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  • Long weekend

    9/19/2014 10:08:13 AM, by BIGSISTRUCK

    So I have Monday off next week and my husband and I are going to be enjoying it...I just hope I can keep my calories in check! I do have a cheat day planned for Monday, it seems like the last day of the weekend is the most tempting for me for some reason. I plan on trying the new Little Caesar's pre... Read more

  • It's a good day!

    9/15/2014 10:03:31 AM, by BIGSISTRUCK

    So, I ate REALLY well over the weekend, no cheating! It's so hard to do for me sometimes, especially with all of my favorite fall foods popping up everywhere! Also, 4 months ago my blood pressure was borderline high (130/95)...I couldn't believe it when the doctor read it to me...I have no family hi... Read more

  • Feeling good!

    9/9/2014 9:56:22 AM, by BIGSISTRUCK

    The first workout in my Firm rotation went great yesterday! I was so glad to see that the 20 minutes really does work you hard, I was sweating more with it than I ever do with my 30-40 minute step routines! I just have to keep telling myself that I need to do more than just straight up cardio, these... Read more

  • The Firm Express Get Thin in 30

    9/8/2014 10:17:49 AM, by BIGSISTRUCK

    So I'm starting a new work out routine today and I'm excited! It's been hard for me to find time to exercise lately, so these 20 minute intense sessions should be great for me. I'll be doing the routine the workout calls for, as well as my own step DVDs on Tuesday and Thursday (the Express system is... Read more

  • Where I've been

    9/5/2014 12:37:23 PM, by BIGSISTRUCK

    So, I lost my motivation for a while, and logging in to SparkPeople sure made me feel guilty! I admit I haven't been on for that reason. BUT I have managed to lose almost 30 pounds since I've last been on! I actually got up to 160 in June, but after we went on a vacation and I felt disgusting I told... Read more

  • CID2

    9/4/2014 10:45:51 PM, by ASHTREENZ

    I had my second clinic day for the trial that I'm a part of today. Here's my results: 13.8kgs lost or 11.7% of my start weight. 12cms off my waist 8cms off my thigh I forget how much off my hips. I'm down 1-2 sizes in clothing depending on the cut. My skin has cleared. M... Read more