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  • (Non)candy bar comparison

    2/25/2017 6:11:13 PM, by CTUPTON

    198 something like a cookie that won't trigger my sweet tooth. Here is a comparison chart .
    comparison-let-the-data-speak and
    g/weighing-in-on-energy-bars... Read more

  • Make Nutty Raspberry Cookie Treats

    2/25/2017 2:23:00 PM, by CTUPTON

    Ingredients Nonstick cooking spray 3 cups whole grain brown rice crisp cereal, such as Gluten Free Rice Krispies brand 1 cup regular rolled oats 1 cup freeze-dried raspberries, such as Just Berries brand 1/2 cup sliced almonds or chopped peanuts 3 tablespo... Read more

  • Have you used freeze dried fruits?

    2/25/2017 1:06:30 PM, by CTUPTON
    +raspberries&tbm=shop&* One of the recipes to satisfy a sweet tooth had freeze dried raspberries. I never bought these. Yes, very expensive. chris... Read more

  • Thank you-my great sparkfriends

    2/25/2017 1:04:56 PM, by CTUPTON

    I am feeling much better. Not perfect. But I can face the world again. I read all your messages. 213 I took a drive to the library to pick up the Roosevelt book I had ordered: Not Ordinary Times. I ate an avocado I had frozen. 247 chris... Read more

  • My biggest motivator...

    2/25/2017 1:04:00 PM, by CONNIEKACZ1

    Big thank you to Barbara, she keeps me on track and focused on the long term goal of the completion of Dirty Girl Mud run in may 17.... Read more

  • Smile, I am back ... Day One Lifestyle Change

    2/25/2017 12:03:21 PM, by STORMIE62

    Diets fail because there is an “on” and an “off.” If you go “on” something, at some point in time you have to go “off” of it. Yes, you may lose weight initially. You may drop a size or two from not eating carbs. But in six months, a year, or five years, has the weight come back? No one ca... Read more

  • This should not devistate me, but...

    2/25/2017 8:05:13 AM, by CTUPTON

    All that happened is that the DMV wants my original SS card . I have had it forever, but now, after moving, I can't find it. 24 Yes, I can get a new one free. I tried logging in to the SS site. My PW would not work! 24 I will try phoning them, but today is Saturday so they probably are n... Read more

  • Instead of ice cream

    2/25/2017 7:30:38 AM, by CTUPTON

    From a sparkfriend: Pulverize bananas in the blender with some different additives, sometimes fruit, or nut butter, sometimes a little unsweetened coconut powder, and usually a little unsweetened almond or soy milk which I make in another milk machine. I put the mixture in the fridge for about a ha... Read more

  • I have been craving sweets! So here are some tips...

    2/24/2017 2:57:24 PM, by CTUPTON

    1. Use cinnamon. Cinnamon is one of those spices that lends a sweet flavor and sprinkling it on different foods is just enough to give the illusion of a sweet treat. Cinnamon mixed with unsweetened apple sauce can taste like dessert. 2. Turn to nut butters. Nut butters, even the natural kin... Read more


    2/24/2017 12:16:48 PM, by MSANN59

    hey guys my dayghter lost her father-inlaw this morning and today my granddaughter birthday she 18 and my daughters was yesterday 49so i am just reminding all to love and communicate while family members and friends are still here be treated has you want to be treated with respect and kindness so if... Read more

  • I tend not to check in...but back at it

    2/24/2017 11:25:40 AM, by MISSCATY

    Having to go through a second biometric assessment (the first one has not yet posted for the "points" to get a discount on my health insurance) has me thinking that I need to work harder to get better numbers. I have two months. Originally, I was supposed to see one of my doctors a week from ... Read more


    2/23/2017 12:10:53 PM, by MSANN59

    hey ladies we have to keep our mojo going just a middle of the week reminded put you first cant help others if you not taking care of who YOU so just thinking about those 5 pounds or 100 pounds that you lost buy you something massage pedicure bracelet dress sooo just remember we going to do our very... Read more

  • Exhaustion

    2/23/2017 5:57:45 AM, by HLANIER4

    I am having issues sleeping, which usually I try to take either an Advil PM or Melatonin. Last night I felt so tired, so I didn't take anything. Big mistake. I'm going to try to rock this day!... Read more

  • Fitness Tuesday

    2/21/2017 8:05:08 PM, by HLANIER4

    Today is my 3rd Tuesday in a row of walking at school. It's nice to walk with others as I work on my fitness goals.... Read more

  • New Routine for Everyone

    2/21/2017 7:43:34 PM, by WEBEWOMAN

    So this OTR Truck Driver's wife is not going to be one anymore. Yep, hubby is getting a different job. He'll be home every night! In the long run it'll be great! It'll just be an adjustment for all of us. Our boys will miss the Semi parked in our driveway every weekend but will be happy that he's ho... Read more

  • Montabaur Heights , Clarence, NY near Buffalo. Our new home.

    2/21/2017 10:50:05 AM, by CTUPTON

    All websites for senior living emphasize the VERY BEST about themselves. So view with a grain of salt. Living here brings things down to a human level. But we have liked this place. Tricky to find something with enough help for John that I will like also. This ... Read more

  • I need diabetic dessert recipes to give to our kitchen head

    2/21/2017 7:21:10 AM, by CTUPTON
    t-recipes?page=5 Included in our rent is breakfast and dinner. They don't provide much in the way of desserts for diabetics. Plenty of high calorie, high sugar, high fat desserts daily! But very... Read more

  • SP article: 40 one pot meals

    2/21/2017 7:12:26 AM, by CTUPTON
    with_less_than_500_calories I am not much of a cook. I hope this article will inspire me! chris... Read more

  • Frustrated but hopeful.

    2/20/2017 8:16:06 PM, by ANGELIADEANNE

    Went to see the orthopedic surgeon about my carpel tunnel today. I need surgery on both hands. 24 I cant get the surgery until I'm off the blood thinner I'm taking for my pulmonary embolisms. So it will be in April hopefully. Until then he gave me a new medicine to deal with the pain. My finge... Read more

  • Mondays

    2/20/2017 7:09:14 PM, by HLANIER4

    What a beautiful day to have off today. I managed to take the doggy for a walk after I exercised this morning. It felt so good. It makes me more anxious for Spring, spring flowers, and more importantly, beautiful days.... Read more

  • Lecture downstairs on stained glass windows of Buffalo, NY

    2/20/2017 1:15:58 PM, by CTUPTON

    Holmes Chapel - Nave Stained Glass Windows Westminster Presbyterian Church 724 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo. I am assuming some of Frank Lloyd Wright's windows will be shown too. It is at our new home --an independent senior living complex near Buffalo, NY. chris 268... Read more

  • Instapot--brown rice was perfect after 22 min (manually set) and cool down

    2/20/2017 1:07:01 PM, by CTUPTON

    104 4 I did add a little more water than the recommended 2.5 cups. Now, what should I cook next? 38 4 Thanks about the info about comparison to a stove pressure cooker. This Instapot--set it up and forget it. Just turn it off or it will stay on "warm" for a very long time. ... Read more

  • 2017 GYM GOALS

    2/20/2017 12:40:00 PM, by MSANN59

    hey all do you use all that available to you at your gym or at home i have been trying all new routines to push my body started the 30 day abs and 30 day squat challenge this my first day i do squats and abs everyday but this routine work your body so come ladies we got to get fired up summer coming... Read more

  • Non Scale Victory

    2/20/2017 2:22:41 AM, by PIPSANDMSMAMA79

    I'm going to make this short and sweet. I've been busting my booty working out 5 days a week and it feels amazing. Yes, I have to battle my inner sloth who just wants to sit down, but I have finally gotten to the point where I'm enjoying my workouts. There are a few that kick my butt from time to ti... Read more

  • Getting it!

    2/19/2017 6:09:29 PM, by ZEAJIN

    I've not been working out for about a week so I'm starting to add more movement back in.... Read more

  • What to do about brain fog. Hmm... food for thought

    2/19/2017 3:32:59 PM, by CTUPTON
    l-medicine-expert-explains.html... Read more


    2/19/2017 10:41:00 AM, by MSANN59

    hey guys just thing that we dont think about i got up first this morning my hubby say i feel like little girl so small but he said i use to mash him all the time getting up and i snored so hard he couldnt rest rolled all on him to get out of bed just to dang big thighs rub together and omg just to h... Read more

  • Learning to use the Instapot (pressure cooker)

    2/19/2017 10:38:59 AM, by CTUPTON

    This is kind of scary. I first actually read the manual! It is recommended you do a test run with 3 liters of water in it. 248 Now, I want to cook brown rice. It takes so long when boiling it on the stove. Even in the Instapot pressure cooker it takes 22 min. pressure cooking... Read more

  • A sunny day

    2/19/2017 8:32:22 AM, by HLANIER4

    Well, it's sunny outside today. I think it's supposed to be good weather today. I'm going to try to clean house, get a nice dog walk and hopefully get some stuff done today.... Read more

  • At it agian!

    2/19/2017 2:04:42 AM, by MAMI249

    I just keep coming back here when I get "serious" about making change happen! Since my LAST entry we've purchased a house, a new van, HAD A SURPRISE BABY!! and.........I've gained soooo soooo much weight :-( Sad to admit but I'm much closer to 300 then my goal of getting under 200. I'm lu... Read more

  • Too much chaos

    2/18/2017 7:56:02 PM, by TOMMYSANGEL13

    So with all the chaos here right now my whole30 reset has been postponed til tomorrow. God willing all will work out for me to restart tomorrow, no time to excercise. it's too cold and wet outside, the YMCA is closed and there's just not a lot that I'm physically capable of doing right now with th... Read more


    2/18/2017 11:01:59 AM, by MSANN59

    hey guys had awesome cardio workout this morning because i upped my excercise to 6 days a week so i meet people that i dont see during the week met this couple they are in my position with health issues and weight to get off hubby and wife they parents got them gym memberships i showed them my old... Read more

  • Mark Hyman's food pyramid explained

    2/17/2017 6:54:34 PM, by CTUPTON

    The Pegan Diet Rules 1. Focus on the glycemic load of your diet. This can be done on a vegan or paleo diet, but is harder to do on a purely vegan diet. Focus on more protein and fats, such as nuts (but not peanuts), seeds (flax, chia, hemp, sesame, pumpkin), coconut, avocados, sardines, olive ... Read more

  • Food Pyramid per Mark Hyman

    2/17/2017 6:48:43 PM, by CTUPTON
    at-and-sick/#lightbox/1/ The link has much better graphics than I can put here.... Read more


    2/17/2017 12:15:39 PM, by MSANN59

    Wow i feel soooo honored and humble but i am so proud of myself for taking a whole on my health and benefits that come with life style changes small clothes bsl levels lowered bp meds down and i am smaller version i put my goal at 140 for my knees so i dont have to have knee replacements but remembe... Read more

  • Exhaustion and goals

    2/17/2017 6:18:13 AM, by HLANIER4

    I'm exhausted and finding the daily grind of everything is wearing on me. Maybe I need to set some small goals to help me focus on feeling better. Any ideas?... Read more

  • To motivate myself to use the "Instant Pot" I just bought

    2/16/2017 3:54:56 PM, by CTUPTON

    ... Read more

  • Frustrations-continuing saga

    2/16/2017 3:39:21 PM, by CTUPTON

    I FINALLY actually started filling out the forms for the NYS DMV! We moved here Oct. 8, 2016. The DMV stuff has been a source od anxiety for months. I was told to get NYS auto insurance if I did nothing else. Just in case police pulled me over for something. I did that much. Got the insurance c... Read more

  • A course in our new senior apartment complex: History of the Catholic Church

    2/16/2017 3:19:04 PM, by CTUPTON

    The teacher is a priest who is quite an interesting person! He tends to be abrasive, but people who get to know his experience with agent orange have great tolerance for his present personality. He is brilliant and taught church history in a boys school. Once he asked a question. I ans... Read more

  • Dietician update

    2/16/2017 3:18:57 PM, by PROJECTCHRISSIE

    So I went to the dietician on Wednesday, and she said that my diet seems OK, I am eating in moderation and as long as I keep doing that it is a good thing, she said that my walking and exercise was good and that I should just try to incorporate set meals instead of nibbling and snacking throughout t... Read more

  • Down 3.5

    2/16/2017 5:26:07 AM, by HLANIER4

    I'm down 3.5 lbs this week for a total of 96.5 lbs lost. I'm so close to my next goal that I can taste it. I'm so excited!!!... Read more

  • The Whole30

    2/15/2017 11:10:30 PM, by TOMMYSANGEL13

    My husband and I finished our 30 days of our first Whole30 on 2/11 but didn't have the chance to do reintroduction the right way. we both saw many good changes and preferred the way we ate on the whole30 over. So the way we eat when we're not.My blood sugar has been at normal levels, Skin issues... Read more

  • Yikes

    2/15/2017 9:09:16 PM, by MRSSMITH622

    02/11/17 Yesterday I thought I might be having a heart attack. My heart was racing. I felt dizzy. I felt shaky. I felt scared. I was at work. Can you imagine being the fat waitress having a heart attack at work? The cliché. The horror. Not to mention if I died. What if I died? What if as I near... Read more

  • Sidelined

    2/15/2017 8:24:03 PM, by HLANIER4

    Here I sit with my workout clothes on and trying to get motivated. Well, I'm not sure I'm going to make it. I have bad knee pains where I once had ACL surgery and my side hurts for some weird reason. Maybe it's my body's way of sidelining me, so that I don't make the knee worse. I want to workou... Read more

  • Some tips on connecting with the unconscious mind....

    2/14/2017 8:09:27 PM, by CTUPTON
    e-Subconscious-Mind-Power 2 Break out of your old habits. The unconscious mind works largely through recognized patterns and habits in your everyday life. It's what allows your brain to go into "autopilot" while you drive to work or walk to the subway. Sometimes... Read more

  • Time spent with cats is never wasted...

    2/14/2017 7:46:58 PM, by CTUPTON

    ... Read more

  • Sorry, not sorry, sorry

    2/14/2017 1:29:09 PM, by MRSSMITH622

    2/4/2017 I am fat. Not chubby or chunky but morbidly obese. I am closing in on 300 pounds. I need to pump the breaks. I need to lose some weight to be healthier. I need to really lose some weight because my last Disney trip the seat belt on the plane barely clipped. That would have been a nig... Read more


    2/14/2017 12:26:54 PM, by MSANN59

    happy valentines day has i think about how far i have come from last year just amazes me consistent and motivation is the key my trainer at gym i don t use trainer just tips every other month she gave me 2 tshirts with my gym because she so proud of me i am doing this myself one of guys that bge the... Read more

  • Happy Valentin's Day!

    2/14/2017 10:41:46 AM, by ANGELIADEANNE

    Me and husband had Valentine's yesterday. We had steak. He is a very good guy. He surprised me with a new bird feeder and some things for the kitchen. Both things I love. I did go over calories though. Not happy about that. I will have to do some extra walking to day I guess but it was worth it.... Read more

  • Good thing about insomnia

    2/14/2017 6:08:42 AM, by HLANIER4

    The good thing about is that I was aware enough to get a short workout in this morning, which I plan on doing another short workout after work. My school has a "wellness Tuesday" initiative where we are able to earn a jeans pass for walking at least a mile after school on Tuesdays. I was nervous abo... Read more

  • Decor idea I had not thought of before

    2/13/2017 9:58:54 PM, by CTUPTON

    It is a mural. Online there is actually a number of these to choose from. chris... Read more


    2/13/2017 12:11:47 PM, by MSANN59

    hey guys started on the ellipitical machine today starting out slowly really going to like it for my knees i do rowing machine and zumba class trying to keep changing my routine to get full body all all boosting my floor excercises also and looking toward my maintenace phase after 40 more pounds i w... Read more

  • Winter has been tough

    2/13/2017 9:35:27 AM, by JANNY316

    This winter has been the worst I have experienced in a very long time. We haven't had much bad weather, but I have had 4 infections this season since the last week of November. Sinus infections, bronchitis, ear infections. They have finally decided that medications that I am to control my RA are ... Read more

  • Monday

    2/13/2017 6:11:23 AM, by HLANIER4

    It's a Monday and again I feel like I am just exhausted and going through the motions. I hope you have a great day! I'm going to try to fake it until I make it:)... Read more

  • Good weather for an easy hike

    2/12/2017 2:33:18 PM, by HLANIER4

    Well, it was gloomy today, but the perfect weather for a hike. I enjoyed some me time out in the woods. I'm glad I was able to carve out some time today.... Read more


    2/12/2017 11:52:27 AM, by MSANN59

    hey guys been crazy week we changed insurance went to atena bad mistake with our insulin now we are with Care Improvement Plus so we can get our insulin at 47.00 a month but i have to pay for my gym membership until next year no problem my goal is still the same size 10 jeans life just throw so much... Read more

  • from Mark Hyman--about good fats

    2/12/2017 9:25:33 AM, by CTUPTON

    10. Your body gives you signs whether or not you are getting enough quality fat. The higher-quality the fat, the better your body will function. That’s because the body uses the fat you eat to build cell walls. You have more than 10 trillion cells in your body, and every single one of them needs hig... Read more

  • Chocolate Week

    2/11/2017 11:33:45 PM, by PIPSANDMSMAMA79

    It's that time of month again. The time where I just can't seem to overcome my desire for that rich, delicious, smooth cocoa-y treat that is chocolate. I used to eat almost a whole bag of Hershey kisses or Dove Promises in one sitting. That was not healthy at all, but... Recently, I joined the ... Read more

  • Thoughts

    2/11/2017 7:00:02 PM, by ZEAJIN

    I know a few people that really love shakeology and even though I do wish it was available in the UK, part of me thinks the price is just to exploit overweight people desperate to lose weight. I'm by no means dissing the product or those that sell it. I've tried it and thought it was okay but the pr... Read more

  • Ninety one

    2/10/2017 7:11:09 PM, by PIPSANDMSMAMA79

    Today was a crazy warm day here in the Texas panhandle. It got up to 91!!! It was a bit windy, but so warm and nice that the kids and I had to go out to the town track and walk a bit. I didn't get a decent picture of my son because he was grumpy, but his attitude did improve when a friendly pit bu... Read more

  • Gym membership

    2/10/2017 6:12:10 AM, by HLANIER4

    Well, I've emailed a local gym to book a tour. I was going to one, but when the 3 month membership was up in decided to start hiking and working out at home. I need more, thpugh, so here I go.... Read more

  • We Deserve Better

    2/9/2017 5:51:09 PM, by FREAKFLAG

    Well, I don't write here very often but I've been wanting to make this post for a few weeks now. This seemed like the best place to share my feelings. My husband and I went to Red Robin for his birthday near the end of January (because you get a free burger!). I decided to change up what I norm... Read more

  • Negative feedback

    2/9/2017 5:51:31 AM, by HLANIER4

    Last night, I was looking at wedding dresses and made a comment about how I liked one, but it would look horrible on me. Then, my partner made a comment about how I would look great in it. Of course, I dismissed him. Then, he goes on to say I'm starting to turn into skin and bones. Whaaaaat? I stil... Read more


    2/9/2017 5:40:30 AM, by PROJECTCHRISSIE

    So I have always been struggliing with my weight, and have it yo-yoing. So when my finger nails went yellow i decided to visit the doctors and find out why. i don't smoke so the yellowing could have been caused by something else. I thought at first that the green nail varnish I had used at Christ... Read more

  • 9th Feb

    2/9/2017 4:12:06 AM, by JHAMILT9

    Challenge today was challenging. Weather is SO hot at the moment. We're at the beginning of a heat wave. I'm struggling with staying hydrated. Eating. I have had a few iceblocks today to keep cool. Just need to keep my goals in the forefront of my mind. I'm not focusing on exercise at the moment. My... Read more

  • Fifteen

    2/9/2017 12:45:21 AM, by PIPSANDMSMAMA79

    To whomever may have had the disadvantage of coming across my humble blog from yestereve, I apologize. I have to admit, I am being a bit whiny. I'm pretty sure I'm letting hormones make me feel worse than I should. I did have a better day today. I am still not feeling super pleased about the dance t... Read more

  • Ug. Rain=headache

    2/8/2017 8:50:37 PM, by HLANIER4

    Yuck. My workout was sidelined by a headache. That totally bites!... Read more

  • Day 12 (again)

    2/8/2017 3:24:24 PM, by SCRAPPYGAL1

    Wow. Amazed at how well things are going. I've had a couple days where I felt a little obsessed about sugar and snacks, but I got through them. I don't generally have this trouble at home - mainly it happens at work. I sit in front of a computer all day and my mouth gets bored. Does that make se... Read more

  • Had A Bad Day

    2/7/2017 11:45:14 PM, by PIPSANDMSMAMA79

    No, unlike my title might suggest, I didn't have a bad eating or fitness day. I just had a bad day. I was moody and had a hard time sleeping last night. I was itchy, and annoyed, and the covers weren't right. I don't typically have such a hard time with that. I woke up 5 minutes after the bus time, ... Read more


    2/7/2017 12:13:57 PM, by MSANN59

    hey guys i have been fighting for my insulin since last week me and hubby were with humana so they didnt cover our doctor so we went to aetna co-pay and deductible on insulin 185.00 plus 47.00 for each of us so i have app today had to get insulin from dr until march 1 will be with well care i am exh... Read more

  • Favourite quote

    2/7/2017 6:48:36 AM, by JHAMILT9

    Lying in bed writing this. Don't have many quotes on hand. But love the one about you can live everyday but you need to live everyday.... Read more

  • One week until VD

    2/7/2017 6:14:32 AM, by HLANIER4

    It's one week until Valentines Day. I like this holiday, because it's one of the few times my hubby becomes romantic. I find myself thinking, though, about some of the negatives about it, though. I keep thinking about the fact that chocolate is a big part of the day and part of me doesn't want it t... Read more

  • A Walk At Sunset

    2/7/2017 12:28:26 AM, by PIPSANDMSMAMA79

    This weekend was not very good for my, for a lack of better words at the moment, "diet". My family drove two and a half hours to see my dad in Oklahoma. Then we ended up at my sister in law's house for a super bowl party. I did not do horribly, or anything like I used to, but the foods I ate were... Read more

  • Notes from the UNIVERSE

    2/6/2017 3:25:36 PM, by CTUPTON

    CHRISTINE, you have a track record here, have you forgotten? Little... teensy... tiny... That's how all of your present issues, challenges, and so-called problems will one day soon appear. And then you'll wonder - one hot summer's eve as you're floating lazily across your swimming pool... Read more

  • Days 23 - 37

    2/6/2017 11:22:41 AM, by MAMA_OF_4

    Wow I haven't been blogging things have been hectic, my eldest daughter is home from the center she was at so no more 3 hour drives woohoo. She got home just in time for my youngest daughters cheer competition season to start so I am still travelling just not nearly as far. We learned tons of in... Read more

  • It's Monday!

    2/6/2017 6:13:37 AM, by HLANIER4

    Such a busy week this week between work, class tonight, doctor's appointment tomorrow, school meeting Thursday, and being the mom taxi it makes life crazy. My goal is to put in at least 300-350 minutes of fitness this week and stay on track for 6 out of 7 days, since I seem to be only to stick to 5... Read more

  • Go Falcons!

    2/5/2017 8:00:32 PM, by HLANIER4

    So, we decided to watch our home team at home this year. Food wise, I'm happy to not to focus on what I can eat and drink. I miss hanging out with my friends, but my crazy husband is such a fan that he didn't want to be bothered with others tonight. So, a mixed blessing? I guess so :)... Read more

  • Size 12

    2/4/2017 6:34:07 PM, by HLANIER4

    I can't believe it! I can wear a size 12! I'm in complete and utter shock.... Read more


    2/4/2017 12:37:33 PM, by MSANN59

    hey all hope you weekend starting out well i have dentures so i was 345 pounds now 195 so my teeth dont even come close to fitting my gums have shrink so i got to wait until am at maintaing weight to get new teeth i bet no one have thought about that and oh yea hairstyle your body and transformation... Read more

  • I am drowning --again

    2/4/2017 3:56:48 AM, by CTUPTON

    Things are happening way faster than I can handle: -2 new pharmacies for our meds-this has been nerve wracking to set up! One pharmacy says they can't do it because I am giving them the wrong insurance number-so why can 2 other pharmacies do this? Hubbies pharmacy had no problem and "my" pharm... Read more

  • Yay, it's Friday!

    2/3/2017 6:21:47 AM, by HLANIER4

    I will be good today. I want to be good today. Friday is a tough day for me, so my goal is to make good choices today. I can do it!... Read more

  • Oh, no

    2/2/2017 8:58:31 PM, by HLANIER4

    My hubby went to bed early, so when I finished working out I turned off the tv. I could hear him snoring loud and clear already. Better to go ahead and just sleep in the guest bedroom, a.k.a. dog's room. He's in the process of completing a sleep test, so hopefully we'll get some answers soon. Some... Read more

  • 2-2-2017

    2/2/2017 10:01:59 AM, by 2BELIEVIN

    My life has been in a funk for quite sometime now. Along with that I either have the best or worst support system depending on how you look at it, lol. My family & friends love me for me, hence the best, but are also instigators when it comes to bad habits, hence the worst. I already know most of ... Read more

  • Peter Pan story and modern brain function theories!

    2/2/2017 9:30:44 AM, by CTUPTON

    On my FB came up a fascinating idea! That the writer of Peter Pan incorporated scientific ideas about brain theory into his stories! Here is one example from the Peter Pan story: Mapping the mind Consider the following episode at the very start of Peter and Wendy’s adventures: ... Read more

  • Hey everyone!

    2/1/2017 8:06:56 PM, by HLANIER4

    I always think that I want to write a profound blog with depth and emotion, but tonight I just want to say "hi".... Read more

  • My First Month Progress

    2/1/2017 3:32:19 PM, by PIPSANDMSMAMA79

    Today was my monthly time not just to weigh, but to measure too. I have to admit, I'm fairly pleased with the results. The other day I didn't have a loss on my Monday "weigh day" and at the wonderful advice of several of my awesome Spark friends, I have decided to switch my weigh day to Wednesday so... Read more

  • Just under 10K steps yesterday

    2/1/2017 9:42:17 AM, by BECKYF3506

    I ended up with just under 10K steps when I took my Fitbit off last night. That wasn't even by doing any purposeful walking. It was just from going to the grocery store and being busy around the house. (NEAT=non-exercise activity thermogenesis) Once I get the 8 pounds I regained off, it's on to... Read more

  • As the years go by

    2/1/2017 5:46:10 AM, by PROJECTCHRISSIE

    We are into the second month of 2017. How the years are going past so fast? I guess I have to stop procrastinating about my weight and how to lose it, starting my journey over and over again, I tell myself that eventually I will reach my destination. at the moment it is like one step forward and t... Read more

  • Do you think...

    1/31/2017 8:27:55 PM, by HLANIER4

    Those 30 day work out plans really work?... Read more

  • Day 4 (again)

    1/31/2017 3:35:22 PM, by SCRAPPYGAL1

    Year after year I look for an 'easier softer' way to get this weight off. Year after year it doesn't happen. After much research, DH and I have decided to cut the carbs. Not entirely, we'll still eat non-starchy vegetables and some fruit, but the simple carbs must go. I'm no scientist, but I swear... Read more

  • Self-care

    1/31/2017 12:54:38 PM, by CTUPTON

    I found this on FB --a team for people with TBIs. But it is appropriate for anyone, I thought. chris... Read more

  • 2017 A1C MY GOAL

    1/31/2017 12:08:29 PM, by MSANN59

    hey guys i am diabetic trying to get a1c down in the 7 i am at 8.4 not good so all diabetes we going to do this i have lost 165 pounds in size 14 but insulin just 22units a day but going to get this in the books also because i am fired up my health and me comes first who all with me got to up my exc... Read more

  • A cartoon link on sparkpeople! I am just found this!

    1/31/2017 8:28:41 AM, by CTUPTON

    I looked up the personal sparkpage of a sparkpeople expert. It was under "sheenadee." That led me to funnies.
    unnies-cartoon.asp?id=278 593 244 chris... Read more

  • When The Scale Doesn't Budge

    1/30/2017 6:50:36 PM, by PIPSANDMSMAMA79

    Today was "weigh day". Every Monday I wake up and make almost a ritual out of weighing myself which only happens on Monday morning before I've eaten or dressed. For a month I've been getting great results and I really thought today would be the same. I've been trying to come to terms with it all day... Read more

  • After decades of gaining, I finally lost weight in 2016

    1/30/2017 10:54:18 AM, by BECKYF3506

    After decades of gaining every year, I finally lost some weight in 2016, but NOT for a good reason. My husband died in the spring. His death shattered my heart, and turned my life upside down. I lost 10 pounds in the first week he was gone because I could barely swallow a mouthful of anything.... Read more

  • So tired

    1/30/2017 6:12:57 AM, by HLANIER4

    I'm so tired today and it's a Monday. How am I going to make it? I wish on days like today that I had a job where I could just shut the door and be a recluse, but with teaching it's not possible. My hubby has a sleep study this week, so hopefully we'll get some answers soon. He's killing me. I gu... Read more

  • Homemade bisquick but gluten free

    1/29/2017 6:28:49 PM, by CTUPTON

    Gluten-Free Bisquick Mix
    nute-gluten-free-bisquick-mix Course Baked Goods Cook Time 1 minute Total Time 1 minute Author J Trogstad Ingredients • 2 cups GF white rice flour • 1 1/4 cup GF coconut flour •... Read more

  • Criticism

    1/29/2017 2:37:03 PM, by HLANIER4

    I went to see a movie last night that had horrible reviews, but I loved it and was left wondering why it had horrible reviews. It makes me think of my life, though. I'm always looking for the horrible reviews of who I am. I'm not just looking for the reviews that target my looks, but of me as a p... Read more


    1/29/2017 11:27:21 AM, by MSANN59

    hey guys remember our goals we dont want to forget just a reminder we are so dang special i am soo scared at times that all that i have accomplished not just losing 165 pounds but will be married 50 years sept 15 wow i cant believe so just reminding all of us that we are so special i cant say enough... Read more

  • Why I will re-commit to myself every day!

    1/27/2017 2:57:34 PM, by SHINING_ON

    Beginning yesterday, I’m back on crutches. Before that, I was walking with a walking stick for several days to keep weight off the left foot. Dec 2014, I broke my fibula and completely destroyed my ankle. By the grace of a good surgeon, I was sort-of reassembled. High and even medium impact ... Read more