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  • Always coming back to Spark...

    1/27/2015 3:39:50 PM, by SUMMERGIRLTASHA

    It's been over a year since I last blogged here though I've used the app for exercise. It's been a challenging year and a half. Physically, emotionally and spiritually. I would say I've landed in the right place spiritually but physically I have taken several steps backwards. I regained the 80 p... Read more

  • About the initial fee for Independent folks came through for me!

    1/27/2015 10:26:02 AM, by CTUPTON

    I knew you would help me make a good decision --or help me think of doing more research. I really want to move from CT to near Buffalo because my whole family is there. I considered moving near NYC where my husband's family is. But that area is very, very expensive... Read more

  • 90 day countdown

    1/27/2015 9:58:19 AM, by DEBKAYENM

    The girls at work and I have set a goal to lose as much weight as we can in 90 days. We have weighed ourselves and taken pictures .. I signed up with a personal trainer, a first for me, but I believe it will help me finally reach my goals... Yesterday was day 1... Here's to a new me!!!... Read more

  • I have so many questions..please HELP!!

    1/26/2015 10:45:29 PM, by KASSIKAY2015

    So since I weigh 300 pounds, and I have set my goal at losing 60 pounds by next January; I' am given a calorie range of 1840- 2190. I average it to about 2000 (which is a 600 calorie deficient according to my BMR) calories a day. I make my breakfasts, lunches, and dinners as healthy as possible, and... Read more

  • new week

    1/26/2015 10:12:51 PM, by IMREITE

    not a great day, but nothing to terrible and the day did eventually get better. did some ot and then came home took a nap and did a good workout.... Read more

  • 50 Miles in January

    1/26/2015 8:59:15 PM, by MAMARUNNING4GOD

    I did it! I hit my monthly goal of 50 miles!! I am currently at 52 and have 16 more miles to run this week in my training plan! So I'll be at 68 for the month! WOOP! I love when I logged into Garmin and tracked my run, this put this cool little badge on my dashboard! Read more

  • Today's adventure!

    1/26/2015 6:33:27 PM, by KYCAROL

    Today, I went to check out Curves in a nearby town. I go to the town often, so it shouldn't be hard to get there several times a week. I was given a tour by the manager and I believe I can commit to this. The manager told me of a member who had to be helped off and on the machines when she first ... Read more

  • NutriBullet died and aerobic painting

    1/26/2015 3:05:44 PM, by BECKYF3506

    It figures--just when we're getting ready to get back into regular Blasting, our NutriBullet died. It'll be awhile before we can afford a new one. In the meantime, no smoothies for us. :( I've been priming some doors and woodwork this afternoon, and let me tell you, at my size--it's an aerobic ... Read more

  • Satiety

    1/25/2015 9:22:17 PM, by IMREITE

    Satiety is wonderfully pleasant feeling of fullness you get as you eat, when you’re no longer hungry, but aren’t overly stuffed or uncomfortable. You are just satisfied beyond desire. this feeling is my goal. i always thought feeling fell meant stuffed. i am practicing to eat slower so i ca... Read more

  • Excuse me, have you seen my balance? I seemed to have lost it.

    1/25/2015 8:56:34 PM, by DELHSI

    So, here I am about 4 weeks into Sparking and once again facing my biggest challenge - balance. It seems I was doing great about eating very healthy and keeping on track and getting some exercise in each day. Then I was sick and my son was sick so it threw me off track (quickly falling into old ha... Read more

  • Playing again!

    1/25/2015 7:55:45 PM, by JUDITHROXANA

    Today I played soccer again for the first time in 6 weeks since there was a long holiday break and it felt great! I had really missed playing and since I am on week 4 of my 5K training. I feel like I ran a lot faster than I used to. I even got a few compliments from other players! I can't wait to... Read more

  • I'm still trying

    1/25/2015 7:07:33 PM, by JUDY_GIRL1969

    I know exactly what I need to do to lose weight and get fit. What I don't know is how to make myself do it. I do exercise, some, though not nearly enough. Food seems to be my biggest problem. Food and soda. I know what foods I need to eat, I know I need to stay away from sugar, I know I need to stop... Read more

  • The initial fee cost of an Independent Living Community scares me!

    1/25/2015 11:10:46 AM, by CTUPTON

    I have actually put a little money down to save our spot in the waiting list. I am worried about the initial fee. Some people have told me I am getting robbed with this initial fee and then pay rent too. $120,000 ! If we stay 8 years, they keep all that money. If we leave before 8 years, we ... Read more

  • Not necessarily a weight loss blog

    1/25/2015 10:41:03 AM, by HEYITSLISA

    My husband is in the kitchen frying bacon and eggs and potatoes. He read some where years ago that food made at home is better for you than eating out, so when I complain about the unhealthy food he is cooking he sites the fact that it is being made at home so it must be ok. We've been going r... Read more

  • First day, of the rest of my life!

    1/25/2015 9:35:24 AM, by MCCU2TIF

    I have been dieting off and on forever it seems.. But somehow I always fail. My life has finally come to a point where I can finally focus on me. I have learned a lot along the way about diet and exercise, what works, what doesn't, and what specifically works for me. The most important thing for m... Read more

  • My sister is following Jorge Cruz-- very low sugar eating plan.

    1/25/2015 9:27:05 AM, by CTUPTON

    I have been using Fuhrman's Eat to Live and Eat for Health. I whittled it down to eat mostly veggies and use meat as a condiment. I have not been thinking much about sugar. But I guess if I don't buy the stuff in a box, I won't be getting sugar unless I add it myself. Oops! I have been using honey. ... Read more

  • lost lbs

    1/24/2015 8:33:33 PM, by IMREITE

    i was less active this week but monitored my eating more. i lost weight! i know intense exercise burns a lot of calories but it does not help me when it ups my appetite and then i use it as an excuse to eat extra. Will need to keep working on the balance so i can make healthier eating habits... Read more

  • Rough Week..

    1/24/2015 11:24:35 AM, by MAMARUNNING4GOD

    This week has been rough for me. I only got two days of running in (Sunday and Thursday) because I hit my head bad and then I got sick. It all just piled up on me at once. Today is my long run, and now my tummy is acting up again and I've been in the bathroom all morning long. I seriously do ... Read more

  • Week 1 - COMPLETED

    1/24/2015 10:38:11 AM, by MADGAB76

    I did it! I made it through the first week. I thought it would be more difficult to get myself back into the swing of things, but the good news for me is that I hadn't completely gotten out of the swing of things. I had just decreased a LOT and let go of my control on my eating. I am finding tha... Read more

  • I need to help my daughter handle anxiety

    1/23/2015 8:50:17 PM, by CTUPTON

    I right now can only communicate with my daughter by pone. She is extremely anxious and I want to support her. She often dissolves into tears. She is 32 and having major life problems. During the last phone call I explained how our expectations fuel our anxiety. When our expectations are high and we... Read more

  • It sure is easy to get out of the habit of...

    1/23/2015 4:30:05 PM, by CTUPTON

    It sure is easy to get out of the habit of...doing things on our team. I hate to say it but I am having difficulty fully getting back to sparkpeople . I had many things I did and I loved all of them. It was not a chore at all! But being away due to surgery, I am realizing I need to get bac... Read more

  • January 23, 2015

    1/23/2015 2:40:47 PM, by CALLMEALLIE90

    Hey guys! So today has been great so far. One of my friends on here and I decided that we were gonna do as much as we could today Monday since we're both not as busy. Today, I have cleaned my entire bathroom (floors and mirrors included), washed all my bedding and shower curtains, my laundry ... Read more

  • It has been a while!

    1/23/2015 11:13:58 AM, by RKTHETEXGAL

    So, it has been quite a bit since i have been here, blogging, logging points and posting on any of the groups i am in. Ugh! I hate that i have taken so much time away. I thought a while back i would have more time...nope. Ok, cluing you in on me... I made it through the holiday time, unscat... Read more

  • Steady - Go I

    1/23/2015 10:39:14 AM, by BLISS_OM

    I'm really sleepy today and moving slowly. I'm in good spirits though and happy that I'm following along with my goal to track honestly - what I'm eating each day. I was a bit disappointed with myself for being so hungry at times this week and eating more calories than I'm allotted daily. I want the... Read more

  • A quote for January 8--even though it is now Jan 23.

    1/23/2015 9:56:42 AM, by CTUPTON

    I was born on January 8, 1942, exactly three hundred years after the death of Galileo. I estimate, however, that about two hundred thousand other babies were also born that day. I don't know whether any of them was later interested in astronomy. Stephen Hawking ... Read more

  • This is stupid, but it's actually PROGRESS

    1/23/2015 9:30:51 AM, by BECKYF3506

    I went out to start the car this morning so it could heat up and clear the windshield before I left. There was an uneven ridge of snow right outside the car door, and when I went to get out of the car, I lost my footing on the ridge and fell onto both knees. I thought, uh oh, how on earth ... Read more

  • Resolutions VS Goals

    1/22/2015 9:59:42 PM, by ITSMESHE

    (This week’s blog for the Aspire & Inspire BSG Challenge is: Resolutions or goals? Do you make any resolutions? If so, how do you intend to keep them? In your blog, make a commitment to make goals rather than making resolutions.) A resolution is a firm decision to do or not to do something.... Read more

  • January 22, 2015 lost 1 pound

    1/22/2015 7:35:57 PM, by RELEASETHESTARS

    Well I only lost one pound this week, (I weigh in on Thursdays). Which is actually pretty cool considering I freaked out on Sunday and ate my surroundings. I forgot I ordered PB2 from Amazon and that showed up. I mainly got it because I love peanut butter toast at work and it takes up so many dang c... Read more

  • My Daily Bible Verse 01/22/2015

    1/22/2015 5:55:46 PM, by PRINCESS1959

    Proverbs 23:17-18 New International Version Do not let your heart envy sinners, but always be zealous for the fear of the Lord . There is surely a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off. King James Version Let not thine heart envy sinners: but be thou in the fear of the LORD ... Read more

  • Beyond Snarky

    1/22/2015 11:08:01 AM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    Over the past few weeks I have spent some time perusing another social website that shall not be named and I felt sucked in by its drama. Not in a participatory manner but I felt fascinated as one might witnessing a public family feud. I know its not my problem but I wanted to intervene, knowing the... Read more

  • sleepy day

    1/21/2015 9:44:27 PM, by IMREITE

    i need to get more sleep at night... Read more

  • Amazing mimic octopus--discovered only 15 years ago-Indonesia

    1/21/2015 8:52:15 PM, by CTUPTON
    us-video.html OK-octopi can mimic colors to camouflage themselves--but this can mimic the creature feared by other ocean creatures! It is a shape-shifter not only a color changer! chri... Read more

  • Being Honest With Myself

    1/21/2015 8:37:43 PM, by CHARITYAK

    So I posted a few days back in "Balancing the Budget" that I had planned out every meal and every snack for this week. And I posted in "Conviction" in yesterday's blog that we can always fight harder to resist temptation. And despite that....I just ate 350 calories in chocolate covered pretzel... Read more

  • Astonishing photos of living things

    1/21/2015 8:36:51 PM, by CTUPTON
    s-and-photos/ Which is your favorite or favorites? I kindof was interested in the sperm fertilizing an egg. chris... Read more

  • Each day is my day!

    1/21/2015 5:34:16 PM, by BLISS_OM

    Each day is my day to do my best - be my best - love myself the very best that I can! I'm worth it. I'm capable and I'm committed. This is my mantra. This is what I must keep in the forefront of my mind. It helps. It helps me stay the course and remember what's important and necessary. Littl... Read more

  • ENJOY!

    1/21/2015 1:27:40 PM, by CTUPTON
    expedition2/what10.html ... Read more

  • Nutrition Class

    1/21/2015 11:48:11 AM, by THE-RAYVEN

    So my degree required me to take a Science class with a lab. I was going to take Astronomy, but then I saw that the was a Nutrition class that counted. So I signed up and yesterday was the first day. I'm excited about learning proper eating habits and my GPA depending on in. Maybe now I'll star... Read more

  • My Daily Bible Verse 01/21/2015

    1/21/2015 11:07:34 AM, by PRINCESS1959

    John 15:12-13 New International Version My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. King James Version This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you. Greater love hath no man th... Read more

  • Weigh-In #2 - January 21, 2015

    1/21/2015 10:03:02 AM, by CALLMEALLIE90

    So today's weigh-in wasn't what I wanted. Yes, it was a loss, but not as much as I'd want to lose. It's something I'm going to have to work on because I know I'm definitely going to have weeks like this - it's inevitable. Even though I do have an excuse, it's no excuse. See, last night, my... Read more

  • Good Times Roll

    1/21/2015 9:38:34 AM, by WINKEL730

    Well I have logged into Spark People for ten days and logged my food. It sure makes you think about what you put into your mouth. I was sick last week so it was easy to have a reduced calorie diet. This week I am active and more hungry. I keep thinking it is a life style change and to just cook ... Read more

  • Taking a negative and turning it into a positive

    1/21/2015 1:47:25 AM, by EMERALDEYES82

    I believe that positive thoughts have a big impact on your daily life. I have discovered this in my own way and have tried to make it a conscious practice. I recently have been challenged in this in a big way when my only means of transportation caught fire and was destroyed the same day as my cousi... Read more

  • Somehow I am staying on track

    1/21/2015 1:02:55 AM, by RELEASETHESTARS

    I ordered these work pants last summer, before I started my weight loss journey. When they had arrived they did not fit me, I couldn't get them higher than my thighs. It didn't occur to me to try them on again until today. So lo and behold they are too BIG for me! That was really unexpected even tho... Read more

  • Just some thoughts...

    1/20/2015 11:18:01 PM, by KASSIKAY2015

    Tonight I had a little cheat night and though it wasn't to reward myself for losing four pounds, it felt nice. It felt soo good to tell myself to choose one meal to splurge on. And I did so without guilt. See guilt is the key to my binging I've finally realized!! I used to feel guilty constantly abo... Read more

  • Four Pound Loss

    1/20/2015 7:06:07 PM, by KASSIKAY2015

    I was very pleased to have lost four pounds at this weeks weigh in! I weigh myself every two weeks at the doctors office, and after just 12 days of tracking my calories and staying within my calorie goal, I lost four pounds :) I'm so proud of myself! And so I finally let myself have one cheat meal (... Read more

  • So far ... SO GREAT!!!

    1/20/2015 1:51:20 PM, by BLISS_OM

    So I made it through a Kit Kat free week ... and released for good (God and me willing) 5 pounds!!! WOO HOO!!! I'm soooooo happy and proud of myself - again - I'm nearly beside myself! It's what I prayed for - the momentum to move forward again and ge... Read more

  • Getting Creamed by the Creamer!!!

    1/20/2015 1:38:19 PM, by CHARITYAK

    I'm sitting here entering my breakfast foods into my nutrition tracker and it dawns on me, in my efforts to be really diligent about journaling, that I've been consistently missing a daily morning item. My coffee! I didn't think it was a big enough item to bother with, but I know that little things ... Read more

  • My Daily Bible Verse 01/20/2015

    1/20/2015 11:59:44 AM, by PRINCESS1959

    Jeremiah 29:13-14 New International Version You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you, declares the Lord, and will bring you back from captivity. King James Version And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your he... Read more

  • Conviction

    1/20/2015 10:04:55 AM, by CHARITYAK

    There's an old bit of wisdom that says "If you want to learn, teach." These words came back to bite me in the butt the other day. I was working with one of my mentees and explaining to her that her life under her case managem... Read more

  • This is a good day.

    1/20/2015 8:22:06 AM, by ELLAPOOR

    I had a long weekend but I still stayed on the right track. I did not over eat and I took the kids to the mall and we walked. I think my daughter is going to start walking home from school. But I told her I would pick her up this week because it is suppose to rain. I think she is going to start ... Read more

  • cute show

    1/19/2015 10:05:22 PM, by IMREITE

    my 3 year old niece loves the show "Paw Patrol" i found some episodes online and found myself laughing. it is a silly show but very cute. it teaches kids teamwork and problem solving skills.... Read more

  • Weigh in day is tomorrow...

    1/19/2015 3:59:36 PM, by KASSIKAY2015

    So I have been doing really well and accomplishing my goals for the past 11 days--yay me! ;) Being pregnant, you are advised not to try to lose weight or deprive yourself of nutrients by sever calorie counting. However, I used that as an excuse to lose even more control of my eating habits and stopp... Read more

  • Balancing the Budget

    1/19/2015 12:31:31 PM, by CHARITYAK

    One of the young girls I mentor has moved out and gotten her first apartment. She was extremely nervous about her ability to afford rent, food, gas, etc. So I sat down with her and showed her how to create a budget. We listed all her expenditures and then her income sources. She was going to have a... Read more

  • Racquetball

    1/19/2015 12:59:17 AM, by CHARITYAK

    I had fun today teaching a young friend to play racquetball, her first attempt. I'm not a huge sports person, especially competitive sports. But I do love racquetball. The mental part of the game intrigues me. The strategic placement of the ball. The analysis of your competition's strengths and weak... Read more

  • Feeling good

    1/18/2015 6:15:28 PM, by ELLAPOOR

    I did not over eat this weekend and I have lost 5 pounds.... Read more

  • wake up to exercise

    1/18/2015 3:43:35 PM, by IMREITE

    so wierd. last 2 mornings. i woke up earlier then normal (for a weekend) and got in a good workout. today i did a 55 minute high intensity workout. it do start at a lower intensity amd take extra breaks but i am dripping with sweat. it feel so awesome.... Read more

  • Progress, not perfection, is probably a better goal

    1/18/2015 2:25:52 PM, by MITIME4ME

    Ever had that moment when you want to both laugh and cry? I just had one while reviewing my 2014 goals blog. I had some big goals that didn't pan out. This year, I'm setting the bar a little--no, a lot-- lower this year because I need that feeling of success despite those times when life goes crazy... Read more

  • What is Success

    1/18/2015 12:16:23 PM, by STLSUE01

    I am struggling with motivation. Morning's have been hard, I've been working six days; it's so easy to zip through drive through. Unexpected expenditures: Last Sunday, the weather forecast called for freezing rain and slick co... Read more

  • Opened Our Second Shelter

    1/18/2015 12:09:59 PM, by CHARITYAK

    Those of you who've followed my blog for awhile, know that I am a high school teacher and guidance counselor who quit my job three years ago to help start a non-profit that works with homeless youth ages 14-24. Last Fall we opened our first shelter which I blogged at that time was going to be a girl... Read more

  • figuring out the "'whys"

    1/18/2015 12:01:45 PM, by HEYITSLISA

    I seem to have fallen off the weekly blogging wagon. I really need to get back to it. It's a good way to think through all the thoughts swirling around in my brain. Why do I feel such a need to eat sweets? And why, once I give in and eat one, does having more become an all consuming obsession? ... Read more

  • last 4 lol

    1/18/2015 11:13:53 AM, by CTUPTON

    ... Read more

  • more lol 2

    1/18/2015 11:12:25 AM, by CTUPTON

    ... Read more

  • more lol

    1/18/2015 11:10:44 AM, by CTUPTON

    ... Read more

  • laugh out loud

    1/18/2015 11:09:16 AM, by CTUPTON

    ... Read more

  • January 17, 2015

    1/17/2015 9:08:21 PM, by CALLMEALLIE90

    Hey everybody :) So today hasn't been that eventful for me and I don't have much to report that's new. I did my playlist of dance workouts on YouTube today along with Tae Bo Cardio Inferno - so safe to say I feel pretty good. I do have news on the job front. I interviewed, and got hired ... Read more

  • Have a grreat day!

    1/17/2015 4:56:59 PM, by CTUPTON

    ... Read more

  • dog lessons for people

    1/17/2015 4:56:11 PM, by CTUPTON

    ... Read more

  • great advice

    1/17/2015 4:55:34 PM, by CTUPTON

    ... Read more

  • virtue

    1/17/2015 4:32:42 PM, by CTUPTON

    What most persons consider as virtue, after the age of 40 is simply a loss of energy. Voltaire quotes... Read more

  • Jan. 17- Every day matters

    1/17/2015 12:41:30 PM, by CATHYHASSPARK

    I am down .8 lbs today and I have been consistant the past three weeks . I am moving forward with the changes I want to make in my life. This week I implemented lemon water and discovered I love it! I have read the benefits of lemon water and I am feeling good about that. I am happy no... Read more

  • Mindless eating tool

    1/17/2015 1:57:37 AM, by IMREITE

    i am using this tool. i just found it last week so i wont have all of January. At least it is helping to remind me of some habits i am trying to change.
    indless-checklist2015.pdf ... Read more

  • 2015 ~ Focusing on Health

    1/16/2015 8:42:33 PM, by ITSMESHE

    Last year was difficult and included many stressful events. I did not react well to the problems and stress I faced but reverted to “old” ways of dealing. I quit Spark twice but ended up returning both times. I ate what I wanted and didn’t exercise consistently. I had days on track ... Read more

  • My "Can-Do, Make It Happen ... Start ... Begin ... Now!" Vision moment

    1/16/2015 5:22:14 PM, by BLISS_OM

    As we all have experienced ... changing one's life is easier said than done. Certainly much easier to wish and hope it to be different, than actually moving and making the necessary changes. And we've heard that it starts with a vision. A single solitary can-do, can-achieve, can-happen, will happen ... Read more

  • What it feels like to be an obese woman in today's society.

    1/16/2015 3:33:05 PM, by KASSIKAY2015

    I feel so wrong; out of place, like I don't belong in a society full of "perfect" women. Every where I look: online, tv, in the store, outside, I feel like I am not what I am supposed to be. Therefore, I am less than those women who have great bodies. And what is up with this HUGE obsession over wo... Read more

  • Losing weight, feeling like Jason Bourne

    1/16/2015 3:00:31 PM, by RELEASETHESTARS

    Am I really down another 6 pounds? I haven't exercised in weeks...all I am doing is counting calories. In the beginning I chose not to count calories because I found it a truly maddening routine. Now I do keep track of calories but... Read more

  • My Daily Bible Verse 01/16/2015

    1/16/2015 2:12:19 PM, by PRINCESS1959

    Psalm 37:23-24 New International Version If the Lord delights in a man's way, he makes his steps firm; though he stumble, he will not fall, for the Lord upholds him with his hand. King James Version The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way. Though he fall... Read more

  • I want off this Merry Go Round

    1/16/2015 12:19:27 PM, by TINKFAN2

    When going on vacation, I want to enjoy the scenery, enjoy my girls, make memories. I would not want it to end before it started. When going on vacation, there is always planning to do, where you are going, how much will it cost, what will you do, etc. You can get in your car and just go, but wit... Read more

  • SP Late Night Snacks under 150 calories--with pictures

    1/16/2015 9:10:52 AM, by CTUPTON

    Thanks MILP3!
    _or_less ... Read more

  • 7 Super Soups from SP-- soup is great in the winter season!

    1/16/2015 9:07:44 AM, by CTUPTON
    /blog.asp?post=7_super_soups ... Read more

  • Blogging..

    1/16/2015 8:41:24 AM, by MAMARUNNING4GOD

    Since I have my own website/running blog that i keep updated daily, I forget to blog here. I've had a good week. My half marathon training is moving along. This Saturday my long run goes up by one mile from 4 to 5. So this week my shorter runs during the week went up from 3 to 4 miles. It will... Read more

  • I am so proud of myself!!

    1/16/2015 7:59:52 AM, by ELLAPOOR

    I went out and ate with my family and I was very good. I did order anything super size and I did not over eat. I even share my onions rings with the whole family so that I would eat 4 small onions at the most. Which that is something I would not have done because I love onion rings. That is a st... Read more

  • January 15, 2015

    1/16/2015 12:14:40 AM, by CALLMEALLIE90

    Evening everybody, So after the responses I got to my last blog, I felt the need to blog again tonight concerning some things. Today was a bit of a flop for me cause I didn't get to work out or track really anything because I was with my fiance. I woke up mad at him because of some th... Read more

  • Healthy snacks-if the picture loaded correctly..

    1/15/2015 8:26:29 PM, by CTUPTON

    Please see the article for beter pictures to motivate you. From a recent spark article:
    nack_smarter_in_2015 ... Read more

  • Week One: Complete. I CAN do this!

    1/15/2015 12:32:35 PM, by KASSIKAY2015

    This week has been fairly easy, I did have one day that I went over my calorie limit; but overall it was a success. I am really proud of myself for sticking to this lifestyle change I am wanting to make. One week may not seem much to some of you, but it means so much to me. Out of all of the hundred... Read more

  • Sick since New Year's, weighing, painting rooms

    1/15/2015 9:55:14 AM, by BECKYF3506

    It's been a rough start to 2015. My dh has been sick with some long-lasting respiratory virus since two days after Christmas, then I caught it on New Year's Eve. Here it is the middle of January, and we're just getting back to normal. We still have coughs, but they're getting better too. Our me... Read more

  • Another step toward my goal.

    1/15/2015 7:56:26 AM, by ELLAPOOR

    All I have to do is keep on stepping and I will get there. It is going to be a long road but I know I can make all I have to do is keep on stepping. I hope everyone is have a good week.... Read more

  • Jan. 14, 2015

    1/14/2015 10:16:44 PM, by MORGANSMOM52

    Today was a "day off" which is actually not a good thing. It simply means that I don't have enough pts. to see. Since I get paid by the visit, that is not good. I'm contemplating looking for either a second job or a different job. I really don't want to do either but.....bills must be paid.... Read more

  • list

    1/14/2015 8:42:38 PM, by IMREITE

    one more thing off the list... Read more

  • You will only fail if you give up!

    1/14/2015 3:18:33 PM, by KASSIKAY2015

    SO, these last six days I have done so fantastically with tracking my food, drinking tons of water; no pop, remaining within my calorie range and making overall healthy choices. However, last night a terrible craving for sweets hit me like the dang plague. Ughhhh, so my strength dwindled and I ended... Read more

  • An update

    1/14/2015 12:41:04 PM, by CELAMANTIA

    Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana. It's hard to believe my current "journey" (oh I know that word gets so overused in weight loss but it is what it is) has been going on almost four years now. For two and a half of those years I made amazing progress, losing an official 107 ... Read more

  • First Weigh-In & Reflection

    1/14/2015 11:08:19 AM, by CALLMEALLIE90

    So this is definitely a change from what I've usually been doing since I started blogging on here. It's currently 9:48am and I usually blog at night but this was an exciting morning already and I just had to get the words out and reflect on some things before I lost it. The scale was good to m... Read more

  • I feel GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1/14/2015 7:57:38 AM, by ELLAPOOR

    I took my blood sugar last night 2 hours after eating dinner and it was 90. I feel great and oh how I missed that feeling. I have more energy this morning then I have had. I just cannot think why I went back to eating like I was for the past 2 months. I want to feel this way from now on. All I ... Read more

  • Jan. 13, 2015

    1/13/2015 4:38:43 PM, by MORGANSMOM52

    I need to go shopping. Get things that are easy and can be kept in the car (I'm a homecare nurse and I'm on the road A LOT) I don't like to spend money on buying lunch very often and frankly, I'm too lazy to put something together before I leave in the morning. As a result, there are days when I ... Read more

  • My Daily Bible Verse 01/13/2015

    1/13/2015 2:07:35 PM, by PRINCESS1959

    Philippians 3:13-14 New International Version Brothers, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. K... Read more

  • Still getting back on track.

    1/13/2015 8:17:11 AM, by ELLAPOOR

    Last night was not a good night I ate more then I was suppose for dinner, but that is not going to stop me. I did not get this way over night and I am not change this over night. I will have to keep telling myself that this is for a lift time. I have to change everything even the way I thing abou... Read more

  • Best diet

    1/13/2015 12:52:39 AM, by IMREITE

    THE BEST DIET IS THE ONE YOU DON’T’ KNOW YOU’RE ON – from mindless eating by Brian Wansink ... Read more

  • wake up positive

    1/12/2015 8:55:30 PM, by IMREITE

    i read that someone said their trick to a posiitive outlook on life is to wake up each morning with a positive thought. i generally have an insult for my alarm clock on work days. but i will work on this one.... Read more

  • Week 3 of 5k training

    1/12/2015 8:33:43 PM, by JUDITHROXANA

    Woo Hoo! Tomorrow I am starting week 3 of my 5k training! I will be walking for 3 minutes and jogging for 2 minutes for 25 minutes! It feels great to finally do what I should have done a long time ago! I am excited to see the difference that my training will make when I play soccer on the 25th. ... Read more

  • Exercise- it's a love/hate relationship

    1/12/2015 8:32:26 PM, by KASSIKAY2015

    So today I joined a spark team challenge of exercising 10 minutes a day for one month, and day one is complete. I just wish that I was one of those people who loved exercise and have tons of energy for it, but I don't. I hate getting hot, sweaty, and out of breath and I feel totally self conscience ... Read more

  • Is it 2015

    1/12/2015 2:28:40 PM, by WINKEL730

    I can see when I was active in Spark People (2012), I was losing weight and healthier. It just so happened today that I decided to log my food intake. I decided Spark People is the best platform. I started reading my goals, other messages, and hope this sets me up for some good healthy living in ... Read more

  • My plan for success.

    1/12/2015 1:07:03 PM, by KASSIKAY2015

    My plan for success is easy; Don't make any changes that you won't be happy doing for the rest of your life. Simple. Because what my past failures have taught me, is that I can't only consume celery and water and exercise 2 hours every day. So I'll quit. But I can make small changes everyday; like t... Read more