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  • President's Day

    2/19/2018 7:31:17 PM, by COOP9002

    We enjoyed a relaxing day as a family. now it's time to get back into the routine tomorrow. Blessings... Read more

  • Sunday Monday

    2/19/2018 6:23:49 AM, by RO2BENT

    Finished my food prep a little early had some extra time to watch the Olympics and work on taxes yesterday. Need to figure out my exercise plan this week because I want to swim and run 2 miles and then run 4 1/2 or five this weekend.... Read more

  • So sore. Winning?

    2/18/2018 7:52:27 PM, by SKINNYPANDA2015

    Hey y’all. Short update blog, mainly because someone, you know who you are, reminded me that it’s been a while since I blogged. Ok, so, Year of Mommy has been full of: wine, food, and lots of running! Winning-ish? I didn’t drink tonight or last night (also winning-ish?) so I’ll do a weigh in to... Read more

  • Sunday

    2/18/2018 7:16:24 PM, by CHEZE07

    Actually had an entire day to spend with my husband! He won't workout with me so this morning I convinced him to make breakfast while I was working out. I noticed too that when we brought the groceries up the stairs today I had a much easier time breathing than he did which felt kind of nice. It's h... Read more

  • Nice Change

    2/18/2018 5:04:14 PM, by COOP9002

    the snow that came down yesterday is already gone today. it's in the 40's and feeling rather pleasant. hope you're having a great Sunday.... Read more

  • Run my little minions, run!

    2/18/2018 3:12:03 PM, by TIKITAMI

    When my daughter suggested a 10K trail run with her toddlers I immediately accepted. At two years old her girls are already avid runners and I love that this will be a memory they will have growing up, running with their nana. It took a lot of searching to find a "stroller friendly" long trail ru... Read more

  • Saturday Sunday

    2/18/2018 8:40:41 AM, by RO2BENT

    Full day yesterday, got back home at 9:00 finally done but with armless of groceries. Back to weekly prep for the week... Read more

  • Breaking radio silence: Race Report for Freezeroo #5

    2/17/2018 5:55:16 PM, by MOBYCARP

    I haven't blogged since January 8, when I was just able to run 2 miles. I've received a few inquiries through SP about my status, but I haven't blogged here. It's not that I have nothing to say; it's that the things I needed to work through in writing were better presented on other forums. ... Read more

  • Shifting Saturday

    2/17/2018 4:47:58 PM, by COOP9002

    i was able to run outside this morning. however the snow is falling rather heavily this afternoon. hope you're having a great Saturday... Read more

  • 17/02/2018 - Early check in, holidays!

    2/17/2018 4:15:09 PM, by SILVERTOMORROW

    So tomorrow I'm off to my mothers for two nights so I thought I'd do my weekly blog today rather than too early tomorrow. This last week at school has not been great, and quite frankly, I'm amazed that I haven't overeaten every day this week instead of only today and yesterday! I've managed to... Read more

  • Keto Confusion

    2/17/2018 3:36:16 PM, by SHELLLEY2

    Admitting that Keto has me intrigued! I’m obviously going to have to do more reading on this topic before I make a decision of coarse. I am a vegetarian (pescatarian) as I do eat fish (due to protein issues) and I am a distance runner. IS THIS EVEN A POSSIBLE OPTION FOR ME???? When I asked my sister... Read more

  • Friday Saturday

    2/17/2018 6:30:10 AM, by RO2BENT

    Felt almost human yesterday, going for same today. Headed to Monster Jam for some not-so-cheap entertainment for the little ones.... Read more

  • Friday

    2/17/2018 2:06:27 AM, by CHEZE07

    I was so tired today that I slept for 2 hours after work. That meant my husband decided we were having pizza delivery today for supper instead of anything I had prepped in the fridge. On the plus side we had water to drink instead of soda. It also meant i almost missed walking today, but I did at le... Read more

  • Doing it Disney style

    2/16/2018 8:08:18 PM, by TIKITAMI

    What a great time we had at Disneyland. Let me actually rephrase that, what a great, healthy time we had at Disneyland. The trip was well planned out and my daughter and I managed to successfully eat healthy (at least 80% of the time) and definitely got our exercise in. We opted for a hotel... Read more

  • Sugar Tracking

    2/16/2018 4:26:06 PM, by SUGIRL06

    Happy Friday! Just a quick blog today about something I found on Spark People yesterday. Did you know that you can now track Sugar as one of your nutrients on the Nutrition page?? I remember years ago, there was discussion in the help forums about it and they refused to add it for whateve... Read more

  • So - I'm a Mom now! And other stuff that's happend over the last 6 years...

    2/16/2018 3:48:20 PM, by CSROBERTSON621

    Hello - I haven't been blogging for a long time, but wanted to just quickly update on where I've been and what's been going on. One of the reasons I started my weight loss journey back in late 2010 was that I was hoping to become a mother - and because I needed IVF, my weight significantl... Read more

  • Keeping MYSELF honest

    2/16/2018 3:12:57 PM, by SHELLLEY2

    I started on Spark as a way to get my bad eating habits under control. Losing a few pounds was a HUGE plus within this initial plan. I know my calorie intake should be increased as my miles in my training get higher in number. Its just hard to adjust and accept I suppose. I find some days so easy to... Read more

  • Thank you

    2/16/2018 3:09:51 PM, by COOP9002

    Thanks for all of your prayers for our family and especially Olivia. She will go to a specialist soon to see what her options are. Of course, we are praying for her hearing in that ear to be restored. Blessings... Read more

  • it's friday

    2/16/2018 1:49:16 PM, by MOMMY445

    i am taking it easy today. for the first time in a few days, it is actually cool weather here today. sunny and windy,too. now i feel like i may be coming down with a cold. i am drinking plenty of fluids, getting lots of rest and not doing too much. i did have a few errands to run this morning and th... Read more

  • NELLJONES ... an inspiration to me

    2/16/2018 1:05:43 PM, by JEANKNEE

    A post by Nell to our team's* current maintenance challenge thread prompted a response from me. Nell's post ... I don't much care what I weigh as long as it's below goal. I don't have a "range", just a "not to exceed". My response ... For me, the beauty of these maintenance chall... Read more

  • Got appointment for 2nd opinion

    2/16/2018 1:05:25 PM, by AUNTRENEE

    Well, found out why I didn't get the appointment for the 2nd opinion on the day we had dad's 2 appointments. The gal that was making the appointments was out with pink eye. I called up to my regular doctor's office and mentioned it. The receptionist transferred me over to the nurse PA (they're acros... Read more

  • Good weigh in, TGIF-no TGIFF!

    2/16/2018 11:45:25 AM, by BEACHCALSIX

    I'm getting so close to 20 lbs lost! I'm 0.8 away from hitting the big 20 down! The weight loss has been rrreeeaaaaaallly slow this time. I've been working at this since August/September. I started dietbet last May but was yo yo-ing a bit and didn't finally get serious until late August/fall. ... Read more

  • Thursday Friday

    2/16/2018 6:45:53 AM, by RO2BENT

    Rather busy day at work but not behind at all still working on cleaning my desk from clutter. Lots of quality time with the family in the evening and relaxing before bed.... Read more

  • Tough News

    2/15/2018 5:06:43 PM, by COOP9002

    Our youngest daughter went to he doctor today, and discovered that she has lost hearing in one of her ears. We will go to a specialist soon, to see how best to help her. Blessings... Read more

  • update

    2/15/2018 1:59:30 PM, by MOMMY445

    i saw the doctor today. i have to go for two more x-rays and one more ultrasound. the x-rays are for my left hip area and my lower back. the ultrasound is for my left hip area. the doctor told me that if these test results come back okay that i will have to go to see a specialist. i am willing to do... Read more

  • Low Carb Plans

    2/15/2018 9:59:48 AM, by SUGIRL06

    273 Good news! Dad is home from the hospital. It was a heart attack but he came in at the right time and he got a new stent. They put him on a new medication too. Still worried about him though. He eats pretty terrible and doesn't get much exercise at all. He was forced to retire after losi... Read more

  • Hitting a few rough spots

    2/15/2018 8:50:59 AM, by WINACHST

    I have been struggling these past couple of days. I am getting the munchies and wish my hubby would support my good intent rather than my bad. He just keeps encouraging me to eat junk. He buys some junk food, but I think he wants a bit of it and then it's his intent to pass it on to me. UGH! I ... Read more

  • Too much Information.....(just a rant)

    2/15/2018 8:31:30 AM, by LDYHAZ

    Have you ever have the feeling that there is just too much information out there? I love how I can instantly search for a recipe or send a note to friends. Google map is a godsend when traveling. I like these areas of the information age. What I have recently discovered is there is also informati... Read more

  • Wednesday Thursday

    2/15/2018 6:31:12 AM, by RO2BENT

    Coasting along trying to make the best of every moment... Read more

  • 4 days!

    2/14/2018 8:25:16 PM, by CHEZE07

    So pretty proud of myself at the moment for getting my workout in today. My husband was busy making dinner and I wasn't allowed in the kitchen so instead of sitting on my computer I made sure to get in my walk and made it 3 miles again today. So glad I've been working on making this more of a habit ... Read more

  • Goals Review

    2/14/2018 3:26:53 PM, by CATREBEL

    I started 2018 with these fitness goals: 1.) run 4 days per week 2.) strength train and cross-train at least 2 days per week 3.) do yoga at least 10 minutes every day (more if possible) My goals for eating healthier are: 1.) drink 64 oz of water every day 2.) pay attention to portion ... Read more

  • Down 30 lb since jan 1!

    2/14/2018 12:13:41 PM, by VALKYRIA-

    I just weighed in ! Even with the cheating last week, I’m down 30 lb from Jan 1!!! :) Happy Valentine’s Day! ... Read more

  • it's wednesday

    2/14/2018 11:57:24 AM, by MOMMY445

    i had a great dinner out last night and i was able to meet up with my good friend.too! my daughter says hi and happy valentine's day! all of the birds say cheep,cheep! i am finally starting to feel a bit better with my left leg. i will find out later this week what the doctor has to say about it an... Read more

  • Olivia

    2/14/2018 11:37:03 AM, by COOP9002

    please pray for our daughter, Olivia. She has been struggling with an earache for the third time this school year. She is going to the doctor tomorrow in hopes of discovering what the issue is. Thanks in advance for your prayers.... Read more

  • Tuesday Wednesday

    2/14/2018 5:45:36 AM, by RO2BENT

    Started to declutter my desk at work because it's becoming the biggest problem art work. All is well with work and the family.... Read more

  • 3 days!

    2/14/2018 12:03:43 AM, by CHEZE07

    Today is the third day in a row that I have walked 3 miles each day. I'm crazy slow but I'm glad I've been getting so much better. I don't know how long I'll keep it up, but maybe as i continue to get faster it will happen more often.... Read more

  • it's tuesday

    2/13/2018 1:10:19 PM, by MOMMY445

    i decided to treat myself to dinner tonight. it has been a really long time since i have had dinner out. my daughter will be having dinner at her friend's place and then they have homework to do. i will most likely go to swiss chalet. i like to go there every once in a while. i have already figured ... Read more

  • Tuesday

    2/13/2018 12:11:10 PM, by COOP9002

    hope your Tuesday is going well. after a crazy busy Monday, I am hoping for a slower afternoon. Blessings... Read more

  • Waiting to get in for 2nd opinion

    2/13/2018 11:39:54 AM, by AUNTRENEE

    I am waiting to hear from the nurse PA for me to see her tomorrow while my dad and I are up there. My dad has 2 appointments tomorrow and I am hoping that the nurse PA (a woman) can squeeze me in to do an exam on my breast since I am not comfortable in having my regular doctor (a man) to do this sin... Read more

  • Fitting it all in

    2/13/2018 11:20:23 AM, by SUGIRL06

    This past weekend was a rest week for my training. That means that I got to drop my long run distance down instead of going up again. I ran 3 miles on Saturday and it was pretty ho-hum. Nothing special. I was glad I went when I did though because it was beautiful out! It felt like a damp spring... Read more

  • Monday Tuesday

    2/13/2018 5:41:21 AM, by RO2BENT

    Typical busy Monday at work, but still easy. Dinner, homework, then helping at the food bank. Woke up early this AM but 6 hours solid sleep, going to use coffee today!... Read more

  • From the corner of my eye ...

    2/13/2018 12:25:48 AM, by JEANKNEE

    I saw movement among the rocks lining the earthen dam as I ran across it this morning. A rock wren!
    /guide/Rock_Wren/id The light caught its subtle coloring beautifully as it bobbed characteristically atop a rock. It's presence there caught me by... Read more

  • it's monday

    2/12/2018 11:12:40 AM, by MOMMY445

    i go to see the movie jumanji the other day and i really enjoyed it. i have an appointment with my own doctor for later this week. i will finally get to find out what is causing the soreness and pain that i still get in my left leg. my daughter is looking forward to march break and then her birthday... Read more

  • Excited for some old friends

    2/12/2018 10:49:45 AM, by COOP9002

    our family has been gone from Centralia MO for almost a year. the church called her new pastor , Chris Baker. Please pray for him and the church as they start this new season of ministry together. Blessings.... Read more

  • Goal #1 Achieved

    2/12/2018 10:22:02 AM, by IDUBRAWSKY

    Well - after a long time struggling I've finally achieved the first goal weight I'm striving for. Yeah - I got close a couple of years ago (about 165.6 or so) but I never quite achieved this specific weight. And even after I brought myself down to around 165 a couple of years ago I bou... Read more

  • Back at it

    2/12/2018 8:36:22 AM, by VALKYRIA-

    Thank you all for your support on my previous blogs! I’m back in ketosis and feeling better. I had some terrible carb cravings after eating them again, but they’ve passed and I’m feeling normal again. I managed to clean my kitchen sink (which is huge since I’ve been avoiding it for we... Read more

  • Sunday Monday

    2/12/2018 5:50:59 AM, by RO2BENT

    Good day yesterday, got chores done including haircut and had time to watch some olympics. Back to work, going to swim this AM. Officially training four a 7 mile race in April, but need to keep speed slow to minimize agitation to Achilles. I usually ice it most nights and sometimes massage it with a... Read more

  • World Radio Day - Week 9 in Review

    2/11/2018 10:04:25 PM, by JEANKNEE

    World Radio Day Maintenance Challenge Center Weight: 116.0 lbs. Range: 112.52 lbs. - 119.48 lbs. Using the Online Hacker's Diet Trend Weight Week 1 : Wed 12/13/2017 - Tue 12/19/2017 – 115.8 lbs. (Actual Weight 115.6 lbs.) Week 2 : Wed 12/20/2017 - Tue 12/26/2017 – 116.0 lbs. (Actu... Read more

  • Sunday

    2/11/2018 1:29:07 PM, by COOP9002

    I am being reminded of how big my Creator truly is. Blessings ... Read more

  • Saturday Sunday

    2/11/2018 8:48:58 AM, by RO2BENT

    Easy relaxing day yesterday, got a few chores done and groceries as well, and QT with the family. Typical Sunday today...... Read more

  • 11/02/2018 - weekly check in. Cynical about teaching, optimistic about health.

    2/11/2018 2:58:16 AM, by SILVERTOMORROW

    So today has already started pretty well. I'm another lb down, which considering ( as I keep mentioning) has only started to happen since I decided just to let what will be, be, I'm quite pleased about. 143lbs. It's a nice weight to be. This week at school has been...mixed. The impact of our ne... Read more

  • Grinning

    2/10/2018 10:14:07 PM, by JEANKNEE

    In response to my earlier blog - "I Like Your Top!", LSIG14 replied ...
    sp?blog_id=6461727 LSIG14 Love your cheerful colors. I need bright colors to keep my mood elevated! It's always fun when a young person comments on your c... Read more

  • One Day Off

    2/10/2018 9:55:16 PM, by RUNSWITHDEER

    Black Mountain in East Tennessee Once upon a time (isn't that the way all tales begin?), I didn't go into work. I took one day off. I decided life should be an adventure, not all work. The day would be better spent outdoors with three loved-ones, my oldest son Tyler, and the family dog... Read more

  • Feel it to heal it

    2/10/2018 8:20:08 PM, by VALKYRIA-

    I will not shove down my emotions with food I will not hide behind a food hangover to avoid seeing friends and being out in public I will not make myself sick and self sabotage my health goals No matter what my circumstances are And if I do, I will forgive myself and move f... Read more

  • My Charolais Friend

    2/10/2018 5:09:42 PM, by JEANKNEE

    He and I saw each other again this morning as I ran. As I approached him, I could hear that he was agitated. There were probably 4 - 5 bulls, Aberdeen Angus I suspect, across the street. And, then I noticed my friend pawing the ground. Yup. Agitated. The bulls were bellow... Read more

  • "I like your top!"

    2/10/2018 4:35:31 PM, by JEANKNEE

    Came the exclamation from a young woman wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with ... She was grinning ear to ear as I ran passed and told her, "Thank you!" I thought to myself, "Yeah. I like it too." And, I wasn't thinking simply of my top. I was thinking of my run. The wild child appea... Read more

  • Saturday

    2/10/2018 2:59:03 PM, by COOP9002

    hope your Satuday is going well. mine's getting busy.... Read more

  • Bad week

    2/10/2018 2:25:19 PM, by VALKYRIA-

    I had a bad last half of the week. My job was really stressing me out. I used to think I’d stay with this company for years, but now I’m to the point that, at my 1 year anniversary (If my team dynamic does not drastically improve, which I’m trying to help facilitate every day), I’m plann... Read more

  • 5% Winter Challenge

    2/10/2018 9:18:52 AM, by WINACHST

    My, oh, my! I cannot believe we are at week 5 and I am still working toward my goal. My weight loss is moving very slowly, but then I don't expect it to go fast because I am attempting an experiment to see if I can get to my "ideal weight" according to the online calculator while following a whole ... Read more

  • Friday Saturday

    2/10/2018 7:49:34 AM, by RO2BENT

    Not bad yesterday, did feel sleepy but spent an hour and a half scraping ice of the driveway. Going to have sore arms and shoulders...... Read more

  • Friday

    2/9/2018 2:13:27 PM, by COOP9002

    Made it outside for a nice cool run this morning. Hope you’re having a great day!... Read more

  • Great week, almost reached 20 lbs down!!

    2/9/2018 1:38:07 PM, by BEACHCALSIX

    I had a really good weigh in this week. I was down about 4 pounds! 2 lbs of that is from a weight gain I had from my son's birthday party (pizza and cake...too much). So I've reached a new lowest weight! I'm at 18 lbs total lost!! I used to post my weight every week, usually with a picture of m... Read more

  • it's friday

    2/9/2018 11:57:55 AM, by MOMMY445

    it will be snowing here every day for the next few days. that is fine with me and with my daughter. i am already starting to look at activities to do with her on march break. for family day, which will be on february 19th here in ontario,canada, we have not yet decided on what to do that day. perhap... Read more

  • Friday ramblings

    2/9/2018 11:24:05 AM, by DELL_BELLE

    I fell off the wagon for a few weeks. My boyfriend left for Cuba and we were unable to talk for 2 full weeks. I went on a work trip for 3 days during those weeks that he was away, and there was a lot of fine dining on the company's tab. And then I just fell out of the habit. So now, 3 weeks later, I... Read more

  • I Ran a Mile!

    2/9/2018 10:46:37 AM, by SUGIRL06

    You all know I've been doing this run streak since Thanksgiving. The "official" Runner's World rule was that you had to *run* an entire mile for it to count but I said screw it and ran as much as I could for a least a mile a day with as little walking as feasible for me and called it a streak. May... Read more

  • The Most Monday Of Mondays

    2/9/2018 10:42:09 AM, by FLGIRL1234

    Well this weigh in SUCKED! Despite getting ready to start my TOM, I still felt like I had lost more weight. Nope! I was up a little over 2 pounds. My mind knows I gain anywhere from 2-4 pounds beforehand but it was still a total bummer to step on the scale this week. My exercise routine has not chan... Read more

  • Change before you have to.

    2/9/2018 7:50:30 AM, by WINACHST

    My quote for the day is "Change before you have to." ~ Jack Welch Change is going to happen no matter what. That change will have an impact on me, whether it is a positive change or a negative change. This quote is telling me that today, I have a choice to change and I can decide if it will be ... Read more

  • Thursday Friday

    2/9/2018 6:46:41 AM, by RO2BENT

    Pretty good day yesterday did feel sleepy and had a good swim in the morning but overall pretty good day. Looking forward to maybe getting some real sleep tonight. It’s been another rough week, better than last week but last night was rough woke up a lotAnd I can feel it already.... Read more

  • On another note ...

    2/9/2018 12:27:16 AM, by JEANKNEE

    This week I began working my first 10k training plan. Like many of the other training plans I've worked, the bulk of the running is easy. This plan has 1 to 2 run workouts a week. Today, I ran my first run workout. It was the first time in a couple of months that I've run with target ... Read more

  • Early morning

    2/8/2018 8:14:25 PM, by CHEZE07

    Today I got my walk in early before work which is great. I know I have a much easier time trying to work out in the morning, but when the alarm is already going off at 3:30 it's hard to get motivated that early. I did notice how much better I felt getting going today at work though so will try to do... Read more

  • Sugar check in IV- massive mess up!

    2/8/2018 2:46:33 PM, by SILVERTOMORROW

    Oh dear. This was a real mess up - basically it was parents evening and I just started to eat biscuits. And after I'd had one, I didn't stop. Not good. I start week three of IQS tomorrow, and I think that's going to really help. Because I've been on the, I can have some if I think about why I ... Read more

  • How much is too much?

    2/8/2018 1:30:14 PM, by JEANKNEE

    Well, apparently 3 ppm (parts per million) is too much gluten for this body. At 3 ppm a product is considered gluten free. So, when a nutritional supplement I've been taking to support muscle/joint/tissue health was reformulated and I realized it had ceramides in it that were wheat derived, I ... Read more

  • Thursday

    2/8/2018 10:56:17 AM, by COOP9002

    it's a busy morning with our senior adult luncheon this morning. hope your Thursday is going well.... Read more

  • it's thursday

    2/8/2018 10:46:36 AM, by MOMMY445

    i will get to see my own doctor next week. then i can get some more specific results as to what is causing my leg to still hurt and be sore. in the meantime, i am taking good care of myself and i am eating a variety of tasty,filling foods. my daughter says hi. all of the birds say cheep,cheep! have ... Read more

  • Wednesday Thursday

    2/8/2018 5:51:09 AM, by RO2BENT

    So I realized part of the reason I'm not enjoying this winter, normally I get the kids outside to play in the snow or even just walk in the cold, but that hasn't happened this winter. Difficult with homework and earlier bedtime this school year. Work still goes well and easy as does evening routines... Read more

  • Contemplating Dietary Changes

    2/7/2018 12:00:11 PM, by SUGIRL06

    Happy Hump Day! It has been a crazy week. My mood has kind of been all over the place. I think its is hugely related to the IBS flare I've been experiencing for the last week and a half. I don't know exactly what triggered it but I know what has exacerbated my symptoms so I've cut a few foods ou... Read more

  • New Tattoo!

    2/7/2018 10:06:58 AM, by SUGIRL06

    I'll write a real post later but I wanted to show you my new ink!! The script says "Grandpa's Doll" in Russia because my grandfather called me Kukla when i was a kid :-D... Read more

  • Tuesday Wednesday

    2/7/2018 5:47:31 AM, by RO2BENT

    Another good day, had dinner ready when third kid was home then I went for a run. Also had most of homework checked for the two little ones. Then easy evening prepping bedtime snacks and my lunch for tomorrow. Easy day today, going to donate blood this morning.... Read more

  • Tuesday

    2/6/2018 2:01:15 PM, by COOP9002

    it's a strange Tuesday. we are awaiting the next winter storm, and wondering about a few things here at church. hope your Tuesday is going well. Blessings... Read more

  • it's tuesday

    2/6/2018 1:25:07 PM, by MOMMY445

    i did get to see the doctor yesterday. the latest ultrasound showed no problems. the doctor did not have much advice to offer me, other than what i can do if the pain in my leg gets worse or i am not feeling any better. the plus was that i got a copy of my ultrasound report. that was the first time ... Read more

  • Custom Heirloom Photo quilt - wish me luck

    2/6/2018 10:36:31 AM, by BLUEROSE73

    I am trying to raise funds to help with the purchase/build of my own food truck for my gluten fre baking business. I've decided to employ some of my other skills to help with this. I am offering raffle tickets for a chance to win a custom made photo quilt. The winner chooses 6-12 photos the... Read more

  • Sugar Craving III check in

    2/6/2018 9:30:20 AM, by SILVERTOMORROW

    This is the second week of my IQS detox (officially day 12) and the first time in this second week that I have had any sugar. Specifically, chocolate chips. They have been sat on the staffroom counter for over a week, and I decided I wanted a few. I had two small palmfuls, and then put them into the... Read more

  • Monday Tuesda

    2/6/2018 7:27:12 AM, by RO2BENT

    Work still easy, getting caught up on a lot of old paperwork to back-check warranty claim accuracy. Hurried evening yesterday because we wanted to take oldest out for her free birthday burger for dinner. Had to so some homework in the car and at the restaurant. Up early today to get to work to use... Read more

  • The hills

    2/5/2018 10:43:22 PM, by CHEZE07

    So I set a goal for myself to intentionally walk a mile every day. I haven't been able to get outside for that every day and end up walking with a YouTube video. Then at least once on the weekend I like to go to a trail nearby where I can walk as far as I want, it's a 10 mile loop, and generally go ... Read more

  • it's monday

    2/5/2018 3:13:23 PM, by MOMMY445

    i just got back a while ago from seeing the doctor. the last test results came back clear. there are no signs of any clots or other problems in my leg. the doctor gave me a copy of the most recent ultrasound results. if my sore leg does not feel better anytime soon, she recommended i go to the emerg... Read more

  • Discipline vs. Motivation-dull week.

    2/5/2018 2:47:34 PM, by BEACHCALSIX

    Like the title says. I haven't checked in for awhile so I'm making myself be accountable to write a bit. My weight has been up and down/up and down and I'm feeling a bit annoyed with it. Is this weight loss real? I know I am down overall (almost 15 lbs) but I feel like I'm reaching a plateau and I'm... Read more

  • Monday !?!?

    2/5/2018 10:37:08 AM, by COOP9002

    i was able to get to the rec center this morning for a run. i really needed it. we've got a long day. after working with middle schoolers and high schoolers, i will step into a church council meeting, probably wondering which group is most mature. Blessings... Read more

  • Pushing 40: The Reckoning

    2/5/2018 9:14:03 AM, by MUFFIY831

    I made several goals for 2018, including to run a race every month. Some of those will coincide with my friend's race schedule. She is training for her first marathon this year. She is also 10 years younger than I am. So we signed up for a 10K over the weekend. I was: 1. Just home (like f... Read more

  • Sunday Monday

    2/5/2018 5:46:43 AM, by RO2BENT

    Good Sunday, typical except for having to take bathroom sink drain pipes apart then had trouble re-sealing. Jogged 3 miles Saturday in prep for 7 mi run in April for which limited registration opens tomorrow!!! Back to work/School/homework/dinner/to
    morrow's meal prep.... Read more

  • Really?!?

    2/4/2018 3:24:05 PM, by COOP9002

    the weather was a little dicey, but we had services anyway, because it didn't start snowing until 9 am. of course, i had an anonymous email on our website wondering why we were so irresponsible in having the second service, when people were already there. oh well.... Read more

  • Sensing a Restoration

    2/4/2018 3:13:23 PM, by JEANKNEE

    For years now, I have not been able to shake the intuitive sense that my body will begin restoring weight shed following the emergence of the pelvic injury and subsequent inflammatory flares. In recent weeks, despite what I am currently seeing on the scale, I sense an impending uptick on the sc... Read more

  • World Radio Day - Week 8 in Review

    2/4/2018 2:22:22 PM, by JEANKNEE

    World Radio Day Maintenance Challenge Center Weight: 116.0 lbs. Range: 112.52 lbs. - 119.48 lbs. Using the Online Hacker's Diet Trend Weight Week 1 : Wed 12/13/2017 - Tue 12/19/2017 – 115.8 lbs. (Actual Weight 115.6 lbs.) Week 2 : Wed 12/20/2017 - Tue 12/26/2017 – 116.0 lbs. (Actu... Read more

  • Weekly Check in: Doing well.

    2/4/2018 9:14:29 AM, by SILVERTOMORROW

    This week has gone pretty well again. I started the second week of my IQS reboot on Friday. For me, what that means is I’m going to attempt to have absolutely no OBVIOUS sugar like cake and chocolate (successful so far) and, following the advice of S.Wilson, the author, up my fat intake to help with... Read more

  • Saturday Sunday

    2/4/2018 8:49:29 AM, by RO2BENT

    Amazing day yesterday, gotta get food prep done before super bowl... Read more

  • Small goals challenge December February 3rd, 2018

    2/3/2018 9:33:11 PM, by GET2BEFIT

    I did not make resolutions at Christmas, I set goals. Article in Sparkpeople confirmed my reasoning and all I read was the title "why resolutions fail". My goals are to eat more vegetables, increase water and vary exercise routine. Today's workout: yard work! I live in the country and on t... Read more

  • NSV blood sugar under control! Anxiety down!

    2/3/2018 4:12:03 PM, by VALKYRIA-

    The pharmacy called to ask if I wanted to script-sync my medications and I got to tell them I’m no longer taking any of the diabetes or anxiety meds 😎 My blood sugar is stable for the first time in years, And I feel better than I’ve ever felt Today I’m going for a hike and then maki... Read more

  • Saturday

    2/3/2018 3:56:12 PM, by COOP9002

    hope you're Saturday is going well. got my workout in this morning, and trying to get ready for tomorrow. blessings... Read more

  • update ... may be TMI

    2/3/2018 10:34:52 AM, by BLUEROSE73

    I'm slowly starting to feel better. I've been fighting a cold since I've been home in addition to this depression. But the past two days I'm starting to see how it might be possible to fight my way back to health. I've finally opened up and told a few people just how ugly and black it's bee... Read more

  • Friday Saturday

    2/3/2018 9:40:16 AM, by RO2BENT

    All I can say is everything keeps going well.... Read more

  • Friday

    2/2/2018 3:23:09 PM, by COOP9002

    hope your Friday is going well. it got rather cold here, so i had to get my exercise at the local rec center. Blessings... Read more