've felt cold. Not like a fan is blowing on me cold. Just like I have a slight chill and I'm achy all over. Took some tylenol about 15 minutes ago, hope it kicks in soon. I don't want to miss chu... Read more

  • Eat a Cranberry Day

    11/23/2014 9:17:21 AM, by ADKISTLER

    Eat a Cranberry Day When : Always November 23rd Eat a Cranberry Day is today. Cranberries are good for you. How many cranberries will you eat today? Native to North America, cranberries are grown in bogs, and are primaril... Read more

  • Beginning a new way of being

    11/23/2014 9:07:03 AM, by KIMBERLEY60

    I know I need to journal every day. It helps me learn more about myself. I always have some type of revelation if I write enough. It was odd to look at where I was at the last time I blogged. I haven't really felt happy for at least a year. Since that time, I've gotten a divorce and have been str... Read more

  • I should wait at least 2 hours before making a decision!

    11/23/2014 6:57:37 AM, by ROX525

    So spent Wed. thru Saturday moving my daughter and her family from my house to their newly built home (note all of their belonging were in my garage, basement and every spare area of this big house). I asked my sister-in-law to do Thanksgiving because I just had too much to do getting my daughter m... Read more

  • Sunday

    11/23/2014 6:08:02 AM, by PICKIE98

    Just got my heart re-started!! I was sitting here opening bills and suddenly behind me a huge plastic container filled with my DVD's fell on the floor behind my chair onto the wood floor!! IT is 6 a.m. DD is asleep.. nobody on the whole street is awake but me.. now I am REALLY awake!! I went o... Read more

  • Sunday Brilliant Thoughts November 23

    11/23/2014 5:58:22 AM, by FEEDTHEHUNGER

    ... Read more

  • Anxious, Frustrated & Exhausted.

    11/22/2014 11:28:42 PM, by KRISTA987

    These past few days have been full of highs and lows. I'm not counting my weigh-in today. I should have known better. I had a crappy dinner last night and way too much sodium. Even after a couple cups of green tea I still felt bloated and gross. Also, I've been really working the strength trai... Read more

  • Not so funny, I need this!

    11/22/2014 11:26:24 PM, by CZESTES

    I have been so busy, that I realize it is close to the end of the day and I run to get on SparkPeople. My husband laughs at me. He sees me make my meal decisions by using my SparkPeople app on my phone and every night, regardless how exhausted I am, I have to log in to the website. He finds my pa... Read more

  • No freezing rain

    11/22/2014 9:38:54 PM, by AUNTRENEE

    We didn't get any freezing rain last night. Got some rain but it must of been before I got up this morning. That's about it. My sinuses are killing me. I hope that they clear up before I have to go to sleep tonight. I'm half way done with one of the scarves. I'm doing a school colors scarf... Read more

  • Home at Last

    11/22/2014 4:46:29 PM, by MARGOH12

    Today at 11.37am GMT Bill called to say they're letting me come home! Mad dash to get home from the park and start dinner (spaghetti bolognaise). Grab Bill's clothes and an hour to the hospital by bus. Bill was finally discharged at 6.15 pm GMT We arrived h... Read more

  • Saturday Morning Post

    11/22/2014 12:43:25 PM, by IMUSTLOSEIT1

    Saturday, Woo Rah, for the 9-5ers. Boy, is it a foggy one here this morning, still can't see further than a mile. So it is getting better. Late getting this wrote today, cause hubby decided it was a good day to burn some garbage. So, we filled the loader bucket twice and the little JD and at lea... Read more

  • Does your Beagle act like he's always hungry?

    11/22/2014 11:26:40 AM, by LOSER05
    _Breed.html ... Read more

  • I had a long day

    11/22/2014 10:54:30 AM, by ILOVEJIM851991

    I had too many errands before work. 15,000 ste... Read more