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  • Progress Pictures

    5/26/2017 4:08:13 PM, by DEANNATN

    I didn't realize how much I had lost until facebook showed a memory picture. 2013-2014-2015-2016-2017 Lost 50 pounds since last summer by cutting back on portion sizes. I eat less than half of what I did last summer. First picture is a 3x / 24w last picture a size 14. I feel like a different p... Read more

  • Weights away

    5/26/2017 4:08:01 PM, by ZIPITUP

    I'm putting together a program that works with my running and weight loss. For now what is really working is workouts that use my body weight. Which makes sense since I am carrying around about 20-25 extra pounds. What I am going to do instead of body building with weights is pilates, yoga... Read more

  • Feeling off today, but more in control, new plan

    5/26/2017 1:32:01 PM, by BEACHCALSIX

    All the breakfast ideas in my last blog made me hungry. I'm definitely going to try most of them. I get bored of the same thing every day so trying things helps. I got riced cauliflower and have been using the ground turkey I bought in salads. I'm going to try different protein like eggs and chicken... Read more

  • Frustrated

    5/26/2017 6:03:04 AM, by IDUBRAWSKY

    Stepped on the scale this morning for my weekly weigh-in. I had expected to either stay at the previous weight from last week (173.4) or gone down a little. I went UP! 177.4! I don't understand how either. I worked out at the gym 4 times this week (I still need to go today), I track my food met... Read more

  • Not so fast ...

    5/25/2017 4:04:00 PM, by JEANKNEE

    Lest folks forget ... these cartwheels have, actually, been years in the making. Seriously, they have. Did I consciouly set the goal years ago? No. Doesn't matter. It was June 2013 when I decided enough was enough and heeded the call of my co-worker become fitness buddy and friend - BAPEARMA... Read more

  • focus

    5/25/2017 9:31:00 AM, by COOP9002

    distractions are always a struggle in life. our little church is having trouble staying focused on the mission due to so many good things that need to be done. prayers appreciated.... Read more

  • Spring Challenge day 25

    5/25/2017 9:04:33 AM, by GET2BEFIT

    Goal today is to get my department head to wake up, smell the coffee and let me work. I don't deserve to sit in the cafeteria. That's NOT THE REASON I come to work. I come to make money and get out at the end of my shift. My landlord exterminated my apartment to prevent ants, hugs qnd m... Read more

  • Wednesday Thursday

    5/25/2017 6:20:48 AM, by RO2BENT

    Work went well went for a swim after work I was a little more tired and sore than I anticipated but not unusual given the half marathon a few days ago and I'm sorry again today but that will fade quickly. Mama was late getting home so I had to do dinner and had QT with the kids. Big meeting with dir... Read more

  • Yearly- on the right path to Health

    5/24/2017 3:31:45 PM, by ZIPITUP

    Yearly physical. Passed with flying colors! Still no meds. Health is soooooo important! I will stay on this path. The food is good. I am having fun! Happy Tuesday all! Tomorrow hair appointment 204 Gotta decide to cover grey or not.. I know it will come back lol My hair dress... Read more

  • Cartwheel evidence coming soon ...

    5/24/2017 2:36:40 PM, by JEANKNEE

    Well Sparkadees ... it happened. Today was the day that cartwheels would return to my repertoire. The child that lives within me was literally jumping with joy when Kendall brought my attention to Andrew who was fist pumping from across the gym and beaming ear to ear. Best I've felt r... Read more

  • Victorious mornings!! Any good breakfast ideas?

    5/24/2017 1:10:11 PM, by BEACHCALSIX

    Just a short one to thank everyone for all the ideas for replacement snacks to the horrible cravings. They were so bad all day yesterday. I've never felt it that bad since...maybe since the beginning at my highest weight. I had a low fat bagel with low fat cream cheese which I know isn't the b... Read more

  • Words to ponder... "Slow Suicide By Spoon"...

    5/24/2017 12:18:03 PM, by LDYHAZ

    These were the words I read first thing this morning. Written in another blog. For me it was one of those "Light Bulb" moments. I then went out for an easy recovery run. My mind clears and thoughts just flow in while I run. My morning meditation time. I kept thinking of those words.. "Slo... Read more

  • Wednesday

    5/24/2017 10:05:47 AM, by COOP9002

    tonight will be our first prayer meeting after the big vote last week. hopefully, the attendance will be close to what we've had the past couple of weeks. Blessings... Read more

  • Hellooooo Soreness!

    5/24/2017 9:19:51 AM, by SUSE17

    Ran 4.9 miles at 8:30 last night (had to wait until kids went to bed), and now I am feeling EVERY SINGLE MUSCLE! It's a constant reminder of the good work I did. LOL... Read more

  • Life

    5/24/2017 9:19:29 AM, by SBEAR5

    May has been an exciting and draining month all rolled into one and we still have a week left. LOL We closed on our house on May 12th, however we were able to start moving in on the 8th. Our lease on the apartment was up on the 12th, so our builder let us move into the house a few days earl... Read more

  • Tuesday Wednesday

    5/24/2017 6:34:08 AM, by RO2BENT

    Work is still no big deal legs still sore yesterday but recovering well I'll go for a swim today. Looking forward to quality time with the family every day.... Read more

  • Am i compulsive obsessive?

    5/23/2017 11:05:20 PM, by WINACHST

    Today was a good eating day, if and only if, you do not count the s'mores. I take one Hershey's chocolate bar and break it into 4 pieces. Place each 1/4 on half a graham cracker sheet, top with a marshmallow. Pop it in the microwave for 10 seconds. Place another 1/2 graham cracker on each. Then i ea... Read more

  • Spring Challenge day 24

    5/23/2017 4:10:52 PM, by GET2BEFIT

    My goal was to have maintenance come remove my mattresses filled with bedbugs, get apartment sprayed, and that happened 9:45 AM central time. My doctor has told me I'm not contagious and ok to go to work, my employer is forcing me to stay home and refuses to listen to my doctor. This afternoon ... Read more

  • Tuesday

    5/23/2017 2:01:05 PM, by COOP9002

    it's been a busy and amazing day here at South End. got a nice run in this morning, and getting ready for some activities this evening. Blessings... Read more

  • End of Dieting!

    5/23/2017 1:56:38 PM, by ZIPITUP

    I am not on a diet. This is the way I eat! 334 550 491 551 267 485 368 284 291 372 Rather than keep my way of eating to a 6 week challenge I picked up my copy of The End of Dieting: How to live for LIFE!
    -Live-Life/dp/0062249339 This i... Read more

  • Bad cravings today...I can get through this

    5/23/2017 11:48:07 AM, by BEACHCALSIX

    So I'm really struggling today. I want to eat and eat a lot. But I know it's not really real hunger because when I think about getting something healthy instead, I don't want that. I want something salty or with sugar. It's almost 9am and I've already thought about getting junk 4 times. I keep... Read more

  • Mid-May Update

    5/23/2017 10:56:49 AM, by RAINBOWCHARMER

    Oops. Somehow I missed updating in April. And technically this is a little past the middle of May. But... I'm here! So that's what counts. We missed the Run for the Fallen race in March. I came down with the flu the day before, and was out of commission for 4 days until the Tamiflu stuff start... Read more

  • Memory Lane

    5/23/2017 10:49:19 AM, by MUFFIY831

    Yesterday, I shared that I'm officially (by 0.2 pounds, but whatever) the smallest I've ever been. I was trying to think back to when I might have been this size growing up and my best guess is somewhere around 5th grade. That seems crazy, doesn't it? I was always a chubby kid and just got big... Read more

  • Lost 2 pounds and feeling beautiful

    5/23/2017 9:23:45 AM, by AUNTRENEE

    I lost 2 pounds. I am back down to 201 pounds. I've been stuck at 203 pounds for 3 days. Hopefully I can get back in the 190s before a week from tomorrow. I have to see a neurologist to get a test done on my hands for carpel tunnel. I have been fighting off and on for month now with my hands. The la... Read more

  • Monday Tuesday

    5/23/2017 6:45:28 AM, by RO2BENT

    Legs really not sorry yesterday except quads until the evening being on my legs all the time prepping dinner snacks and my lunch but definitely more sore today in calves and hamstrings and back a little. Going to take another rest day today maybe go for a swim tomorrow... Read more

  • Love that feeling

    5/23/2017 12:17:02 AM, by TIKITAMI

    I love that feeling when you wake up in the morning and you are hungry. Not, I'm so hungry I don't think I'm going to make it, is that a white light, grandma, is that you, hungry. The hungry you wake up with that reminds you that you fueled your body properly the day before and you are want a hea... Read more

  • Spring Challenge day 23

    5/22/2017 10:49:44 PM, by GET2BEFIT

    Weird I didn't set goals today. Somehow I managed to stay in my Sparkpeople calorie range, continue tracking my food and exercise. I do know something : without Sparkpeople I'd still have sleep apnea, mindless eating (I've never heard of it before Sparkpeople! ), yo-yo with weight, ... Read more

  • We all have those times when we just feel lost

    5/22/2017 5:41:51 PM, by JAHAR929

    I've been in a slump. A major one. One of those slumps that kind of keeps you down and doesn't give way for you to come up for air. The kind that feels a little like mild suffocation and all you can do is lay there and hope that it eventually will stop and you can catch your breath. The worst ... Read more

  • Yes! So much starts and ends in the kitchen ...

    5/22/2017 5:33:09 PM, by JEANKNEE

    RBCAN8V recently wrote a blog ... Weight Loss Starts And Ends in the Kitchen!
    idual.asp?blog_id=6364809 As much as I did not want to believe it, my experience has proven it to be true. I've found nutrition far more a factor in ... Read more

  • 32 days ahead

    5/22/2017 12:25:23 PM, by HEALTHY730

    Tomorrow morning I begin my second boot camp journey. The first one showed me what it is and how it feels. This one, I want to show me what I can do. The 4-day detox is green juice upon waking, 48oz lemon water by noon and 48 oz water by bedtime. Up to four protein shakes. Eat from noon to 8pm - g... Read more

  • fun weekend and starting a new week!

    5/22/2017 11:44:37 AM, by BEACHCALSIX

    I had a fun weekend with the family. We went to kidzfest and the kids got to play on bounce houses all day. I actually did really well and got a salad instead of junk. I don't know why I go back to junk, I actually really like the taste of chicken salads, especially with avocado (my weakness). I don... Read more

  • SQUEEEEEE! Adios Plateau, Hello Lowest Weight SO FAR.

    5/22/2017 11:30:53 AM, by MUFFIY831

    OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG you guys! This morning I officially weighed in the lowest I have ever been. Well, since approximately 5th grade or so?? A few months ago, my old Registered Dietician (RD) upped my protein significantly. After an 8 week plateau, I finally lost a pound. I mean, yay progress... Read more

  • Monday

    5/22/2017 10:32:26 AM, by COOP9002

    it's a rainy Monday here in Maryland today. hope you're having a good day wherever you are. Blessings... Read more

  • Sunday Monday

    5/22/2017 7:04:35 AM, by RO2BENT

    Felt good to get out and race again at that half marathon yesterday. We got rained on again but I was prepared with rain jacket and umbrella's. Then had lunch at the casino buffet so I was full and sleepy and coffee didn't really help. Going to take it easy today which shouldn't be a problem at wor... Read more

  • Don't worry about me, save the cookies!

    5/21/2017 10:48:31 PM, by TIKITAMI

    I was so excited about how the week was going, protein is back up to where it should be daily, lots of positive energy, got 2 weddings booked, new weekly markets and then the girls showed up. How does it get better?! Sunshine and my minions! I need to scrub my deck so I thought I would let them deco... Read more

  • Saturday Sunday

    5/21/2017 8:55:51 PM, by RO2BENT

    Busy day yesterday breakfast groceries lunch dinner playing with kids and getting to bed early. Alarm at 4:30 to be downtown by 6:00 am for 7:00 am start half marathon. Did well, better than expected, now recovery... Read more

  • Race Report: 2017 Lilac 10K (USATF Niagara Region 10K Championship)

    5/21/2017 7:59:53 PM, by MOBYCARP

    The plan for race day was to get to the site before 7 AM to get free, easy parking. I got up early, went through my morning routine as if it were a day for a long paced run, got to the site. Found a premium free parking place on the street. Started walking toward the start line, and realized I wa... Read more

  • Sunday

    5/21/2017 7:53:08 PM, by COOP9002

    it's been a crazy busy Sunday. hope your day went well..... Read more

  • World Environment Day - Week 7 in Review

    5/21/2017 4:52:40 PM, by JEANKNEE

    World Environment Day Maintenance Challenge Center 121.0 Range 117.37 - 124.63 Using the Hacker's Diet Online Week 1 : Wed 04/05/2017 - Tue 04/11/2017 – 118.9 lbs (Actual weight 119.2 lbs) Week 2 : Wed 04/12/2017 - Tue 04/18/2017 – 119.3 lbs (Actual weight 120.0 lbs) Week 3 : W... Read more

  • Spring Challenge day 23

    5/21/2017 4:27:21 PM, by GET2BEFIT

    In my status I mentioned a goal : not to be the first in line and I visited some new members (at potluck, everyone sat in the month of his / her birth month. Goal achieved! Mine is April. I got to visit two couples --one retired couple and a young couple who have a 5 year old daughter named ... Read more

  • Training to train

    5/21/2017 10:50:25 AM, by KATTURTLE

    Today I start "training to train" for my December marathon. Hoping to get "reconsistent" and drop some significant poundage, before hitting the big miles. Having that 26.2 in front of me always motivates/terrifies me 334... Read more

  • Pre-Race report: 2017 Lilac 10K

    5/20/2017 8:09:44 PM, by MOBYCARP

    In 2016, I ran the Lilac 10K because it was part of the Rochester Runner of the Year series. I was 59 years old, and trying to win my age group for the RROY series. I finished 3rd in my age group. 1st was Tim, a.k.a. Superman, who had aged up to 55 the previous November. He wasn't a surprise. I... Read more

  • Spring Challenge day 22

    5/20/2017 5:50:40 PM, by GET2BEFIT

    Challenge today is make a cucumber salad (I've never heard of it before, i found it at Spark Recipes using salad in search bar. ) I cleaned the bathroom, made the salad, now cleaning fridge is next. Not exactly my favorite chore, but the merry maids don't work for free, I know I don'... Read more

  • Karura Forest

    5/20/2017 2:48:12 PM, by STEPHLOKI

    Karura Forest is one of the amazing places in Nairobi. It has 2 different parts separated by a road. Today I finally went again for a walk there after almost 2 months. I love every minute I spend there... Read more

  • Reading the Tea Leaves

    5/20/2017 2:30:08 PM, by JEANKNEE

    Well, I'm feeling like I'm doing a better job of learning to read the tea leaves. This week I began a new run plan - McMillan Running Base Work. This is the third in a succession of run plans undertaken since my return to running in late January after nearly 2 years on the sidelines. It... Read more

  • Saturday

    5/20/2017 1:59:27 PM, by COOP9002

    made it out this morning for a short run downtown to the rec center where i was able to spend about an hour or so on the stationary bike. the weather is nice today, even though it's a little cloudy. hope things are going well in your part of the world.... Read more

  • Friday Saturday

    5/20/2017 10:22:35 AM, by RO2BENT

    Good day at work yesterday again, not there much between daughter's spelling bee and driving to Cleveland to get race packet for half marathon Sunday. Took two little ones out to Red Robin for middle's free birthday kids meal, then back home and to bed early because oldest had to be somewhere at 8:0... Read more

  • Attitude

    5/20/2017 12:13:36 AM, by STEPHLOKI

    So true!... Read more

  • Spring Challenge day 21

    5/19/2017 10:33:09 PM, by GET2BEFIT

    Rainy Friday all day, now it isn't raining and it's pitch black outside. Rainy days make me feel sleepy and I drink soda to keep awake. Great day at work! Too much to do in short amount of time, as usual. ... but that's a regular daily basis , not just when I'm at work. Tomo... Read more

  • Meatless Meathead

    5/19/2017 6:04:43 PM, by MUFFIY831

    A few months ago, I decided to go to a Registered Dietician for some diet help. Part of the reason I went was because they offered metabolism testing and I wanted to know my resting metabolic rate (RMR). I've been operating on the assumption it's freakishly slow and that's why it's so freaking hard ... Read more

  • it' s friday

    5/19/2017 3:57:54 PM, by MOMMY445

    the long weekend here in canada has finally arrived! woo hoo! for all who celebrate, happy victoria day on monday. my daughter is looking forward to the long weekend and so am i. all of the birds say cheep,cheep! have a terrific day,everyone and a great weekend!... Read more

  • Friday

    5/19/2017 3:48:39 PM, by COOP9002

    its another muggy day here in Frederick. i was able to get the run in this morning, but the heat was starting to get a little oppressive. Enjoy your Friday.... Read more

  • Getting through the first week

    5/19/2017 11:43:58 AM, by BEACHCALSIX

    Another day and yes feeling better than yesterday. I guess I felt like I was a bad person because I had to do such a crazy thing to stop myself from doing something so irresponsible. I guess it's a "hit rock bottom" kind of thing. But to be honest, it could have gotten worse. I could have kept using... Read more

  • Thursday Friday

    5/19/2017 6:01:51 AM, by RO2BENT

    Another great day with me and the kids after another successful day at work. Going well, excited for momma to be back Sunday afternoon. Apprehensive about half marathon Sunday...... Read more

  • Spring Challenge day 21

    5/18/2017 7:32:30 PM, by GET2BEFIT

    Today was a busy day. I like busy days because I get to make some cold hard cash. ... Today's goals : stay in calories range, try to tackle more spring cleaning, get some good beauty sleep. Calories range ACHIEVED , spring cleaning i have no motivation. IF I do any, it'll b... Read more

  • it's thursday

    5/18/2017 12:44:06 PM, by MOMMY445

    i am feeling a lot better today. it is another warm and humid day here again and i am well prepared for it. later on today, i see my doctor and update my asthma action plan. my daughter says hi. all of the birds say cheep,cheep! i found out yesterday that after the long weekend here, i am back to wo... Read more

  • what have I done?!

    5/18/2017 11:51:02 AM, by BEACHCALSIX

    Well after yesterday's blog, I feel really weird. Like part of me wishes I didn't do it. I feel angry in a way. But I said I'd blog more and get myself through this. Today's blog will be short because I'm just in a bad mood. I know the first few days suck. I know because I've done this several times... Read more

  • Why do we Compare ourselves with others? Even when we know it is unrealistic...

    5/18/2017 11:48:43 AM, by LDYHAZ

    That's what I have been trying to understand. My mind tells me it is wrong. We are all individuals. All different. Is there a good side? In some way does it push us to be better? Ok what got me thinking all these deep thoughts? My video of my last race. Oh my do I have lousy form. I am a... Read more

  • Exceptions to Long Held Beliefs

    5/18/2017 10:40:09 AM, by JEANKNEE

    In response to yesterday's blog, Shakin' things up ...
    idual.asp?blog_id=6363227 BROOKLYN_BORN replied ... I'm one of those carefully following your progress to that cartwheel. In fact, you are proving to be the except... Read more

  • Glad that's done

    5/18/2017 10:32:56 AM, by COOP9002

    last night's meeting went well. our moderator did a fantastic job keeping us focused. now that we've made a decision, it's time to move forward. hope you have a great day.... Read more

  • Gained 4 pounds of the 5 that was lost

    5/18/2017 9:07:48 AM, by AUNTRENEE

    I gained 4 of the 5 pounds lost. I think that its mostly water plus had a lot of sodium in what I had for supper. I had bacon on a sandwich and the broth in the soup that I had. So that might of explain the water gain. Plus I didn't have my typical "clean outs" like I wanted to during the day. I am ... Read more

  • Wednesday Thursday

    5/18/2017 5:46:26 AM, by RO2BENT

    5 mile run after work yesterday, based on that one run I'm not ready for half marathon Sunday but there were many factors that made it more difficult so I need to remember that I'll be successful. Need to get more sleep these next couple of nights. Also got both little ones bathed after dinner, boy ... Read more

  • Moving from It's so hard now to Won't be long now

    5/18/2017 1:19:08 AM, by JEANKNEE

    The actual lyrics for "Gonna Fly Now" Trying hard now It's so hard now Trying hard now Getting strong now Won't be long now Getting strong now Gonna fly now Flying high now Gonna fly, fly, fly...
    ?v=gW9NiDKK-9o Gott... Read more

  • Spring Challenge day 20

    5/17/2017 10:06:38 PM, by GET2BEFIT

    Mothers day i did a fitness DVD, Monday i did Pilates and yoga and day 1 spring cleaning , Tuesday was grocery shopping and 4 hours day 2 spring cleaning so i decided to relax today. Today was strange day at work, but even with slow work I'm making money. Two gossip rumor mills ... Read more

  • Shakin' things up ...

    5/17/2017 6:25:20 PM, by JEANKNEE

    I've often been accused of stirring the pot, rocking the boat, and causing trouble. I question by nature and, apparently, many experience questions as a personal affront. Not my intention; however, I have no control how others respond to me. I am, however, deeply aware that questions often ... Read more

  • Communication. It's a Valuable Skill, People

    5/17/2017 2:24:19 PM, by FRANCLYN

    Wow. Just wow. Sorry but I am so livid and frustrated right now. Backstory GP referred me to the nearest endocrinologist based on symptoms and thyroid blood labs. Not in my network. Referred me to nearest in-network which happens to be 150 miles away. Go to see her in early April. Feel very... Read more

  • Slowly Getting Back

    5/17/2017 2:19:04 PM, by IDUBRAWSKY

    I'm still not running yet - I want to give my hamstring as much time to heal as possible. But I've been focusing on other workouts. I've got a 6-day weight routine (3 days on/1 day off - but cycling with different exercises so that it doesn't get stale), swimming and now riding. I used to b... Read more

  • There's A Dent In My Fat Roll. I Love It.

    5/17/2017 11:27:46 AM, by MUFFIY831

    This definitely falls into the TMI category, but since I presume: 1. 97% of the people on this site are women, and 2. 50+% of the women also have fat rolls, and 3. 100% of us are on the weight loss struggle bus ... I am sharing my non-scale victory. i have a fat roll. OK, I have... Read more

  • It's time to grow up

    5/17/2017 10:10:44 AM, by COOP9002

    our church family has an important quarterly business meeting tonight. we hope to settle a issue that has been festering for almost a year, regarding multiple services on Sunday morning. Please pray for the Spirit to have His way, and hearts to be open to His leading. Blessings... Read more

  • it is wednesday

    5/17/2017 9:25:32 AM, by MOMMY445

    a very warm,humid and sunny day here today. i will stay where it is the coolest while i recover from my asthma flare ups. i am seeing my doctor tomorrow and i will be sure to mention the asthma flare ups. i find that when the weather fluctuates, or is very warm and humid, i can get asthma flare ups.... Read more

  • Down another 5 pounds

    5/17/2017 8:52:23 AM, by AUNTRENEE

    Well, I lost another 5 pounds. Between yesterday and today I've lost 6 of the 10 pounds that I gained while my dad and I were in Minnesota. I have another 4 pounds to go before I can get back to where I was before the trip. Yesterday I was at 206 pounds. Today I'm at 201 pounds. Adjust what I ate ye... Read more

  • Tuesday Wednesday

    5/17/2017 6:57:04 AM, by RO2BENT

    Successful day yesterday at work went for a swim got everyone dinner in time to get all this to violin lesson and middle to the school for music singing show. Should be good again today going to get the little ones in the bathtub... Read more

  • Spring Challenge day 19

    5/16/2017 10:09:56 PM, by GET2BEFIT

    Day 2 of spring cleaning : 4 hours spring cleaning and an hour of grocery shopping. .. i found bugs in kitchen cabinets by pans and plates and tea cups! Ugh! Mom asked to ask landlord about getting rid of the ugly carpet in the kitchen when he comes to spray spiders Saturday ... this... Read more

  • The Fools Who Dream

    5/16/2017 8:49:48 PM, by HOPEFULHIPPO

    My daughter and her boyfriend had me see La La Land and I am forever changed. Today was a pretty productive, yet "lazy" day. It's days like this I clean, putz, and start reflecting on things. My mind is my best friend and my worst enemy. I was thinking about how easy it was to make exc... Read more

  • Protein, it's all about the protein ...ok, and a bunch of other stuff too

    5/16/2017 6:59:11 PM, by TIKITAMI

    When I get busy I'm horrible at letting my protein slide. For me this is one of the worst things I can do, letting my proteins slip leads to really dumb choices. This month I've noticed that I've brought back lunch time proteins in my salads and I'm feeling so much better. Take on the world, I ca... Read more

  • Seeing Hearts

    5/16/2017 5:25:38 PM, by CATARINA_CERISE

    You know how some people say they see auras? Like, they'll tell you what color it is, how vibrant it is, and what it means about you. I listen to these people and roll my eyes. Woo woo, what a bunch of hippie BS. But I might be a hypocrite. I see hearts. I can look at a person and KNOW whether ... Read more

  • did something drastic, quitting food addiction

    5/16/2017 2:41:46 PM, by BEACHCALSIX

    Well after my last blog I've been putting a lot of pressure on myself to push forward again. Unfortunately nothing seems to stick. I just ignore it and tell myself "another day. Not today. I don't feel like it, don't feel well". It's not all excuses, I do have a chronic condition that has flare ups.... Read more

  • Laying Low

    5/16/2017 1:13:20 PM, by FRANCLYN

    I have been quiet lately. I have been at the rock bottom with my symptoms. I won't say thyroid symptoms simply because, even though 90+% of my symptoms are hypothyroid, I don't have any lab tests or firm diagnoses to that effect. But people who care about me want to know and ask me every day, "Ho... Read more

  • Tuesday

    5/16/2017 10:20:36 AM, by COOP9002

    looking forward to some prayerwalking with some folks later today. tomorrow is our quarterly business meeting, and we are praying for clarity and Christlikeness. Blessings... Read more

  • it's tuesday

    5/16/2017 10:20:10 AM, by MOMMY445

    yesterday was a challenging day health wise for me. my asthma was really flaring up, no matter what i did. so i am glad i took the day off work yesterday. i even took today off ,too, to make sure i am feeling really better. it is supposed to me really warm here tomorrow and thursday. i will have to ... Read more

  • Gained 10 pounds on the trip but got a pound off

    5/16/2017 8:50:37 AM, by AUNTRENEE

    I gained 10 pounds while we were in Minnesota. I know that we ate a couple of meals that could of made me gain that much weight. I was at 197 pounds when we left to go up to Minnesota. When I weighed myself yesterday, I was at 207 pounds. Yup, I am back in the 200s. I checked my weight this morning... Read more

  • Monday Tuesday

    5/16/2017 7:26:08 AM, by RO2BENT

    Good day again at work and at home with the kids, more again today. Middle has a school singing show this evening. Will be glad to have momma back home Sunday.... Read more

  • Spring Challenge day 18

    5/15/2017 9:16:30 PM, by GET2BEFIT

    Today was a great day. I started with 45 minutes Pilates and 30 minutes yoga this morning and was sore so i decided to take a nap after breakfast. After my nap i felt sore and I thought pain would go away if i got up and moved around. So i did 2 hours 20 minutes cleaning before su... Read more

  • Mom's Day on "a diet"

    5/15/2017 5:49:04 PM, by HOPEFULHIPPO

    I'm one of those gals who likes to keep things private or quiet. (no, really it's true! I swear) If something doesn't sound interesting or may offend or whatever. I just keep it in. With the exception of my bestie in Philly. She gets the lovely privilege of hearing EVERYTHING whether she w... Read more

  • Body Memory

    5/15/2017 4:17:41 PM, by JEANKNEE

    I was a gymnast as a teen and a member of my high school's gymnastics team. In which events did I excel? Balance Beam and Floor Exercise. So, I could tumble and I had excellent balance. Thinking about experience of decades past and the recent pelvic fracture, I'm left wondering if the pelvis... Read more

  • Busy Week

    5/15/2017 10:46:12 AM, by COOP9002

    today is the beginning of a busy and possilby formative week for our church family. we have an important business meeting on Wednesday evening that could impactour efforts to be an influence in our community. Prayers appreciated.... Read more

  • Trip To Omaha and Sabotaging Thoughts

    5/15/2017 9:56:20 AM, by LDYHAZ

    Last blog I was thanking the Beck book for a 1 lb weight loss.... Friday DH and I headed to Omaha for our youngest daughters graduation and a race for me on Sunday. Car trip down was good. I packed a lunch and it was healthy. Once in the Omaha area we had to stall for some time. The grad... Read more

  • Meal Preppin Like a Boss

    5/15/2017 9:46:54 AM, by MUFFIY831

    Went to the farmer's market and the grocery store this weekend and am ready to tackle the week. Breakfast Options: Yogurt/Granola Eggs/Toast Protein Shake/Fruit Protein Bar/Fruit Lunch Options: Leftovers (see dinner) Salad & Burrito Chickpea (mock tuna) salad sandwich on 5 ... Read more

  • it's monday

    5/15/2017 9:34:56 AM, by MOMMY445

    my daughter and i had a great day yesterday! today, i am taking it easy. my asthma is flaring up a bit, so i am off work for the day. all of the birds say cheep,cheep! have a terrific day,everyone!... Read more

  • Sunday Monday

    5/15/2017 6:49:31 AM, by RO2BENT

    Good day yesterday without mama relatively leisurely breakfast lunch and dinner manage to get all the chores done and spend time with the kids and get everyone to bed on time. Back to work going to be challenging getting dinner ready without mama but this isn't my first rodeo and as they say... Read more

  • Rebounding

    5/14/2017 9:21:35 PM, by JEANKNEE

    Hats off to SparkGuy! He's helped so many of us bounce back. Has he not? The experience I've had in the last 10 days has been a shortened version of rebounding or bouncing back ... bouncing back from a whiff of chlorine that impacted me more than I realized. Ten days ago my tr... Read more

  • Happy Mother's Day!!

    5/14/2017 9:01:51 PM, by COOP9002

    Hope that all of the women who have invested their lives into others have an amazing day.... Read more

  • Made it home

    5/14/2017 7:53:58 PM, by AUNTRENEE

    We are at home. We've been home for a few hours but we are home. I'm glad. I got everything done and all I have to do is fold laundry. I will do that later. Might do that after I take a shower tonight. We had a good time. I did go to the graduation. We were in an overflow room because they had ... Read more

  • Stupid squirrel

    5/14/2017 7:01:31 PM, by TIKITAMI

    The Jeff came home to find me laying on the couch the other day. After 4000 cookies baked and 5 markets over 10 days I had finally hit the wall. "Whatcha doing?" "I found the wall." "You look like I should probably not let you handle anything sharp. Or ask you to do math." "Math is... Read more

  • Spring Challenge day 17

    5/14/2017 3:09:26 PM, by GET2BEFIT

    Sunny and humid outside. After i eat lunch and it settles, I'll workout to a fitness DVD i have. Today is mothers day. Grandma Norheim (dad's mom ) passed away a month after my college graduation June 11, 1993 at 12:15 PM at Memorial Hospital in Springfield IL from colon can... Read more

  • Possibilities Emerging ...

    5/14/2017 3:01:11 PM, by JEANKNEE

    1 potato ... 2 potatoes ... 3 potatoes ... 4! ... 5 potatoes ... ... 364 November 19, 2017 6 potatoes ... 365 ... event yet to be determined 7 potatoes ... 7k or 7 miler ... event yet to be determined more ... 366 ... event yet to be determined ... Read more

  • Delighting in Physical Activity

    5/14/2017 1:43:34 PM, by JEANKNEE

    I am feeling incredibly good about the experiences I've had since returning to running on January 23 of this year. It was a long 682 days spent on the sideline while allowing my body the time necessary to work its repair magic. I continue to have the strong sense that the nutrient stores in my... Read more

  • World Environment Day - Week 6 in Review

    5/14/2017 12:33:01 PM, by JEANKNEE

    World Environment Day Maintenance Challenge Center 121.0 Range 117.37 - 124.63 Using the Hacker's Diet Online Week 1 : Wed 04/05/2017 - Tue 04/11/2017 – 118.9 lbs (Actual weight 119.2 lbs) Week 2 : Wed 04/12/2017 - Tue 04/18/2017 – 119.3 lbs (Actual weight 120.0 lbs) Week 3 : W... Read more

  • Saturday Sunday

    5/14/2017 7:16:13 AM, by RO2BENT

    After breakfast as a family yesterday we had an eventful day with daughters birthday party, easy and fun! Then had Mother's Day dinner out sine she left early this am for a flight for work. It'll be just the three kids and me this whole week. Getting ready for breakfast today, the QT with the kids a... Read more

  • Saturday

    5/13/2017 2:50:39 PM, by COOP9002

    we're getting ready for the Love Thy Neighbor dinner this afternoon. Hopefully, we will have a turnout similar to last month. this is our monthly free dinner for the surrounding community. Blessings... Read more